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Best Electric Kettle Reviews - Top 8 modeks

Top 8 Best Electric Kettles – Detailed Comparison & Reviews

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Best Cordless Kettle Reviews

Electric kettles are now essential appliances in every kitchen. “But why would anyone need a special kettle for boiling water?” You ask. Well, an electric kettle does more than simply boiling water. These appliances are popular with many tea or coffee lovers due to their speed, precision and convenience when boiling water and no conventional kettle can match their performance.

Unlike a traditional kettle, an electric kettle does not require a stove but rather works right off the mains. This means you can put this appliance anywhere in your kitchen in the region of a power outlet. The appliance boils water using a heating element that is heated by electric power. The kettle capacity is usually sufficient for making many cups of beverages.

While some decent electric kettles simply bring the convenience of boiling water a bit faster than the stove, and turns off automatically, other advanced models have variable temperatures, thus heating water to a range of specific temperatures, and also maintain at a specific temperature for up to an hour. The choice is yours; you can pay £20 to £30 for a decent basic version or invest some extra bucks in a high-end variable-temperature appliance.

If you still want to buy an electric kettle or upgrade your old one, yet you’re not sure which one, we recommend paying your attention to our buyer’s guide and electric kettle reviews. Combined together, they make a sure ticket to your best electric kettle.

Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup Review


  • Comes with a fast boil 3kW element for maximum efficiency and easy clean.
  • It has variable single cup dispense – select from nine different cup sizes.
  • Features a manual stop to help control the flow of water.
  • Large 2L capacity which serves up to 8 cups.
  • It has a large illuminating water tank with extra-large rear water window.
  • Integrated with a permanent limescale water filter for clean water dispensing.
  • It comes with a removable and easy-to-clean drip tray.
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty.

Electric Kettle Buyers Guide

Now that you’ve decided that an electric kettle will make a major addition to your kitchen, then there are a number of things you should put into account in your search for the right appliance.

  • Speed - Any decent electric kettle ought to boil water fast, indisputably faster than a kettle would boil water on a stove. Otherwise, there’s no point of taking up the counter space.

    If speed is one of your major reasons for buying an electric kettle, then make sure you look for an electric kettle with a reputation of being super-fast. While most of these appliances will take about three to four minutes to boil water, some advertise their capability of heating a full mug in 90 seconds. Pay attention to the claims the manufacturer makes in the product description and make sure to check a few reviews to confirm if what customers say bear those claims out.
  • Size - On this note, there are two factors to consider. Number one is capacity. Do you usually make a cup of tea or coffee for one, or you are typically brewing beverages for many people? You’ll find some portable electric kettles with small capacities while others hold enough water for several cups. Make certain you think through your needs and make comparisons on kettle capacities before settling for one.

    The second factor is counter space. Every new item you add to your kitchen needs to go somewhere and most kitchens these days have a restricted measure of counter space to work with. Before you buy this appliance, think of where in your kitchen you’ll be keeping it and take some measurements. Better to know beforehand how much space you got than to buy something that you can’t fit into the available space.
  • Temperature options - Different sorts of tea taste best when brewed at different temperatures. So while heating up your water may work fine for black tea, it’s not perfect for the kind of green, white or oolong teas. A temperature below boiling point is also perfect for coffee.

    Many people may not notice the difference in flavour between coffee made with boiling water and coffee made with water at a somewhat lower temperature. However, those who are specific about making the perfect cup of coffee can notice the difference.

    Again, some low-cost electric kettles don’t offer variable-temperature setting. So if this feature is important to you, then make sure you select a model that allows you to choose different temperatures for your particular flavours.
  • Noise - Electric kettle are not be as loud as other kitchen appliances. But, they still make some noise when heating up water and may include beeping sounds to let you know when your water is ready. These noises can be annoying to noise-sensitive users, especially if the beeping goes on for a long time and there’s no simple way to turn it off.

    If having a quiet electric kettle matters to you, look for a model that is approved by the Quiet Mark. Don’t just trust the manufacturers claim of their silent model, go an extra mile and check the reviews to see if anyone comments about the noise it makes. Customers who are sensitive to noisy appliances are quick to ring the alarm, so you get a fair warning if there’s anything to be worried about.
  • Exterior heat - If you’ve been using conventional stove-top kettles, then you’re likely acquainted with how hot they get to the touch on both the handle and the exterior of the kettle. Electric kettles aren’t invulnerable to this issue, however, some keep away from outer heat better than others.

    If you want to avoid burning yourself whilst using an electric kettle, immerse yourself in some research to find out what others say about how the kettle gets on the outside. A glass or plastic kettle is more likely to fare better that a metal kettle, however, the later offers other benefits. This leads us to the next critical consideration.
  • Material - Electric kettles are usually made with metal, plastic, glass or some blend of those three materials. Stainless steel and glass are to a great extent thought to be of higher quality than plastic, albeit plastic won’t get as hot to the touch as the other two and can make for more lightweight kettles that are less demanding to travel with. However, in the event that the piece of the kettle the water touches is made of plastic, it’s possible that it might affect the flavour of your tea or coffee.

    On the other hand, stainless steel is considered to be the best material for durability. Also, glass electric kettles are popular with people who favour style and like having the capacity to watch the water boil. To put it plainly, the material that makes your ideal electric kettle is simply a personal preference.
  • Durability - Durability should be a major concern for any type of appliance with electric components. Obviously, you want to spend money on an item that will be useful for several years. Keep an eye on the warranty of the appliance since brands that back their products with warranties show that they have confidence in their products and are willing to stand behind that trust. Another indicator of durability is the price. Generally speaking, a £20 model is less likely to hold up for many years than a £70 one.
  • Grip - A full kettle can be quite heavy, so it’s important to check the shape and position of the handle, which can affect the balance when pouring and filling. Some kettle handles have a soft, rubberised area for comfortable holding. And if weight bothers you, keep in mind that metal electric kettles tend to be heavier than their plastic counterparts.

    If your electric kettle will mostly be on the kitchen counter and rarely move, then weight shouldn’t be a concern. If you know you have a hard time lifting a full kettle to pour or you want to be able to take it with you on your travel, then make sure you get an appliance that’s lightweight enough for those purposes.
  • Ease of use - Electric kettles are generally easy to use, however, some have extra convenient features that make them more useful than others. For instance, a kettle with handy features such as “auto shut off” or “keep-warm option” will ensure that even the most forgetful users don’t have to worry about remembering the nitty-gritty.
  • Energy efficiency - Keep an eye on quick boil, one touch/cup or eco-friendly kettles. These new generation kettles can make a cup’s worth of boiling water in a matter of seconds, saving up to 50% of energy. With auto-switch off function, the kettle shuts off within seconds to prevent too much electricity from being wasted or the kettle boiling dry.
  • Cost - Simple electric kettles with basic features can go for as little as £20. Higher-capacity and higher-quality models can cost up to £100. If you’re simply interested in an electric kettle that will boil tea quickly and aren’t concerned about long-term durability, then one of the models in the range of £25 to £35 will likely be enough for your needs. If you want high-quality materials, variable temperature options, and a more likelihood for long-term durability, then an expensive option will be the best option.
  • Maintenance - Most electric kettles come with removable, washable anti-scale water filters, and some are easier to remove than others. There are stainless steel descalers that you can simply put inside the kettle after washing to collect limescale sediments. You can also buy descaler tablets, however, pay attention to the instruction to know whether the tablets work on your kind of kettle.

    Plastic kettles can be cleaned with warm soapy water but ensure you don’t use anything abrasive which can scratch the surface. The exterior of a metal kettle can also be cleaned with soapy water and buffed with a microfiber cloth.

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Our Top 8 Cordless Electric Kettle Reviews

 Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser Review


Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup Review

Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup

This appliance has been developed to speed up your morning routine due to its increased efficiency. The Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser boils one cup worth of water from start to finish in just about 40 seconds, slashing the time spent waiting for a stove to boil. If you are usually boiling the kettle for one cup of coffee or tea, then this unit promises to be the ideal solution. Still, if you want more than one cup, the 2L tank is enough for around 8 cups – perfect for large families.

The unit has a variable dispense function with 9 different settings. Simply select the size of your cup, press the button, and the appliance will automatically dispense the chosen amount of water. Furthermore, if you need to stop the dispensing for any reason whatsoever, there’s a manual stop button. And since the dispenser only boils the selected amount of water, it is quite economical and more energy efficient compared to most standard kettles. A push-button lid release makes filling easy just like a kettle.

The sleek and appealing appliance has been made to complement the modern kitchen. It’ll sit nicely on the kitchen counter, combining form with function with its clean, straight lines minimalist flourishes. Its black finish with a stainless steel trim will surely look a pretty swish in any kitchen. Below the tap is a drip tray which ensures no mess. To keep things tidy is a built-in cord storage into which you store unused power cord.

Another cool attribute about this appliance is the stylish blue lighting that illuminates inside the water tank while boiling, giving the water a blue hue. A large viewing window in the tank lets you see the effect and the outcome is an awesome contemporary looking unit. The product comes with an instruction booklet and is backed by a 1-year warranty.


  • Large capacity of 2 litres.
  • Dispenser includes a cup size selector.
  • It comes with a removable easy-to-clean drip tray.
  • Dispenses water at the touch of a button.
  • Easy filling due to the push-lid button release.
  • Stylish modern design that complements any kitchen.
  • Built-in cable storage.
  • Features a manual stop function for precise control.


  • The dial for changing the amount of water gets hot so you can’t adjust.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser is a sleek and attractive appliance that’ll sit nicely in almost every kitchen. The large tank capacity can serve up to 10 cups but the dispenser is highly useful for quick cups during rush hours. A manual stop button promotes precise control while a drip tray ensures no mess. The integrated cable storage is also a handy feature.

In our research, we found mixed feelings about this appliance when it comes to flaws but in our opinion, we think the hot dial for adjusting the dispensed amount is the major downside. With this unit, you have to experience it yourself to tell what you like and what you don’t. However, from the look of things, it’s a really cool appliance that is especially ideal for large families. It also has a fair price that beats most other lesser capacity yet expensive units. As of the time of writing, this unit had over 2,000 reviews on Amazon UK and that tells you how popular it is.

 Bosch TWK8633 Styline Collection Cordless Jug Kettle Review

Bosch TWK8633 Styline Collection Cordless Jug Kettle Review

Bosch TWK8633 Styline Collection Cordless Jug Kettle

The Bosch TWK8633 Styline Collection Cordless Jug Kettle is a 3,000W kettle with a 1.5-litre capacity. It benefits from four temperature settings ranging from 70 to 100 degrees Celsius with 10-degree intervals, which allow brewing of a variety of drinks. There’s an LED display that indicates when each temperature range is reached. In addition, a unique keep warm function helps maintain the selected temperature for up to 30 minutes whilst a one-touch lid opening makes for easy filling and pouring.

The kettle allows you to boil water safely thanks to its triple safety feature that includes auto shut-off, overheat boil dry protection and switch-off when lifted from the base. Most of us forget to turn appliances off many a times. Well, the auto shut-off function will ensure you don’t waste energy by turning the appliance off after a few seconds in case you don’t return to it in time. Furthermore, an acoustic ready signal will let you know when the kettle has boiled.

To prevent too much limescale build-up, the kettle has a stainless steel interior base. There’s a double sided water level indicator which allows you to monitor your filling level. It also features a 360-degree base that makes it useful for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. While cords have a tendency of getting in the way, this kettle comes with a cable storage to ensure that you only deal with the cord when you need it.


  • It has variable temperature settings.
  • Low limescale buildup due to stainless steel interior.
  • Can retain water at a desired temperature.
  • It has a signal alert that notifies when kettle has boiled.
  • Includes a double sided water level indicator.
  • It comes with a 360-degree base, favouring both right and left-handed users.
  • Includes a built-in cable storage.
  • Powerful 3000W element.


  • The beep is way too loud.
  • The lid is a bit tricky to open.

Thoughts and Recommendations

Coffee and tea lovers will find this kettle quite useful since it comes with variable temperature settings along with an array of features that complement its design and power. You can boil as little as one cup or make several cups with this 1.5-litre electric kettle. There are beeps that’ll let you know when the water has boiled at every boiling stage between 70 and 100 degrees Celsius. However, the beep is too loud and can be annoying to sensitive individuals.

Away from that, you can also choose to maintain your drink at a certain temperature due to the keep warm function. Thanks to the auto-shut-off feature, you won’t have to bother yourself every time you leave the kettle boiling.

Another hiccup that we found is that the lid can be frustrating to open when the kettle has boiled and you need to pour. The manufacturer says it’s a “one-touch” operation but some users say otherwise. Again, don’t always follow the manufacture’s claims.

All in all, the Bosch TWK8633 Styline Collection Cordless Jug Kettle comes with most of the good features you want in an electric kettle. If you want to brew coffee fast and make different flavours, this is a good pick.

 Dualit 72905 Architect Stainless Steel Kettle Review

Dualit 72905 Architect Stainless Steel Kettle Review

Dualit 72905 Architect Stainless Steel Kettle

There’s one thing that makes this kettle a real standout – stylish design. The Dualit 72905 Architect Stainless Steel Kettle comes in a wide range of colours and designs on interchangeable panels, allowing for modification to match your lifestyle. It has a 1.5-litre which is enough for a couple of cups. Even if you want to use this kettle continuously, its 25L output per hour will serve as many people in a party or large office.

Accompanying the contemporary design is a patented Pure Pour Spout designed to pour water precisely into your cup without dripping onto the kettle or work surface. This prevents you from cleaning and protects your work such as documents from damage. In addition, there’s an internal spout filter that prevents limescale from entering your cup.

The kettle is made from brushed stainless steel that gives it outstanding durability though some parts are made of plastic, such as the mesh filter and the grommet seals on the level indicator. As such, it does get a bit hot on the outside, however, not hot enough to burn yourself if you touch it.

Powered by a 2.3kW element the kettle boils water super-fast while a boil-dry safety feature prevents too much boiling and, in turn, saves energy. A cup level indicator on the window of the kettle window ensures you fill exactly the number of cups you want. This also ensures that you never over boil water as a result of filling more than you need. A 360-degree axis power base ensures the kettle is useful to everyone.


  • Great pouring due to the Pour Spout design that prevents dripping.
  • Made from durable black and brushed stainless steel.
  • It comes with interchangeable panels for easy modification.
  • Features cup level indicators for precision boiling.
  • Boils water super-fast.
  • Looks stylish.


  • It is ridiculously noisy.
  • No variable temperature settings.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Dualit 72905 Architect Stainless Steel Kettle is a cool and collected kettle that delivers super-fast boiling for a quick cup of coffee or tea. It has a contemporary design that includes interchangeable panels that’ll make it easy to customise to your preference. The patented Pour Spout is the selling point of this kettle and is quite beneficial in many ways. It also has a good capacity and it’s not that heavy either.

The major drawback is the irritating loud noise which can even be heard from another room. The kettle also doesn’t have variable temperature which means you can make different coffee flavours. As such, the Dualit 72905 Architect Stainless Steel Kettle is ideal for people who simply want a quick cup within minutes. It is, however, quite expensive for what it offers.

 Bosch TWK86103GB Styline Sensor Kettle Review

Bosch TWK86103GB Styline Sensor Kettle Review

Bosch TWK86103GB Styline Sensor Kettle

The Bosch TWK86103GB Styline Sensor Kettle is a stylish multi-function appliance that can heat between 70 and 100 degrees Celsius. The kettle makes an audible sound when the set temperature is reached or when the boiling is complete. There’s also a LED indicator for the same purpose. It also features a keep warm function which makes the contents remain hot at the set temperature for up to 30 minutes.

This kettle is a 1.5-litre capacity which can serve several cups. If you don’t have a crowd, you can make your own cup of 250ml very quickly and save energy. To help you measure the exact amount of water you want is a water level indicator located one side of the kettle. It also integrates an anti-limscale filter that prevents substances from getting into your cup.

A large side handle makes it easy to lift and pour into your cup. The side walls remain cool to touch even when the kettle has boiled and it’s because of the plastic material on the exterior. Other safety features include boil dry protection and overheat protection. The interior features a stainless steel bottom plate with plastic sides – double wall insulated to keep water hotter for longer.


  • Variable temperature settings.
  • Keep-warm feature included.
  • Stays cool to the touch.
  • Large capacity.
  • Includes an anti-scale filter.
  • Alerts when boiling is done.


  • The handle too large and quite uncomfortable.
  • Kettle boils slower at maximum capacity.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Bosch TWK86103GB Styline Sensor Kettle is reliable and well-designed as you would expect from Bosch. A variable temperature setting makes it quite useful for people with different tastes. Furthermore, you’ll be notified as water boils through the different stages of temperatures. The capacity is good for several cups as well as one cup. A level indicator ensures you fill precisely what you need. Another lovable thing is that the exterior of this kettle remains cool even when the water is hot.

We do appreciate the carry handle, however, it’s too large and awkward especially for small hands. It could also boil faster at maximum capacity. Apart from that, we find it very good for making various flavours of tea and coffee. It’s pretty fast especially with small amounts.

 Sage by Heston Blumenthal BKE395UK the Compact Glass Kettle Review

Sage by Heston Blumenthal BKE395UK the Compact Glass Kettle Kettle Review

Sage by Heston Blumenthal BKE395UK the Compact Glass Kettle Kettle

The Sage by Heston Blumenthal BKE395UK the Compact Glass Kettle is a stylish glass-body kettle that allows you to see how full it is as well as the boiling process. Not everything is made of glass – the top and bottom sections feature stainless steel construction. It has maximum 1-litre capacity which is enough to serve up to 4 cups at once. This is a bit short than most kettles which range from 1.6 to 1.7 litres. The minimum amount of water you can boil in one go is 250ml.

It has a concealed element situated in the bottom of the unit. Kettles with exposed elements tend be harder to clean so this one definitely offers an easy time. The base is multidirectional which means the kettle fits onto it from any angle. At 0.9kg, this kettle is among the lightweights on the market with most others averaging 1.5kg.

The lid is wide and soft opening lid that slowly releases steam and prevents splashing while a hand activated push button releases the lid for quick and easy filling. Safety features include boil dry protection that ensures the kettle doesn’t boil without water in it and Auto switch off feature which puts off the kettle automatically if lifted off its base. Only the handle remains cool enough to the touch once the kettle has boiled but the exterior and lid get a bit hot. There’s also a cord storage which ensure the cord doesn’t get in the way when not in use.


  • Made of transparent glass body for visibility.
  • Lightweight at only 0.9kg.
  • Easy to clean because of a concealed element.
  • It has an ergonomic, cool-to-touch handle.
  • Safety features included – boil dry protection and Auto switch off.
  • Comes with a cord storage.


  • No variable temperature settings.
  • A bit expensive.

Thoughts and Recommendations

This is a pretty little kettle that would make up to 4 cups at a go. It is well constructed with stainless steel and German Schott glass that enhances visibility. The little weight of this kettle will be appealing to most people especially if you’d like to carry it from place to place. The handle is well made for easy lifting and pouring while the safety features are also quite useful.

Even with an array of good features, the kettle would have been better with variable temperature setting. At the moment, it can’t heat water to temperatures of less than 100 degrees Celsius. With that limitation and for the price of slightly over £60, we find quite expensive. In any case, this can be extremely handy for a small family.

 Dualit Classic Kettle 72813 Review

Dualit Classic Kettle 72813

Dualit Classic Kettle 72813

The Dualit Classic Kettle 72813 combines unique innovations with quality and meticulousness to add a classy statement to any kitchen. The Classic kettle includes a ground-breaking replaceable element that extends the durability extensively, while the Whisper Boil impressively lessens boiling noise. Combined with the super-fast 3kW element that makes for quick boiling time, this is an ideal electric kettle.

It is astutely outlined with two different measuring windows. One side is for avid coffee and tea consumers and it features a cup level pointer, while the other measures water in litres. Together, they ensure that you only boil the needed amount thus being economical in both water and energy. The kettle is a 1.7-litre capacity that is capable of serving about 8 cups.

For information, Dualit claims that this the quietest kettle they have ever designed. Actually, this appliance has been approved by the Noise Abatement Society and as a result awarded the international Quiet Mark. It also has a spout that has been precision engineered to prevent water from dripping onto your kettle or work surface, thus leaving behind no mess to clean up.

The appliance is made of high quality stainless steel with a silicon grip that extends throughout the handle for comfortable handling. The lid is designed with a durable hinge for reliable opening and filling along with a waterproof ring and finger guard for maximum protection. There’s an integrated filter that can be easily removed and washed when needed.

Patented anti-wobble feet increases stability on work surfaces whilst boiling. A built-in cord storage ensures the work surface remains tidy after using the kettle while a cordless operation with 360-degree swivel base ensures the kettle can be placed on the base from any direction. It also features a boil-dry safety cut-off that ensures it will never operate without water in it.


  • Quiet operation.
  • Good capacity to serve several cups.
  • Excellent finish with stainless steel.
  • Ergonomic grip handle for maximum comfort.
  • It comes with a non-drip spout.
  • It has dual viewing windows – cup and litre measurements.
  • Super-fast boiling due to the powerful 3kW element.


  • Lid gets quite hot when water has boiled.
  • The fill level window is not that clear.
  • Not that much durable.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Dualit Classic Kettle 72813 is a great looking kettle with several innovative features which make it standout of the crowd. From the lid design to the non-drip spout, ergonomic silicon grip handle down to the 360-degree swivel base, this model is iconic. The finish is also amazing and this kettle will bring some elegance in any kitchen. The major selling point is the quiet operation – a perfect appliance for almost everyone. It also has a good capacity.

Basically, the first impression of the Classic Kettle is impressive. However, once you get down to business, you realise some things take away a few marks. For instance, the nicely designed lid gets quite hot when boiling so you have to be very careful if you need to fill again immediately for the next cycle. The fill level window could also be clearer. We also found that the appliance doesn’t last that long with complaints from as soon as 1 year of use. Of course, you don’t expect that from an appliance that sets you back over £100, so that’s a major drawback.

That said, the Dualit Classic Kettle 72813 is an excellent pick for the noise-sensitive customers and if you love a bit classy items. However, you’ll have to spend a fortune on it.

 Cooks Professional Instant Hot Water Dispenser Review

Cooks Professional Instant Hot Water Dispenser Review

Cooks Professional Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Cooks Professional is not such a big household name yet it’s still a known brand with a wide range of decent kitchen appliances. This time they got us the Cooks Professional Instant Hot Water Dispenser that gives hot water in an instant. It boils very quickly thanks to the fitted 2600W element that boils water in a matter of seconds, which is exactly what you want, and is capable of dispensing different capacities as well. You don’t have to boil the whole tank at once when you simply need a cup and that helps you save on unnecessary heating and money.

With a large capacity of 2.5 litres, you can dispense hot water for up to 10 average sized cups so you won’t need to refill the tank quite often – perfect for a whole family or office. The unit has a stylish design plus it comes in multiple colours so you can always choose one that’ll appeal the most in your kitchen.

To minimise mess, there’s a drip tray that catches any spills plus it lifts off easily to be emptied. Refilling the tank is as easy as ever – simply flip open the lid and pour water inside or remove the tank completely and carry by the ergonomic handle to fill up from the tap. There’s a water level indicator marked in litres to help you fill up precisely. Even maintenance of this unit is less hassle – hand wash only for the water tank and wipe clean only for the dispenser. Last but not least, it makes a statement with a 24-month guarantee for peace of mind.

Other specs:

  • Weight – 1.83kg
  • Rated voltage – AC 220 – 240V
  • Power cord length – 88cm
  • Frequency – 50/60Hz
  • Power – 2200 – 2600W
  • Dimensions – 27.2L x 18.5W x 30.6H cm


  • Quick boiling within seconds.
  • Energy saving operation.
  • Comes with a safe carry handle.
  • Large capacity - 2.5 litres.
  • Leaves no mess behind thanks to a removable drip tray.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Fills a cup slowly.
  • No auto cut off – it keeps pouring until you press stop.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The is quite an efficient appliance. It boils super-fast and delivers exactly the amount of water you need, saving time and energy. Of course, you can dispense just one cup or make tea for your family due to its large capacity. You’ll love the removable drip tray that not only increases the flexibility of filling the tank but also cleaning as well. The 24-month guarantee is a good cover compared to most other products with inferior warranties, yet this one is reliable and pretty much affordable.

Indeed, this unit boils fast enough but the water just trickles out and takes long to fill a mug. It might not be a big issue to some but if you are making tea for a family, then you’ll have to be in the kitchen for quite long. Plus, if you forget to turn off it will go pouring hot water till it’s empty – not safe with children at all.

Up to that point, the Cooks Professional Instant Hot Water Dispenser is a great appliance for those that have to cater for several coffee or tea drinkers.

 Breville VKJ956 Impressions Kettle Review

Breville VKJ956 Impressions Kettle Review

Breville VKJ956 Impressions Kettle

The Breville VKJ956 Impressions Kettle makes a statement in any kitchen with a unique ridged texture design along with a high gloss finish. It comes with a 3kW concealed element that gives quick boiling times so there’s no waiting around. This kettle has an easy-to-lift off lid which allows you to fill up the water efficiently whilst a rear window lets you keep an eye on the water level so you get to boil only what you need.

Perfect for families or offices, the 1.7-litre capacity guarantees that you’ll have plenty of hot water for everyone when it comes to the coffee and tea run. And even if you are left-handed, you won’t have any problem at all handling this kettle. The jug is designed for everyone with its pivot 360 degree base which makes pouring water easy and safe for all users.

A removable, washable limescale filter ensures clean and water is provided for your family while the life of the product is prolonged. Illuminated water window produces a soft blue glow when boiling while boil dry protection automatically switches off the kettle when empty. This kettle is also a safe appliance to have in and around your kitchen thanks to the non-slip feet that guarantees maximum stability even on wet surfaces. There’s also a cord storage feature for keeping your kitchen fuss free and looking tidy always.


  • Impressive design.
  • Easy to use by both right and left-handed persons.
  • Gives clean and clear water thanks to the anti-scale filter.
  • Large capacity – 1.7L.
  • Includes a water level indicator.
  • Quite stable due to the non-slip feet.
  • Comes with cord storage for keeping things tidy.
  • Features auto-switch off function.


  • Made of plastic almost entirely.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The completes our electric kettle reviews because of its magnificent design. Yet, it’s not just the enhanced look that stands out, this high performance product also comes with useful features. Its powerful 3kW element delivers quick boiling times and the large capacity is sure to serve anywhere from 6 to 8 cups. Others awesome features include boil dry protection, water level indicator, anti-scale filter, 360-degree rotational base and last but not least, cord storage.

As good as it looks, this kettle is made of plastic and most people are disappointed by the plastic odour in water. We can only hope that you may have a different experience. Except for that, the Breville VKJ956 Impressions Kettle is an affordable appliance for family use.

Our final conclusion

Of course, you can live without an electric kettle. However, once you experience the convenience, speed and precision of having one, you won’t want to go back to the ordinary. The best electric kettle can improve the flavour of your coffee or tea while ensuring it gets to you faster.

Whether you want one that boils at various temperatures or one that’s ultra-fast, you definitely want a sleek appliance that makes work easier for you. We hope you found our entire buying guide helpful in choosing your right electric kettle. Our electric kettle reviews were designed from deep research with user experience in mind so we hope you’ve found proper guidance in them. Get an electric kettle now and take your flavour to the next level.

Our Best Pick

Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup Review

From the reviews above, we think the Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser has a competitive edge over the other electric kettles. It is a 2L capacity tank which can serve up to 8 standard sized cups in one fill, while most other kettles are around 1.5-litre capacities. The cup selector increases convenience since you simply select how much water you want. It also has a permanent limescale filter so you can be sure of clean and clear water throughout the life of the unit. An extra-large illuminating window with water level indicator lets you monitor the boiling water while a manual stop will allow you to control the flow. All these and other useful features come at a very decent price.

Variable Temperature Choice

Bosch TWK86103GB Styline Sensor Kettle Review

Bosch TWK86103GB Styline Sensor Kettle

Again, being able to boil water at different temperatures has its own benefits, which is especially what coffee connoisseurs will be looking for. As such, we think it’s best to point out the best model for the job, and we’ve picked the Bosch TWK86103GB Styline Sensor Kettle.

The kettle allows you to boil water at four different settings for different drinks; 70, 80, 90 and 100 degrees Celsius. In addition, it has a keep warm function which can maintain water at a selected temperature for up to 30 minutes. The kettle is a 1.5L capacity with a hidden element, automatic shut off, overheat boil dry protection and switch off when lifted from base. This model will surely meet your various demands.

Our Best Affordable Model

Breville VKJ956 Impressions Kettle Review

Breville VKJ956 Impressions Kettle

This goes to the Breville VKJ956 Impressions Kettle. First of all, you’ll love its majestic design, which is sure to be the centre of attraction on your kitchen counter. It is also powerful due to its integral 3kW element which in turn means super-fast boiling times. It has a water level indicator, an anti-scale filter for clean water and benefits from a 360-degree rotational base. Its large capacity can serve up to 8 cups, non-sleep feet guarantee unmatched stability and cord storage leaves the work space as neat as possible. As you can see, it comes with top of the range features yet for a fraction of the budget.

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