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Best Vibration Plate Reviews - Detailed Buyers Guide

Best Vibration Plate With Detailed Reviews, Comparison & Buyers Guide

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Choosing The Best Vibration Plate and Our Top Picks

​​The vibration plate has been making waves in the world of exercise for a while now. They have been popularised for their advantages. These machines are known to engage muscle activity by causing the muscles in contracting and relaxing motions. These machines depend on vibration to engage all kinds of different muscles in the body. They are also preferred as they save the time you would have spent exercising in the gym.

For those who are too busy to get to the gym on every occasion, they can purchase these models. You can find a range of vibration plates in different sizes and designs in the market. The issue is narrowing the best vibration plate that will meet your demands. To understand what to look for in a vibration plate you have to look at the main features and their functions.

If you are not in a hurry grab a pen and paper and let us explore the world of vibration. Below are some of the things that you have to keep in mind.

After hours of research and comparing our 20 models we came to the conclusion that the Vibration Plate by Bluefin Fitness is the best vibration plate for most people due to its top features such as the 10 exercise programs, amplitude settings and speed setting. it also offers one of the 'best value for money' making it an affordable model for home use.

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate with Built-in Speakers Review
  • Operates silently on a motor that has a 3900W peak output.
  • It is designed with a user-friendly display.
  • Have 180-speed levels that you can access.
  • It supports a maximum weight of 150kgs.
  • It's fitted with 10 exercise programmes.
  • 13mm amplitude settings.
  • Have good speakers for music

Vibration Plate Buyers Guide

The market place can be a hectic place to manoeuvre around. At times you may find yourself lost under all that pressure. There are several factors that are important to help you navigate the market. Make certain of your purposes for purchasing the product. This will help narrow down the size and the price of the model. Never skimp on quality as it will end up costing you more in the long run. Information is everything so be sure to collect as much as you can.

  • Various types available: When one talks about the variety of vibration plates, they are talking about the styles of vibration. The overall direction that the vibration plate determines the muscles that you engage. There basically two types of vibration plates that you can find normally. We have oscillation and triplane.

    The most preferred vibration plate is the oscillating one for its weight loss abilities. The calculated vibration plate moves in the same ways that seesaws do. The triplane vibration plate moves in different directions and they are popular for muscle toning. If you are a beginner in using vibration plates, it is better if you use the oscillating plate.
  • Check the available space: There are many models that differ in size. According to the function that you need the vibration plate for, you will get different sizes. Commercial units are somewhat larger than the home based machines. Remember that these units have to be plugged in for them to work so be sure to plan accordingly where you will place the machine. If you live in places that have limited space, then we suggest you seek smaller models.
  • Consider the motor output: All of these vibration plates operate on motors to create the right vibration patterns. The larger the motor the more likely it will be able to support larger weight capacities with ease. The power of the motor will be indicated in watts or Horsepower. Remember that the higher the motor performance the more it is likely to cost more than the low-performance ones. If indeed you have no qualms with the motor, then you can purchase any that appeals to you.
  • Check the size of the Vibration plate and supported weight: The size of the vibration plate in question determines the amount of personal space you will be able to occupy. Many trainers combine other exercise forms while using the vibration plate. When you apply squats and push-ups into your routine, you will need a unit with enough room to keep you from falling over or working in uncomfortable positions. The larger machines are preferred for their roomier surfaces.

    Ensure that you look into the weight that can be supported by the machine. This way you can purchase a machine that is able to keep up with your weight at certain positions. Most of the vibration plated state the capacity that can be supported. If too much weight is applied on the plate, the mechanisms fail and the machine is rendered useless. It is only proper to confirm these specifications before purchase.
  • What are the frequency rate and amplitude?: Frequency determines the how fast the vibration plate vibrates. The faster the frequency, the more muscles are engaged. Low frequencies are good for beginners so that the body can build its tolerance. When you have understood what the plate does, you can advance to models with higher frequencies. Professionals can give you advice on the best models to work with depending on your level of fitness. Home based units have manageable frequencies.

    The amplitude refers to the plate distance recorded between the highest and the lowest vibration movements. The higher the amplitude, the more intensive the vibration is. You have models that have a set amplitude and models that have a variable amplitude. Depending on the intensity of the workout, choose the right frequency. This is usually measured in millimetres (mm) so look at the product specifications to identify the frequency and amplitude.
  • Consider the price and warranty: Most people do not have the time to invest in the gym since their lives are so busy. Most models range from £100 pounds to over £ 2000. The top range products offer more intense vibrations in order to keep up with the already fit individual. The units’ price is determined by the features offered and the power of the motor. If you are working on a budget, try and select the best within your price range. If you have no budget, then you are at liberty to select any machine you want.

    There are manufacturers that offer warranties and some that do not. Although the lack of a warranty is disappointing, it should not be the reason that you overlook the product. Look at the features offered and determine if the product is worth it. for those with warranties, you can make use of them to get the plate fixed or serviced. The longer the warranty, the better for the maintenance of your vibration plate.

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Our Top 6 Best Vibration Plate Reviews

Bluefin Fitness Upgraded 2017 Vibration Plate Review


Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate with Built-in Speakers Review

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate with Built-in Speakers

The Bluefin Fitness Upgraded 2017 Vibration Plate is for those who want to have a bit of fun as they exercise. This vibration plate is fitted with Bluetooth capabilities so that you can access all the exercise applications that you use. This is a convenient tool for those who have set programmes from their trainers.

The ability to play music as you exercise makes this unit even more attractive. The model is designed with high-quality speakers that are able to relay sound quite well. In the case of listening to music, you can hook up your mp3 or iPod. That way, your favourite jingle will keep you company. This feature is not present in many vibration plates.

The motor on this machine is designed to produce a maximum output of 3900W. A large motor is a leverage as it can support a larger load for long periods. The motor in this one can be trusted to support up to 150kgs. That is why it can be used and depended upon for the right amount of vibration.

This unit has 180 speed. levels that you can utilise according to your exercise program. The oscillating action on this machine is measured and estimated at 13mm. Expect to receive some heavy vibration from this machine. The manufacturer claims that 10 minutes on this machine equates to an hour in the gym.

Weight loss programmes have been installed to help you burn off those calories. It will definitely save you some time trying to figure a program out. The unit has been fitted with anti-jamming and anti-static mechanisms preventing any delays in delivery. This is a convenient feature especially when the user is operating on fast speeds.

The display is sizable and easy to manoeuvre once you understand what button does what. The display has been mounted centrally to give you a good viewing angle. In the package, you will find cords, a manual, tools for assembly and a workout poster.


  • Bluetooth connectivity and mp3/iPod enabled.
  • High-quality motor operating at peak performance.
  • Affordable price.
  • Contain anti-jamming and anti-static mechanism for a smoother feel.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Instruction manual could use an upgrade

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Bluefin Fitness Upgraded 2017 Vibration Plate offers value for money. They present an all rounded machine that can entertain you as you exercise. The amplitude setting on this machine will definitely give you a good shake. It is important that you place this machine on top of a mat just to absorb the vibrations. This is in case you are living in apartments with thin floors and walls. The motor is however silent and will have no problem supporting a consumer in different exercises.

What we like about this model is that it can be connected to a phone. This makes this product very adaptable in our digital world. It is easy to assemble as the manufacturer delivers the product with assembly tools. All these features are adaptable to home use and will be a good company to those trying to lose some weight.

 MiraFit Vibration Power Plate Gym Machine Review


MiraFit Vibration Power Plate Gym Machine Review

MiraFit Vibration Power Plate Gym Machine

The MiraFit Vibration Power Plate Gym Machine is compact. This 2500W machine does not take up much space. You can easily store it after use by engaging the wheels availed. The dimensions of this product are W: 68cm by 38cm by 14.5cm. As you can see, this model is very adaptable to home exercises. The models come with a selection of three colours of black, green and orange.

This model comes with 99-speed settings. This means you can select which speed you are comfortable working at. If you are a beginner be sure to start with slow speeds so as to give your muscles time to adjust. If you are a regular user, you can crank the speed to maximum and enjoy your session.

For workout sessions, this machine is fitted with 9 workout programs. These workout programs come to the aid of the user as a means of switching up the routine. There are lower models that offer only one program. This makes working out a redundant process that bears no progress as the muscles are used to it. To control this programmes there is a small display that you can access to change the settings. The display will indicate the fundamentals such as speed and time. You can also remotely control the settings using the wireless remote that has been provided.

This model’s plate is designed with 3-foot positions. You can choose whether to walk, jog or run. The choice is pretty much up to you. This vibration plate can support a maximum weight of 150kgs. This is sufficient capacity for most people to use this product with ease. The model is also fitted with anti-jamming and anti-static mechanisms. This is to facilitate continuous movements as needed.


  • Affordable price.
  • Small and easy to store.
  • Runs quietly-no noise disruptions


  • To small to facilitate intensive workouts

Thoughts and Recommendations

The MiraFit Vibration Power Plate Gym Machine is effective for occasional users. Frequent users need something a bit stronger. What we like about this product is the simple design that can fit anywhere. The slim design can fit under your bed if you are limited for space. Although the too small for intensive workouts, they do make a good addition for beginners. We can call this a starter vibration plate.

For something a bit firmer, you can take a look at the Bluefin Fitness Upgraded 2017 Vibration Plate. It will definitely give you something to keep your exercises fresh. The price is very affordable for the features that have been installed. It is a good quality product that will suit those working within stringent budgets.

 Bluefin Fitness Bluetooth Vibration Plate-Trainer Review

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate Fitness Machine Review

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate Fitness Machine

The Bluefin Fitness Upgraded 2017 Bluetooth Vibration Plate different from its other Bluefin counterpart. This is basically the version that does not come with handles. This one has a 1000W motor that operates at peak performance to produce 2500W output. This machine has the capability of running silently so that the person next to you is not bothered. This model comes with a lifetime warranty. This is just to show you how confident the manufacturer is in his product. if any mishaps occur you can seek remedies from the manufacturer.

The vibration plate has 180-speed settings that a user can access when exercising. This speed is adjustable, you can go as high and as low as you want. The remote control will control the speed according to your command as you work out. This is handy when you don’t have time to keep changing the speed from all the way down there. The small display indicates all the relevant information that you need as you work out.

There are 5 pre-set programmes that you can access when it is time to work out. The amplitude on this machine is calculated at 13mm. This means that you do get quite a range of strong movements. If combined with the right exercises, the user stands to gain the fitness benefits of this machine.

The vibration plate is designed with Bluetooth capabilities. Those who need to synchronise music or other apps can use this feature. These models can comfortably support 150kgs. As stated before, the weight capacity determines how many people can purchase the product. Those over the recommended weight have to seek other products. The product is delivered with cords, a workout poster, instructions and remote.


  • It has Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Slim and easily stored design.
  • Affordable thus very accessible.


  • Performance delivery not as expected.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Bluefin Fitness Upgraded 2017 Bluetooth Vibration Plate leaves a lot to be desired. The power behind the motor is not as strong as we expected. For those who are trying to lose a good amount of weight, this product will not help much. It is better if you seek something that has high impact. We cannot fault this product all through, it does have a lovely design that is adaptable to small spaces. We like that it is Bluetooth compatible ensuring that the users can listen to some music or use their exercise applications. The machine is fast, that much we will agree.

We prefer The Bluefin Fitness Upgraded 2017 Vibration Plate with the speakers and the stand.it offers more support and has incredible power behind it. The display is sizeable and mounted for comfort. You can free your hands and engage in any kind of exercise positions you want. The model is discussion is for training purposes. After using the trainer, you can use the vibration plate with the stand.

 Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate-Trainer Review

Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer Review

Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer

The Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate-Trainer is basically for beginners. This machine is intended to deliver low impact. This is especially lovely for those with injuries or the elderly who not need too much shaking. This machine is lovely for home training before advancing to gym standards.

The model can support a maximum weight of 150kgs. People of all shapes and sizes can now get into the action. This lovely machine has inbuilt handles that are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and support. Now you can hold on if your muscles are not used to the motion of the vibration plate. The handles have inbuilt sensors to pick up on your body activities as you exercise.

The 600W motor supplies the plate with enough power to keep it in motion. It is rather important that the machine is able to withstand different weights. This motor can only manage so much, so do not apply too much stress by adding additional weight to the recommended one.

The display is centrally placed and it is designed to show you all the data that is relevant to your sessions. The display is user-friendly so anyone can access the vibration plate. This silent machine is great for indoor use and will not wake up the baby. The LCD display will indicate time, BMI, and other forms of data collected.

Speed is an important aspect of a vibration plate. Determines how fast the impact can be delivered. This machine is a low impact plate only has 50-speed levels. This is good enough to hold the elderly build a good bone density. You can adjust the speed as needed.


  • User-friendly display.
  • Ergonomic handlebars for better support.
  • Low impact so recommended for training.


  • Takes time to assemble.
  • Expected better quality for that price.
  • The bolts need screwing after some use

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate-Trainer is adequate. For a trainer, at that price, we expected more quality expected out of it. For a trainer, we expected a bigger motor and higher speeds. This is because one needs new challenges every day in order to grow. We like the design of it. We think that it would blend into most decors. The 28kg machine will take some time to assemble but it will be worth it. The handles are well designed, which we appreciate a lot since comfort cannot be overlooked.

Those who are doing light training will love this machine. Those who are interested in a more intensive workout for a lesser price can try the MiraFit Vibration Power Plate Gym Machine. It will offer you more to work with than this. For trainers, make certain that the bolts and screws are constantly secured to lessen the risk of injury. Besides regular maintenance will help the machine keep to its original performance.

ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer Review

ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer Review

ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer

The ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer is dependable for occasional use. It looks like it is another low impact machine. The vibration plate has a 600W motor that operates silently enough not to be a bother to anyone. It is advisable for beginners so that they can familiarise themselves with this method of exercising.

This vibration plate can support a maximum weight of 120kgs. Though it is not as much as the other models can support, it will still cater to the many people who are within that range. Those with minor injuries can enjoy some exercise without upsetting the injured area. The speed is not too high so you will be kept within healthy range. It only has 50 levels of speed.

The handles are well designed to offer you adequate support. The handles have in-built sensors that are capable of reading your heart rate. These sensors then relay the information to the display so that you can see how fast you are going. The handles have been padded to provide comfort to all hand sizes.

Anti-jamming ad anti-static mechanisms are important to prevent the machine from stopping unexpectedly. These features are not to be found in all the models in the market, therefore, if you are looking for these features, confirm before buying.It is designed with 3 automatic workout programmes. For a beginner, this is better than having to set your own workout settings. It may get confusing.


  • Well designed machine.
  • Perfect for low impact exercises.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not challenging enough for experienced consumers.
  • Too pricey for provided features

Thoughts and Recommendations

The ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer is dependable yes but leaves a lot more to be desired. Although well constructed, it does not support as much weight as the other models and that is including the cheaper ones. The handles give support and the motor works perfectly but we still feel a tad disappointed. This Vibration plate is appropriate for beginners or those who want to engage in small scale exercises. The speed will keep you moving but the vibration will be low.

Those who are looking to train but still require a bit of a challenge can look up any other machine. Compared to the Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate-Trainer, there is little difference. Try our best pick if you need adequate results. If you do not mind all the faults, you can go for this model. It is dependable at the end of the day.

 JTX Pro-10: Power Vibration Plate Review

JTX Pro-10 Power Vibration Plate Review

JTX Pro-10 Power Vibration Plate

The JTX Pro-10: Power Vibration Plate is clearly a high-end product. The price screams of quality but lets us look at what it has to offer. This tri-plane model moves in all directions to give you a more intensive vibration.

This is a space saving model. It has the audacity to encompass all the gym product requirements but fit in the house setting with ease. The model operates on a two-150W motor to perform at its best. This is what powers the different simultaneous plate vibrations to give you that buzzing feeling that your muscles enjoy.

This unit has 5 programmes fitted that you can take advantage of. The structural design of this vibration plate is stable enough to contain150kgs. This capacity as we have seen keeps popping up with even the low priced models. Maybe it is an industry standard but it sure comes through for those who are plus size too lose some weight without a rigorous gym.

The strength on this machine can be measured by the strength of its vibration. The vibration plate moves at the 30-50Hz per second. That is pretty high the vibration must be strong. You can increase the Hz between the range that you find comfortable. This feature is accompanied with an amplitude of 2mm on the lower scale and 4mm on the higher scale.

The well designed and well-colored vibration plate comes with a 3-year warranty that takes care of any repairs and parts that need to be catered for. They even provide a DVD to make certain that you have your bases covered. The DVD saves a lot of time rather than reading manuals. The machine stands on rubber feet so as to protect your flooring.

The display is sizeable and will be your control base as you are using the vibration plate. The display is easy to understand so people at different ages can use the machine. All the values that you need to be aware of will be displayed on the display. The handles will offer you support and equate comfort due to the padding.


  • High vibration rate thus intense.
  • It has two consoles.
  • Comes with a cooling fan.
  • Good features for that price.


  • Heavy to assemble.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The JTX Pro-10: Power Vibration Plate gives you an extra kick. The motor is powerful enough to support the plate as it vibrates at high speeds. This machine vibrates at a level between 30-50Hz. Combined with a maximum amplitude of 4mm, this machine can give you a workout. The handles have been positioned in such a way that they don’t get in the way of the consumer. Whatever position you decide to exercise in, your limbs are safe from unnecessary impact.

This product has high-quality features that you can take advantage of. The construction is stable so the heavier set user should feel secure working out on this machine. We love the two displays offered so that you can control the settings in any position. The fan will keep you cool as you sweat it out. We wish that they could provide a way for people to play their music and exercise. Other than that, we think its strength is worth its price.

Our Final Conclusion

When you are dealing with vibration plates you have a choice when it comes to function and design. it is better if you consider how often you will be working out and for what intended purpose. That way, you narrow down the features that you need.

The budget is also another factor, be certain that the money you are paying for that item is worth the features you are getting. You will have to incorporate other forms of exercise to make this give the best results possible.

Our Best Pick

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate with Built-in Speakers Review

This was tough since all the products have something important to offer. There are those that excel in design and those that excel in function. After careful debate, we came to the conclusion that the Bluefin Fitness Upgraded 2017 Vibration is the best option in this review. The reasons are simple.

The vibration plate has a powerful motor and accessible speeds up to 180. You have the ability to connect your iPod/mp3 and get inspired as you work out. The Bluetooth capabilities make us excited since one is able to use other applications that are compatible with the machine. The price is not too bad either. Apart from a few flaws, we find this machine advantageous to the homeowner.

Our Best Low Impact Vibration Plate

Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer Review

The title of the 'Best Vibration Plate' goes to the Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate-Trainer. This is because out of the two low impact trainers, this is cheaper and can house a larger capacity. The Confidence vibration plate may have its misgivings but it is dependable. As stated before such models are perfect for those who are incapable of handling high impact machines due to injury. For people who are training, this would serve as a beginner machine.

Best Vibration Plate For Home Gym

JTX Pro-10 Power Vibration Plate Review

This had to go to the JTX Pro-10: Power Vibration Plate. This is because this machine is built for high impact. The speed and the amplitude make this machine a very useful tool to lose weight. The triplane movement engages more of your body. Paired with the right exercises, this machine could be of real benefit to those who seek it. It has a fan that can cool you down when the heat becomes too much for you to manage. All these features are presented beautifully which makes this vibration plate even more appealing.

It can be hard to look for something especially with so much information out there. To make matters easier for you, you should try visiting more vibration plate reviews. This is to familiarise yourself with the different products in the market the minute you decide to shop for one. With that short review, we wish you all the best in finding your dream vibration plate.

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