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Best Baby Changing Bag Reviews

Top 8 Best Baby Changing Bag – Detailed Reviews and Buyers Guide

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Baby Changing Bags and Reviews

Updated January 2018

Babies can be hard to deal with especially when you are outdoors. You might know when to feed your little one, but you’ll never know when it pees or poops and these situations might embarrass you if you are not well prepared. This is where the best baby changing bags come in.

There’s no better way to prepare than getting the services of a baby changing bag. This bag, like no other, carries all the essentials that you’ll need on the road to attend to your baby, whether feeding or changing nappies or diapers.

Of course, baby changing bags are so many in the market. But how do you know the best baby changing bag that suits your needs? We have to tell you that they come in various designs and what’s best for you might not be perfect for someone else. So we are going to look at the different styles of changing bags, important considerations before buying and review our best 8 bags for you.​

Best baby changing bag


Bebamour Baby Changing Bag

We love the functionality of this bag as it can serve several purposes apart from being a baby changing bag.

The bag material is waterproof and pretty soft and the bag is ultra lightweight. It’s quite spacious and comes with extra pockets for organising your stuff. These awesome features come at a decent price too.

Baby Changing Bag Buyers Guide

This buying guide consists of the important aspects to consider when shopping for a baby changing bag.

Types of Baby Changing Bags

Baby changing bags come in several different styles. For you to pick your most appropriate style, it’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of every style. Here are the most common styles of baby changing bags:

  • Tote baby changing bag: A tote is the most popular type of changing bag. It’s more of a big handbag and most women find it their most appropriate. These bags are quite functional and they usually come in fashionable designs and many women can simply perceive them as their normal handbags.

    Out of all styles of changing bags, totes offer the most space thus perfect for when you have more than one baby to pack for. They usually have lots of internal and external storage compartments making them easy to organise. This also implies you’ll have quick access to your stuff as you know where things are at a glance.

    They have drawbacks though. For instance, they don’t usually work with men because of their feminine look. Lots of space is good, yet it means stashing more things inside the bag thus making it heavy to carry with a child in tow. Totes also restrict you from doing other activities as you have to carry it on your arm or shoulder. If you need to run after a toddler or climb stairs, forget about totes.
  • Push chair changing bag: This is the one of the newest baby changing bag design. It has two small straps which you use for clipping the bag to the back of your pram. Unlike the tote, this bag is hands-free and gives you quick access to your stuff as it moves in front of you. Having the bag on your pram also means there’s no chance that you’ll place the bag on questionable surfaces.

    Also called a pram bag, it is so much convenient when you are out and about with a baby for long hours. These bags typically create extra storage area at the back of your pram so you’ll have more space in the pram baskets for shopping and keeping pram accessories.

    Pushchair changing bags have disadvantages too. You need to be cautious not to overload the bag as it may tip over the pram. Use a heavyweight pushchair instead of a lightweight pram. You also need to keep check of your baby while in the pram.
  • Backpack changing bag: A backpack changing bag is the latest design of changing bag. It’s simply a regular backpack with the features of a changing bag.

    The biggest advantage with this bag is it lets you hands free so you can attend to your baby or older kids. It’s great for multi-tasking as you’ll be able to carry your shopping or push your pram with ease. The double shoulder strap distributes weight evenly on your shoulders and this design is great for those who suffer from back pain due to bad posture.

    Some backpacks might be a little problematic in accessing your stuff. Make sure your backpack zippers open quite low down for easy access. Most backpacks usually have fewer exterior pockets. Keep in mind that one side has to press against your back and that makes it tricky organizing your baby gear.
  • Messenger changing bag: A messenger bag is a casual, cross body type of changing bag that is usually compact and perfect for daily use. It is a priority for minimalist parents as they can carry the basics they need for a day out. They offer easy access even with one hand especially when you need to remove something out while keeping an eye on your baby. These bags come in different designs including unisex, feminine and masculine. They are the perfect style for dads.

    There are a few cons with this style. Some women especially fashionistas may find a messenger bag a bit masculine. The shoulder strap is also not perfect if you have back problems or if you have to climb lots of stairs as the bag tends to slip off your shoulder. Due to their compact size, messenger bags are only ideal for one child and for small packing.

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Critical Considerations

Having looked at the types of changing bags, let’s look at the important considerations when buying a baby changing bag:

Ease if use

This includes everything from fasteners, handles and portability.

  • Fasteners: they come in different styles and they affect how fast you can access your stuff. Zippers are the most popular and they keep your items secure without worrying they might fall out. Sometimes they can stick thus restricting access to your baby essentials in a rush.

    Clips are usually common on messenger bags. They are usually adjustable in away to make the bag fit better. The problem is most clips are made of plastic material which can break over time.

    Velcros are another style of closure but they are commonly used for small storage pockets. They provide easy access to contents but they may spill out the contents if not strong enough. They are also noisy and tend to wear out.

    Designer bags will usually have clasps and they are very easy to access and close. However, they are the most prone fasteners for spilling things out especially with a full bag.
  • Handles: it’s advisable to look for a bag that offers different carry styles as it makes it easier to use it in different situations. It’s also easy for different users to find their comfortable fit.
  • Portability: look for a bag that is easy to carry on your arm, back or even on your pram. If you plan to carry it on your pram, make sure it has straps that attach to the pram so you are not forced to store it in your pram storage pockets.
  • Storage: look for the storage compartments of the bag you want to buy as that determines the overall organisation. Remember you need to quickly get what you need when you need it.
  • Style: of course, this depends on your preferred style. However, don’t compromise style for important features such as storage and comfort.
  • Accessories: some additional features on your bag can mean more convenient usage. Such features include a changing mat, insulated bottler holder, mesh pockets, just to mention. You’ll be much happier with a more beneficial bag than ‘just’ a changing bag.
  • Partner friendly: if you plan to share your bag with your partner, keep the design in mind. For instance, men prefer backpacks and messenger bags, dark colours and leather fabrics, so try to strike a balance on your preferences.
  • Pushchair compatibility: if you intend to attach your changing bag to your pushchair, make sure the attachment straps on your bag are compatible with your pushchair handle.
  • Machine washable: opt for a machine washable bag if you need a quick and convenient clean. Most bags are hand-wash but the smaller ones have few features that can keep them from machine washing.
  • Fabrics: look for a fabric that is easy to clean. Some fabrics and most interiors are wipe-clean as they tend to get grubby quickly.
  • Stain resistant: dark colours are great at hiding dirt but they may make it harder looking for things inside the bag as compared to bright colours. On the other hand, light colours are difficult to keep looking clean and new.
  • Separate areas: a changing bag with separated areas make it easy to partition between the clean side and the dirty side. You can easily put feeding items away from soiled clothes.
  • Size: while a large changing bag seems a brilliant idea for spacious interior, it can be bulky and heavy to carry even on short trips. Consider buying a separate smaller bag for short day outings as you might only need one nappy change and one feed. Some bags come in set of different sizes giving you the option of traveling with the most appropriate for particular situations.
  • Weight: consider the weight of an empty bag. Weight is affected by the size, material and accessories that make the bag.
  • Fabric: an important consideration for both you and your baby. Padded straps for instance will make the bag comfortable to carry. The changing mat should also be well padded and soft for the baby to lie on.
  • Support: shoulder straps help in distributing weight evenly on your back thus preventing back aches. Backpacks and pushchair bags tend to reduce the pressure on your shoulders or back from a changing bag.
  • Users: if you intend to use the bag with your partner or caregivers, then it should be flexible enough to fit the needs of different users. For instance, it should have adjustable straps so one can wear it as per their preference.
  • Duration of use: think of how long you are usually going to be out. Is it all day or just short periods of time? You must have a comfortable bag if you plan to use it for extended periods of time and the bag ought to be large enough to carry the necessities.
  • Age range: newborns that need not less than 5 nappy changes a day definitely need a changing bag. If you need to use the bag to serve more than one child, then you must invest in a high-quality sizeable bag. Remember as the baby grows older, the need for the changing bag reduces.
  • Quality: the best bag should be able to withstand plenty of use for about 2-3 years. Most of the cheap bags are usually less durable as they feature low-quality materials and poor seams. Not all expensive changing bags are high-quality too so you should look for the desirable features that you want to pay for.
  • Buying new: new baby changing bags are usually on the expensive side and your budget will determine what you can settle for. You can still find some practical and great quality bags at an affordable price.
  • Buying second hand: you can shop for these on sites such as Ebay. Here you can find some of the best changing bags at a cheaper price that would rather be expensive as new. Just make sure your choice is in great condition so it’s worth your time and savings.

Our Top 8  Best Baby Changing Bags

Let’s look at our best baby changing bags and what they have to offer:

Bebamour Baby Changing Bag Review


Bebamour Baby Changing Bag Review

.Bebamour Baby Changing Bag

  • Made from 100% polyester fabric with a fine touch feeling and water repellant in the rainy days.
  • Large capacity bag for carrying mum’s and baby’s daily essentials: measures 13.8”x15”x5.5”.
  • Convenient usage; you can carry on your shoulder or attach to a push chair.
  • Contains many compartments; horizontal and vertical zipper pockets, side pockets, mesh pockets, bottle pocket, mesh pockets and laptop compartment.
  • Versatile bag; can work as a travel backpack, shopping backpack, casual day pack and laptop backpack.
  • Super lightweight backpack weighing 699g.

A backpack is handy when you need to work or walk hands free and this one is especially designed for you and your baby’s needs. You can choose from a variety of colours including khaki, orange or dark yellow. This bag is made from 100% polyester material which has a very nice touch feeling. It is also a water repellant fabric so you can stay reassured it will stand whatever weather Mother Nature throws to you.

It offers a pretty large capacity for your essentials and you’ll be amazed that this big bag is incredibly lightweight weighing just 699g. Even if you have twins, this Bebamour will pack everything your little ones need. There are two vertical zipper pockets on the front followed by a horizontal pocket and two side pockets. On the back side is another large pocket for keeping the changing mat and there’s another insulated bottle pocket to keep your baby’s milk bottle or water bottle in good temperature. Inside the bag is another compartment for carrying a laptop or Ipad.

The back straps help in carrying the backpack and they are padded for better comfort. They can be unclipped at the bottom and put inside the back pocket together with the mat. When this happens, you can use the two carry handles and carry the bag tote style. As well, the bag can be attached to a pushchair using the straps especially when you feel tired. Basically this nappy changing bag is designed to offer unmatched convenience. Apart from being a baby changing backpack, you can use it as a travel back, shopping backpack, casual day pack, laptop backpack or simply mix these different roles.​

  • The pins which hold the clips for the D-RING at the bottom of the backpack are a bit flimsy.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Bebamour nappy changing bag is a great bag it’s even hard to find any flaws on it. Yes, it’s hard to find a quality bag that is such multifunctional at a decent price, making it our best baby changing bag.

There’s plenty of space in this bag making it perfect for those who love to carry a lot for their babies. Yet, you realise the empty bag itself is incredibly lightweight when you thought the many compartments could make it heavier.

Indeed, there are several compartments including front and back pockets and horizontal and vertical pockets. You can only lack what to carry on transit, otherwise this backpack is ready to take clothes, nappies, bottles, toys, passports, purse, keys, laptop and many other things.

The khaki colour is appealing to almost every one and we are certain both mums and dads will be so much comfortable with this bag. Still, you can opt for orange or dark yellow backpacks.

If you are looking for a spacious, waterproof and multi-purpose baby changing bag, this Bebamour version is the best baby changing bag for most people.​

Just4baby 5 pcs Baby Nappy Changing Bag Review


Just4baby Laminated Water Proof Insulated Thermal 5pcs Baby Nappy Changing Bag Review

Just4baby Baby Nappy Changing Bag Set Review

  • One large zipped front pocket for both large and small bag.
  • Two elasticated side pockets for both large and small bag.
  • Comes with side clips to attach to most push chairs – only for large bag.
  • Includes insulated bottle warmer/holder and insulated food container.
  • Supplied with a colour matching foldable changing mat.
  • Extremely lightweight changing bag weighing only 921g.

Every mum will find joy using this Just4baby changing bag. In fact, the package has 5 pieces but they vary in size. The largest bag will most likely be your main nappy bag and you’ll love the many pockets on it. There’s a zip pocket on the front which you can use to store the changing mat and your red book, and there’s another one on the back which can be useful for bibs because of its easy access. Either side of the bag has an elasticated pocket for carrying bottles securely and there are 4 other pockets inside which provide good space for toys, wipes, changing clothes, nappies and extras.

We like the fact that this bag is waterproof thanks to the lamination on the outside meaning your baby stuff will stay dry in case you find yourself in the rain. The bag comes with an insulated food container and we find it ideal for just a bottle of milk. There’s as well an insulated bottle warmer/holder which is quite flexible to allow any small size bottle of any shape. This bag is also extremely lightweight. At slightly less than 1kg, it makes a perfect accessory for taking out on those long days.

On a day to day basis or when you’re going for shorter days out, you can always use the small bag for carrying some basic needs. Another smaller bag is cylindrical-shaped and can be used for carrying a separate and larger water bottle while the smallest piece is perfect for those tiny baby accessories or small food dish. The bag comes with a changing mat which is foldable for easy storing in the main bag. It also takes the colours of the bags thus making a perfect match.

  • The changing mat is somehow on the small size though it’s usable. The side clips that can attach to push chairs also come off easily. They are still easy to thread back on and perhaps applying some glue will ensure they stay put permanently.

Thoughts and Recommendations

It’s not easy to find a 5-in-1 changing bag at the price of less than £15 but that’s what you get with this Just4Baby changing bag. The exterior lamination ensures that this bag is completely waterproof and no mom would be worried about being caught out in the rain with it. We liked the many pockets on both exterior and interior sides which allow you to perfectly organize your accessories.

The changing mat is a great bonus accessory yet we find a bit smaller for a hospital bag. Side clips are a bit loose but they can be dealt with.

The kind of versatility you get with this bag is unbeatable. Simply use the largest bag when you’ll be out for long hours as you’ll have to carry a lot for your baby and take the smaller bag for shorter errands.​

LCP Kids Baby Changing Bag with carry handle, waterproof mat and universal fixing for strollers Review

LCP Kids 668 Baby Changing Bag Review

LCP Kids 668 Baby Changing Bag

  • Features carry handles and shoulder strap belt for convenient handling.
  • Multifunctional bag that works for both baby care and mama needs.
  • It has numerous compartments which allow organized storage.
  • Includes a waterproof and separate sealable compartment for keeping delicate items.
  • Comes with a practical, waterproof changing mat.
  • Equipped with universal hooks for quick attaching to strollers.
  • Features 4 metal pedestals at the bottom for better stability and protection against dirt.
  • Lightweight bag weighing just 839g with a maximum carry weight of 20kg.
  • Made from polyester material.

The LCP Kids 668 Baby Changing Bag is a very well designed bag. Just like with most totes, this bag is quite roomy and the space is a major factor why many users love it. Even with the spacious nature, we like that it’s not so deep that you have to search for things inside or pull out other stuff to get to other things.

This bag has several subdivisions that allow you to organize your items. There are smaller zipper pockets on either side where you can keep things such as your phone, keys or coins. On the inside you’ll find some handy pockets apart from the main compartment for keeping small things such as wipes, toys and other essential things. There’s even a separate compartment that is sealable and waterproof for keeping delicate items like crucial documents of your child.

It looks quite stylish and robust as it’s made from a hard wearing wool polyester material. In addition to that is the practical and waterproof changing mat so you can be sure of no mess on the mat. We found that there’s an under storage for keeping the mat when you are not using it.

This bag proves to be quite user-friendly backed with some great features. It is integrated with two universal hooks which allow you to attach it to any stroller. Then there is the easily adjustable shoulder belt for carrying the bag on your shoulder and is well padded to make it comfortable. If you opt to carry it another way, use the two large handles on the top.

On support and stability, there are 4 metal pedestals at the bottom which are pretty useful as they also protect the bottom fabric from dirt. The bag is also super lightweight – 839g and can hold up to a maximum of 20 kilograms.

  • The changing mat looks simple and cheap so it raises doubts on its durability.

Thoughts and Recommendations

This multifunctional baby care travel mama bag has most of the good features you’ll want in a changing bag. The many pocket compartments mean you have enough storage for all sorts of items and furthermore the bag is quite spacious.

We loved the robust construction of this bag along with the waterproof, sealable separate compartment and the waterproof changing mat. The quality of the changing mat is a bit low and needs some improvement.

The ease of use of this bag is why we highly recommend it. It can be carried on the shoulder using the adjustable shoulder strap or held using the large top handles. It can as also be attached to all types of strollers. The LCP Kids 668 Baby Changing Bag is an excellent buy for anyone looking for a spacious baby changing bag in the totes category.​

Baby World 5 Piece Baby Changing Bag Review


Baby World 5 Piece Baby Changing Bag Review

Baby World 5 Piece Baby Changing Bag

  • Both large and small bag have 1 front pocket, 2 side pockets and 1 inner zip pocket.
  • Comes with adjustable shoulder strap with a maximum length of 98cm.
  • Includes a bottle holder for carrying the baby’s milk bottle or water bottle.
  • Comes with a foldable travel changing mat included in the larger bag.
  • Carry handles included for convenient handling when traveling.

This baby changing bag comes in different colours ranging from brown, khaki, light blue, Navy, Pink and Purple. We notice that the price is also varying between colours with the Navy changing being the most expensive while the brown bag is the cheapest.

What’s on offer? The bag comes in a set of 5 of which there is a bag for mom and for the baby too. Each bag has a front pocket for keeping those handy, quick-to-reach items, 2 side pockets which are a bit smaller and 1 inner zipper pocket for keeping delicate items. The main compartment is basically where you keep the somewhat bulky stuff like baby clothes and nappies. All these pockets help you to organize your things well. We find the larger bag ideal when going out for long hours and the smaller bag is great for short day situations.

There’s a bottle holder bag which can be useful for carrying your baby’s milk bottle or water and it’s zipped at the top for secure holding. Another smaller bag is included that we find perfect for carrying your baby’s food container. The bag is supplied with a simple changing mat folded on the inside of the larger bag and it’s quite handy when you need to attend to your baby.

When it comes to handling, this changing bag has an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying it on the shoulder and you can opt to hold it using the carry handles. The strap has a max length of 98cm and you can adjust it to your ideal length.

  • The bags are not that much roomy although you still get what you need in them. The changing mat is also on the smaller side plus the carry handles are a bit flimsy.

Thoughts and Recommendations

This is another 5 piece bag that comes in a variety of colours allowing you to pick your favourite. Keep the price in mind but we don’t think there’s anything to grumble too much for a changing bag under £15.

You’ll love the front pockets, side pockets and inner pockets on both bags as you’ll be able to organize your stuff properly. You also have two options for carrying the bag; on your shoulder with an adjustable strap or on your hand using the carry handles, however, they are somewhat flimsy.

The Baby World 5 Piece Changing bag is perfect for moderate luggage as it’s not quite spacious. Good thing is you have other smaller bags for carrying essentials like milk bottles and food containers. We recommend it for first time mum.​

Babymoov Baby Chic Changing Bag Review


Babymoov Baby Chic Changing Bag Review

Babymoov Baby Chic Changing Bag

  • Carries all of mum’s and baby’s essentials.
  • Available in three different colours to appeal to almost every mum.
  • Includes a removable bottle pocket with universal fastener; fits perfect on any bag.
  • 1 transparent pocket for holding medicines, nappies and dirty clothes.
  • Comes with a unique changing mat unlike the ‘usual’ bag in most other changing bags.

This baby changing bag from Babymoov is a practical bag designed for the sensible mum because of how much it does. It comes in different attractive colours that appeal to every mum and match with almost any stroller in the market. What surprising is that even dads will be happy to carry this bag anytime, anywhere.

Of course, all baby changing bags come with a changing mat but the one on this Babymoov has a unique design. It is wipe-clean thus eliminating the stress on washing it. Then it has numerous storage pockets on it in a removable section which you can unzip from the mat if you wish to.

Another unique feature with this bag is the way it’s made accessible using only one hand. By wearing the bag across your body, it makes things easily accessible when you need to. It has a shoulder strap that you can adjust to your ideal length and it’s padded for comfortable wearing. You can as well opt for the primary handle which we find quite sturdy.

Babymoov designed this bag with a mum’s needs in mind by including several accessories that facilitate daily life. The mat is quite generous on space (55x45cm) and there’s a front pocket on the bag for keeping some small accessories such as your phone, keys and purse. There’s a baby bottle pouch which has a universal attachment so it easily clip to the bag. A removable fleece blanket is available for wrapping your baby during cold weather. It has adjustable stroller attachment clips making which make it easy to carry on any stroller and there’s a soother pouch with a universal clasp. Wet and dirty nappies have their space in the universal transparent cover.

This Babymoov is quite practical. It is wipe clean and there’re even small metal stands to keep it from becoming dirty or getting wet when placed on the ground. Inside there are many zipper pockets designed to hold mum’s and baby’s essentials such as nappies, toys and drinks. Organisation is so easy with this chic changing bag.

  • Babymoov offers a lifetime warranty for this bag but it doesn’t last that much as there are a few complaints after a year or so. It is also a bit heavy even when empty; keeping in mind it weighs 1.2kg.

Thoughts and Recommendations

This baby changing bag is the perfect tool for any mum looking for a practical and full featured bag. It’s designed for easy access and can be worn on the shoulder, across the body or carried using the primary handle. Both the shoulder strap and primary handle are padded for comfortable handling.

We love the unique features on this bag including the exceptional changing mat. A polar fleece is also provided for keeping a baby warm and there’s a transparent pocket for storing wet and dirty nappies. An insulated lunch bag and dummy holder are also available. It’s not easy to find a changing bag that offers all these incredible features.

The provided accessories are the selling point on this bag. The weight is a bit on the higher side yet the maximum carry weight is 15.9kg. With interior and exterior pockets, the Babymoov Baby Chic Changing Bag offers one of the best organisation.​

BabyHugs 5 Pcs Baby Nappy Changing Diaper Bag Set Review


Babyhugs 5pcs Baby Nappy Changing Diaper Bag Set Review

Babyhugs 5pcs Baby Nappy Changing Diaper Bag Set

  • Both large and small bags have exterior pockets including 1 front pocket, 2 side pockets and 1 back pocket.
  • One inner zip pocket in both large and small bag for keeping valuable items.
  • A bottle compartment is available in both bags for baby’s milk bottle or water bottle.
  • Includes a food container pocket.
  • Comes with a changing mat for use when out and about.

This is a basic set of bags that serves well for those who like keeping a low profile. There are two bags of which the larger one measures 41x18x33cm and the smaller one measures 33x10x27cm. The small bag might be the ideal option for everyday use and it gives you more than enough space for about 5-6 nappies, clothes and a packet of wipes. You can fit a bottle or two inside the smaller bag but not on the exterior pockets. The larger bag can hold twice as much and it’s perfect for long trips or full day outs.

Both bags feature front pockets, side pockets and back pockets to help you organise your essentials. Each has a zip pocket on the inside where you can hide those valuable items like hospital documents. There’s a bottle compartment in either bag which gives room for a water bottle or milk bottle. The smallest square pocket is perfect for a food container or any other little bits.

It comes with a basic changing mat which is quite useful when changing nappies or clothes on the road. An important thing to note is that this bag is not waterproof, so don’t take it out in wet weather or place it on wet surfaces. But the quality looks great so it might not damage in case.

  • This bag is not waterproof so be careful not to be caught outside in rain. The zippers are also low quality and tend to break easily.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The BabyHugs 5pcs Baby Nappy Changing Diaper Bag Set can be a great option for anyone looking for a simple bag yet does the job. The main compartment is perfect for bulkier items such as bottles, hot flask and food. Nappies, wipes, extra clothes and toys can also stack in well or in the other additional pockets. Short bag handles or the shoulder strap ensures convenient carriage and the general bag layout is great.

This bag is not waterproof so don’t be caught out in the rain and spoil crucial items. All of its pockets are zip type yet the zips are poor quality and tend to break. Perhaps handling the zips with care can help the bag last long and save on frequent maintenance. However, the price is pretty affordable because you get a 5-piece bag at approximately £15.​

Coolbell Nappy Backpack Baby Diaper Changing Bag Review

Coolbell Nappy Backpack Baby Diaper Changing Bag Review

Coolbell Nappy Backpack Baby Diaper Changing Bag

  • Includes several functional pockets for convenient usage and proper organisation.
  • 26L capacity bag; spacious enough to carry all the essentials you need for your baby.
  • Comes with a changing mat and an additional insulated sleeve which offer great convenience when attending to the baby.
  • Features a back strap and padded at the back for comfortable carrying.
  • Equipped with two stroller straps allowing you to attach to stroller when necessary.
  • Designed from eco-friendly materials including high grade nylon and polyester. The fabric is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Multifunction changing bag; works as a handbag, backpack, and fits perfect on stroller. Can be used for shopping, travel, going out, excursions, etc.

Available in grey and black colours, both moms and dads will feel comfortable wearing this bag. The Coolbell Nappy Backpack changing bag is one of the spacious bags we found, precisely with a volume of 26L or measuring 17.3x13.3x7.4 inches. This space is more than enough to carry all your baby’s items including clothes, nappies, wipes, food, bottles, toys, and other stuff.

There are even many functional pockets on this bag that make it easy for you to organize your things. The main compartment is perfect for larger items such as baby clothes and shoes. There’s a bottle compartment which comprises of 3 insulated milk bottle pockets. A net compartment offers storage for baby towel and there’s a side tissue pocket. In addition, there are 2 front waterproof pockets for diapers, side insulated pockets and 1 hidden zipper pocket for keys. For convenient taking care of your baby, the bag includes a changing mat and an extra insulated sleeve.

It comes with double shoulder straps for balanced carrying on your back and the back of the bag features soft foam padding to provide extra comfort. If you are tired carrying the bag, you can use the two stroller straps to attach the backpack to a stroller and stay weight relieved.

What we mostly love about this bag is the variety of uses that it offers. You can use it as a baby changing bag, backpack or a handbag. It perfectly attaches to a stroller so it’s great for shopping, going outs, travel and excursions.

  • It can be quite bulky and heavy to use on a day to day basis. The quality is also a bit low for its price tag.

Thoughts and Recommendations

Parents who have to pack a lot or who stay out for long periods can find joy using this baby changing bag. It is extremely roomy so you can’t compromise on not carrying any important accessory for your baby.

There are several pockets on this one and they are functional to help you organise your clothes, baby bottles, diapers, food and other items. The shoulder straps and padding on the back guarantee comfortable handing and we love how the bag can work for different uses.

However, with the large size comes the problem of too much weight, so we think it’s not a great bag for day to day use. The quality of the bag is also questionable considering it’s a bit on the expensive side compared to most other bags in our lineup. In any case, it’s a great choice for you looking for a large bag with functional compartments.​

Costanzo Enrico Baby Diaper Nappy Changing Bag Review


Costanzo Enrico Baby Diaper Nappy Changing Bag Review

Costanzo Enrico Baby Diaper Nappy Changing Bag

  • It has an ergonomic design to enhance the ease of use.
  • Comes in an 8pc set thus offering a lot of space for keeping all your trips essentials.
  • Adjustable shoulder and contoured handle strap allow convenient handling of the bag.
  • Includes 4 external zipper pockets which are perfect for carrying baby wipes.
  • Made from waterproof material and wipe clean fabric so it stays dry and clean always.

This Italian designer bag is perfectly designed for both mums and dads to carry. On the front there’s a zipper space pocket for putting mum or dad’s items and there are 2 deep pockets with a Velcro flap to carry smaller items. There are 2 large zippered compartments on either side which are ideal for carrying baby wipes.

This Italian designer bag is perfectly designed for both mums and dads to carry. On the front there’s a zipper space pocket for putting mum or dad’s items and there are 2 deep pockets with a Velcro flap to carry smaller items. There are 2 large zippered compartments on either side which are ideal for carrying baby wipes.

The bag comes with a customised changing mat and it’s quite larger than most regular mats. The designer’s concept is to have a mat that will still be useful as the baby grows. There are other accessories included to make life easier for you. These include a large diaper bag, baby bottle, clear air lock wet bag for dirty clothes, pacifier holder pouch, nappy pouch organizer and pram straps.

Handling this changing bag is quite a breeze thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps and the contoured handle straps. The straps are even padded to for comfortable carrying. This bag is waterproof and the fabric is easy to clean; simply wipe clean and you are good to go for your next trip.

  • The waterproofness of this bag is questionable. The main bag is much smaller and the zippers are a bit flimsy.

Thoughts and Recommendations

Coming in a set of 8 pieces, we think this bag offers plenty of options for carrying various items for your baby. There are tons of useful pockets on the main bag making it easy to partition your items. You’ll appreciate the bonus accessories supplied with bag to make work easier for you when you are out with your baby. The changing mat is especially large and designed with the baby’s growth in mind.

The adjustable straps and padding ensure comfortable handling and the wipe clean surface provide convenient cleaning. Basically, you can wipe clean this bag anytime.

The manufacturer says the bag is waterproof but we have some doubts in that so you simply have to be keen on wet weather. We also find the main compartment a bit smaller for carrying many bulkier essentials like clothes and nappies. Overall, the Constanzo Enrico Baby Nappy Changing Bag offer a lot for a baby changing bag and it comes at a fair price.​

Our Final Conclusion

A baby changing bag is an essential accessory if you want to stay mess-free when you are out and about with your baby. These bags come in different styles designed to work differently. Our guide explains the important features to look for when in need of a changing bag and we have narrowed down some of our best picks in the market to serve as examples. Here’s a summary from our reviews:

Our Best Pick

We picked the Bebamour Bebamour Baby Changing Bag as the best baby changing bag in our list. It is quite spacious to carry all your baby’s necessities while going out even if you have twins.

There are several pockets both on the exterior and interior of the bag so you can organise your stuff well. You can even take your laptop or Ipad with you. Designed for convenient usage, the backpack can be carried on your back, like a tote or on a pushchair. It comes in different colours plus it’s pretty lightweight. Such convenience is hard to beat and this bag is a stiff competitor to bags of all styles plus it’s quite affordable.

Best Practicle Baby Changing Bag

As much as our best pick is a great bag, we picked the Babymoov Baby Chic Changing Bag as the best practical bag. It can be carried on your shoulder or across your body with straps fully padded to provide comfort.

It packs an array of unique features including a large baby mat, polar fleece blanket, transparent pocket, insulated lunch bag and dummy holder. There are also several interior and external pockets for easy organisation and quick access to items. The featured material can be wiped clean and it comes in different colours to appeal to most mums.

Best Tote Bag

Totes being the most popular bags among women, we thought we could have the best tote from our list. We choose the LCP Kids 668 Baby Changing Bag for this award.

The bag is quite multifunctional as it cares for both mama and baby’s needs. There are numerous compartments including one waterproof pocket for storing delicate items. Carry handles and shoulder strap provide flexibility in handling and universal hooks allow quick attaching to strollers. Stability is enhanced by four metal stands at the bottom of the bag. This tote is quite lightweight and accommodates up to 20kg. Be careful not to load too much that it’ll be stressful to carry.​

Best baby changing bag

.Bebamour Baby Changing Bag


Bebamour Baby Changing Bag

We love the functionality of this bag as it can serve several purposes apart from being a baby changing bag.

The bag material is waterproof and pretty soft and the bag is ultra lightweight. It’s quite spacious and comes with extra pockets for organising your stuff. These awesome features come at a decent price too.

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