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Foot Spa Reviews - Best Foot Spa - Top 5 models heated, bubbling and massaging

Top 5 Best Foot Spa Reviews – Heated, Bubbling and Massaging

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Best Foot Spa Reviews and Buyers Guide

Updated January 2018

Our feet link us to the ground below us. They have the burden of carrying us around and making sure we can attend to our daily activities. The sad thing about this is that our feet rarely get any attention. We just ignore our feet thinking that they are unclean and just made for walking. This is unfortunate since neglected feet tend to look ugly.

How many of us have had a really long day and you get home with your feet screaming? The pain and discomfort you feel can only be relieved after you kick off your shoes. Did you that relaxing and massaging your feet can help with the general health of your body? Once you have proper blood circulation flowing through your feet, you will have no problem with heat distribution. Foot massage spas also keep infections and bunions at bay.

The one who came up with a foot spa has to be credited as a genius. These foot spas allow you to take care of your feet at home or at the beauty shop. You can find models that constantly heat the water so as to avoid breaking the massaging process. You will meet units that offer vibration and jet mechanisms to aid with the relaxation.

To find the best foot spa for you, you have to keep in mind the best features available. You will have to keep watch on your budget so as to get the best deal for you. Let us find out more:

Hangsun Foot Spa and Massager with Heater FM600 Review
  • Easy to use with leakage protection.
  • Designed with an LED display to help set the temperature.
  • Has infrared lighting to aid in maintaining water temperature.
  • It comes with 3 pedicure attachments and a massage foot bed.
  • It has massage rollers put in place and offer bubble/vibration functions.
  • Designed with an IPX4 rating and non-slip feet.

Baby Bath Buyers Guide

When in search of a dependable foot spa you cannot throw caution to the wind. You have to look at the features being offered and compare. In most cases, you find that most consumers rush to purchase goods simply because of brand names. This ends costing them in the end due to unfit products. You work hard for your money and it is only right to get good value. Below are some of the things that you need to be aware of:

  • Does it get hot? - Nobody wants to keep refilling hot water in any unit. It takes considerable time and disturbs the whole spa process. To manage this, you will find that many models include mechanisms that keep the water hot. There are others that have heating functions installed. That way the user can comfortably relax and enjoy. It is recommended to get models that have heating functions that can be adjusted according to the temperature desired.
  • Bubbles, vibrations and jets - To aid in the massage function, you will find that most models incorporate bubbles, vibrating or jet function. These applications will affect the price range. There are units that come with one function only or two functions combine. Depending on the size and quality of features provided, one can experience these applications with different intensities. Lower quality models will not have as much force as compared to the high quality units. If you are keen on this function, be sure to look for models that let you adjust the intensity of these features.
  • Look at the size and pedicure attachments - The size of the unit affects usage and storage. People with tiny feet can use various models since their feet cover a small area. Those with large feet will have to look for the size-able unit so as to give a better fit. The foot area also has to be covered in non-slip material. You do not want to stand to get out of the machine only to fall.

    The general size will also affect storage. You do not want to buy a unit that is too big and heavy for storage. If it is not a commercial unit, there is no need to get a large unit. Small units take up less space and are very easy to store. Look out for handles to aid in moving the unit from location to location.

    Accessories that usually come with these units are put there to aid in the massage process. Attachments such as the pumice stone, a massage head and a brush to get rid of all the dead skin. These features are not available in all the models. There are manufacturers that sell these components separately so you will have to factor in that. These attachments are of high quality to effects efficient scrubbing and cleaning. Paired with the massage rollers, your body will enjoy good blood circulation.
  • Bath salts and drainage point - Bath salts are good at keeping the body relaxed and healthy. The draw out all the possible toxins and dirt that your skin has accumulated. In line with this, you will find that not all models are compatible with the addition of bath salts. Look for units that are compatible with the addition of oils and bath salts. That way the unit is able to work properly.

    Drainage can be an issue, especially for a poorly designed unit. You do not want to create a mess every time you use a foot spa. Look for units that offer a credible drainage point. This is just to make your work easier. Also look out for units that are designed with a non-spill feature. It will save you a lot of mop time.
  • What’s the price? Any warranty? -Money makes the world go round. In this case, it will determine the kind of features you have access to. The higher end options will tend to have more features compared to the other models. To ensure that the quality of the foot spa you are getting is right, check online for reviews. Previous consumers will give accounts of their interactions with the product. Work within a budget to narrow down the selection.

    Warranties are tidy little things don’t you think? It gives you a chance to test out the validity of the product and see any possible defects. If you are purchasing a model online, it is especially prudent if you buy a unit that comes with a warranty. The longer the better in this case.
  • Control options and the noise emitted - We as humans like convenience. Anything that offers a convenience is a friend to us. A unit that comes with a remote control is a convenience we like. No need to get up, just push a button and there you have it. Choose whether this is a convenience that you need because it will affect the bottom line of the price.

    Noise is something everybody agrees on when it comes to machinery. It can never be too loud. This is especially directed to indoor machinery. It is better to have a machine that runs quietly so that you do not affect the people around you. Whether it’s vibrating or using the jets, the unit has to maintain a reasonable hum. Look at the Decibel rating to understand the sound you are likely to receive.

Our Best Foot Spa for Frequents Use

Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa

Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa Review

A unit that can be used frequently has to be of good construction hardwearing. That title goes to the Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa. This unit can heat up water effectively and has a timer to tell you when your session is out. It also has excellent rollers and pedicure attachments. These attachments will come to aid when you need smooth soft feet. The price is a little high but the robustness of the unit cannot be questioned.

Quick Tips

  • You can select as to whether you need a foot spa with manual rollers or automated massage rollers. You may need extra coin for that.
  • Don’t stay too long in the foot spa especially in high heat conditions. It may cause your feet to swell. Half an hour is not bad.
  • For hygiene purposes, it is recommended that you clean the unit immediately after use. This is especially for units that are compatible with using additives like bath salts and oils.
  • Diabetic people, people with pacemakers and people suffering from peripheral vascular ailments should avoid using the unit until cleared by the doctor.
  • It is better if hot water is added without the limbs inserted. This is to prevent burns. Touch the water to determine if it is safe to insert your feet.
  • Ratings and reviews are important in collecting product information for a product you want to buy.
  • Look for units with a long electrical cable to allow easy usage and ease of reach.

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Top 6 Foot Spa Reviews

 Hangsun FM600 Foot Spa and Massager with Heater Review


Hangsun Foot Spa and Massager with Heater FM600 Review

Hangsun FM600 Foot Spa and Massager with Heater

The Hangsun FM600 Foot Spa and Massager with Heater is very effective. The unit is created from good quality material. The colour is attractive and can blend well with most surroundings. This unit comes with the magnetic massage feature which is aimed at relieving aches. Basically, the magnets according to positioning remove a magnetic field that is able to rid of some health conditions.

With this unit, you get to access four functions. When you want your feet to have a bit of TLC you can access the vibration, water heating, bubbles and infrared function. The water can be heated and maintained up to 48°C. The five heat functions can be regulated from the LED display. The display also lets you control the timer. The timer can let you go for half an hour or up to an hour.

While you are taking care of your feet you can choose to use the 6 massage rollers provided. Alternatively, you can select between the 3 attachments provided. The pedicure, massage head and brush can be used to make the feet smooth and free of dead skin. The attachment of these sections should be easy to remove and attach.

The waterproof unit with an IPX4 rating that ensures the durability of this unit. The manufacturers put into mind that spills can be annoying. This is why the foot spa has a non-spill shape. For all these features you get a one- year warranty ensuring that you are satisfied with the features being offered.


  • Able to heat water at a moment’s notice.
  • Comes with 5 temperature adjustment options.
  • Comes with a non-slip and non-spill features.
  • It has a timer and can accommodate the use of bath salts.


  • Comes with manual rollers.
  • The size of the attachments needs to be bigger to be more effective.
  • Short electric cable.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The The Hangsun FM600 Foot Spa and Massager with Heater is a tad pricey but worth the trouble. The features provided are of good quality and the fact that it heats up water makes it very convenient. For those who have large feet, this unit can comfortably house your feet. You can choose to remove the massage rollers and enjoy a comfortable massage. The size of the attachments should be of a large diameter especially for people with large feet.

Apart from a few flaws here and there, it is a dependable unit. It is slightly heavy so drainage might be an issue for some since a handle is nowhere in sight. Remember to effectively clean this unit after every use just to increase its durability.

Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa Review

Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa Review

Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa

The Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa is a simple product. This 400 watt unit is able to take care of your massaging needs. It comes with a heating function. That way doesn’t have to worry about refills. The heating function can be adjusted according to the 5 levels provided. Your water temperature will vary from 35 to 48 °C.

When it comes to the vibration and bubble part of the unit. You will not be disappointed. This unit comes with adjustable mechanisms so that you can vary the intensity of the vibration. Paired with the magnetic and the infrared function, this unit is a relation guru. As is purported the magnetic fields created are useful for health purposes.

When pregnant some women suffer from overly swollen feet. Sometimes the human hand is not efficient to knead through the swollen foot. That is why this unit comes with 6 massage rollers that can be removed if not needed. To help you along the way to healthy feet, 3 attachments have been provided. These attachments include the massage head, brush and callous/corn remover.

The LED screen provided is not to be forgotten. The size of the screen allows you to choose between the 3 programmes provided. The timer is also present in this model making it very convenient for timed sessions. The display is easy to interact with so elderly people can use this unit.

A 3- year warranty comes with this non-spill design. The longer the warranty the better for you since you can effectively what the product can do. For those who are afraid of slipping, there is no need to worry, the non-slip feet section will hold you still wind up.

If you are not up to using water and need a dry massage, you can put the massage rollers and engage without using water. A cord winder has been provided to make storage easy for the consumer.


  • Allows the use of bath salts.
  • Can accommodate large feet.
  • It has temperature adjustment mechanisms.
  • It comes with a cord winder.


  • It can be tasking to clean properly.
  • The water heater cannot be switched off for cold spas.
  • The vibration/massage function could be more intense.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa is okay but a bit too pricey. For that price, we expected to find more intensity in the functions provided. The massage function leaves us wanting more. We like the fact that they have motorised attachments so as to make effective cleaning possible. Like all good foot spas, they leave good room for your feet. Those who have large feet can purchase this item. This unit also allows the use of bath salts/oils. If you do this be prepared to clean out the unit effectively.

If you are in the market for a useable unit and you have some cash to spend, this may be the unit for you. Admittedly it has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours, however, if the shoe fits, wear it.

 Hangsun FM200 Foot Spa and Massager Review

Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200 Foot Bath Review

Hangsun Foot Spa And Massager FM200 Foot Bath

The Hangsun Foot Spa and Massager FM200 is perfect for home use. Those of us who rarely have time to relax an affordable unit is best. This unit is simple in its design and offers much in return. It comes with 4 basic functions. You have the vibration, water temperature maintenance, bubble function and infrared heat. All these functions can be interchangeable according to your preference at the time. There is an active thermostat that lets you regulate the temperature.

To help massage your feet 2 removable rollers have been presented. The two rollers are adequate for a product in that price range. To keep the relaxation mood going, you will find that the unit has magnetic therapy to help elevate any form of pain you might be filling

Little paddles of water on the floor can turn out to be a trip to the emergency room. To prevent this spillage, manufacturers have come up with a non- spill design. This way you can prevent the hustle of having to mop up after every session. When you are ready to dispose of the water, an ergonomic handle has been provided to facilitate this. Rubber feet have been fitted to keep the unit stationary during use.

This corded unit has a knob that helps the user chose between the available functions. Those with large feet need not worry. This unit will accommodate you just fine. A 1-year warranty is offered together with this product. That will give you time to find out as to whether the unit offers good value for money spent.


  • It comes with a handle for easy movement.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Accepts the use of bath salts.


  • Few massage rollers so it may prove ineffective for some.
  • Lacks attachments for pedicure applications.
  • Doesn’t warm cold water.
  • The power cable is short.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Hangsun FM200 Foot Spa and Massager are for those who use these kinds of units occasionally. From the size and the features presented you can see why the price is as so. You only have 2 massage rollers present. If you have large feet, it may take you a while to feel the impact. We like that it is simple to use, but for someone who needs a more intensity, they may have to look at other brands.

The unit has no heating system that can heat up water so you will have to warm the water before adding to the vessel. This can be challenging for those who need instant access. The unit is not a bad product, it is more suited for those who need a foot massage once in a while. For stronger units that heat up water, you can check out the Hangsun Foot Spa and Massager with Heater FM600 or the Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa. If this is your cup of tea, however, you might as well start sipping.

 Better Life from Lloyds Pharmacy Massage Foot Bath Therapy Foot Spa Review

Lloyds Pharmacy Massage Foot Bath Review

Lloyds Pharmacy Massage Foot Bath

The Better Life from Lloyds Pharmacy Massage Foot Bath Therapy Foot Spa comes with 2 rollers for massage functions. These rollers can be manually removed to provide space for reflexology functions. The bed of the unit can be used for a gentle massage to the feet when the rollers are removed.

This unit cannot heat water from cold to hot. It can only maintain the water temperature. The unit has also been fitted with 2 infrared spots to aid in relaxation and maintaining temperatures. This unit comes with a non-spill design so you do not have to be concerned about making a mess.

For easy transportation and manoeuvring, an ergonomic handle has been fitted. This handle is smoothly finished to avoid any snags on the skin. The rubber feet provided give the unit the stability it needs while in use.

The unit comes with three main functions that can be controlled from a knob provided. The three available functions are the bubble, infrared and vibration functions. You can select between either of the functions. With this unit, there are no warranties provided. If you buy from Amazon, you will have to rely on their returned goods policies.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction.
  • Comes with a handle for carrying conveniences.


  • Lacks pedicure attachments.
  • Lacks water heating function.
  • It is not recommended to use Epsom salts.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Better Life from Lloyds Pharmacy Massage Foot Bath Therapy Foot Spa is a basic unit. It has all the vibration and massage features offered. For a unit that comes at that price do not expect much intensity. The rollers are manual and can be removed at any time. If you want to use the acupuncture function you can use the rollers placed on the handles.

Except from a few hiccups like the noise emitted and lack of Epsom salt uses, the unit is sound. If you are looking for a cheap unit with basic functions, settle for this one. The lack of pedicure attachments is inconvenient for many. In order to have these attachments, you need to look other brands featured in this review.

Babyliss Professional Foot Spa Review

Babyliss Professional Foot Spa Review

Babyliss Professional Foot Spa

The Babyliss Professional Foot Spa is quite effective. The design of the vessel allows you to use the unit without much spillage. The unit does not have a water heater function. However, the unit is able to sustain the temperature as needed.

The unit comes with 3 pre-set functions that you can use. These functions can be controlled by the knob provided. The 3 functions mentioned include: heat/bubbles-massage-heat/massage/bubbles. Whatever you want to work with can be easily managed.

Sometimes your feet get a little bit crusty. This crustiness can be taken care of with pedicure attachments. Most models come with three attachments including a massage, brush and pedicure head. This unit also comes with two such attachments.

The centralised strip makes it easy for you to correctly position your feet. You can use the massage rollers or chose to leave them out. The splash guard feature is removable to make cleaning easier. This unit comes with rubber feet for safety and stability.


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • It comes with pedicure attachments.
  • Compatible with the use of salts.
  • Affordable price.


  • It can be challenging to clean.
  • Does not warm up cold water.
  • A tad noisy.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Babyliss Professional Foot Spa comes in with a different design. The middle strip makes the fit of the whole product feel quite better. We like the fact that it is presented with attachments to make pedicure matters more convenient. The fact that it accepts the use of bath salts makes it even more convenient. Although the price is a bit higher than some of the basic units, it will be worthwhile.

The unit does not have a heating function but it will maintain it for a while. It lacks some of the features that you’d find in more expensive models. But for someone who doesn’t need all that fuss. It is an appropriate unit. We, however, prefer the Rio Deluxe Foot Bath and Spa. They range around the same price but RIO model offers more features.

 Rio Deluxe Foot Bath and Spa Review

Rio Deluxe Foot Bath and SpaRio Deluxe Foot Bath and Spa Review

The Rio Deluxe Foot Bath and Spa definitely gives you good value for your money. The small unit is full of convenient features that you can use. This unit comes with 5 functions that are accessible to you. It has the aromatherapy, water heating, massage, infrared LEDs and vibration functions.

There is nothing that feels good like having gentle rollers slowly knead your feet. With this unit, you have 6 rollers presented for use. These rollers are detachable if need be. The rollers are not automatic they are manual so you will have to move your feet. Together with the hydrotherapy jets, your feet are in for a treat.

Spills are annoying. I think everyone can relate to this. To remedy this, wise manufacturers have fitted a non-splash guard. This guard keeps those pesky soapy drops away from the floor. No spills equal no hospital bills. A handle has been provided so as to facilitate easy movements from place to place.

This Rio model does not have a heating function. It can only maintain the temperatures of the water. This is due to the insulated walls. The 4 infrared LED lights aid in keeping the water warm. All the functions presented can be accessed through the knob provided. The unit also comes with a diffuser for your aromatherapy sessions. It is safe to use Epsom salts with this product.

When you are done, you can easily store this unit. A cable store has been provided so that you can keep the wires safely away. This unit comes with a 2- year guarantee. If anything is wrong with the unit, contact the manufacturer or local supplier for solutions.


  • It has 5 functions in one.
  • It comes with a carry handle.
  • Very affordable price.


  • Cannot heat water from cold to hot.
  • Can be quite noisy.
  • The jets could be more intense.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Rio Deluxe Foot Bath and Spa is quite fetching. It has an attractive price for all the features provided. You have access to 6 manual rollers that you can benefit from to sooth your sore feet. In addition, you have hydrotherapy jets to really get in there and relax those tired feet. As recommended, you are not to use the unit plugged in for more than ten minutes. The motor might give up and die.

The only way to keep using it is by adding hot water once the temperatures drop. This is a deal breaker for most but it is manageable if you are intelligent enough. The flaws are minor compared to all the gains. Compared to some other units featured here, it could be your perfect model if you want short sessions for an affordable price.

Our final conclusion

As you have seen, selecting a foot spa is an easy process. You just have to identify what you need and the features that can satisfy that demand.

Remember that if you have a pre-existing condition that affects your blood circulation, seek the doctor’s advice. Some manufacturers have put warnings in regards to the health limitations that may limit use. Check to make sure that the price fits the value being offered.

Hangsun Foot Spa and Massager with Heater FM600 Review

The best pick goes to the Hangsun Foot Spa and Massager with Heater FM600. This is because it has all the needed features for an attainable price. This unit has an advantage of having the ability to heat water.

With this unit, you can select how hot you want the water to get as you adjust the heat to the 5 levels. We like that it is strong and durable. Although we hoped it would have a carriage handle, we love the rest of the features. You won’t regret it.

Our Best Foot Spa For Occasional Use

Rio Deluxe Foot Bath and Spa

This title is bestowed upon the Rio Deluxe Foot Bath and Spa. It has all the right features at the right price. This unit has well designed rollers and hydrotherapy jets.

This unit is recommended for short sessions as it cannot remain plugged for longer hours. Before your session ends you can use all the bath salts and oils that you want. This unit is very good for aromatherapy sessions and relaxing your feet before you need to be on the move again.

Our Best Foot Spa for Frequents Use

Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa

Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa Review

A unit that can be used frequently has to be of good construction hardwearing. That title goes to the Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa. This unit can heat up water effectively and has a timer to tell you when your session is out. It also has excellent rollers and pedicure attachments.

These attachments will come to aid when you need smooth soft feet. The price is a little high but the robustness of the unit cannot be questioned.

Don’t be shy. You have all the information that you need to pick out the best product for you. What are you waiting for? Visit updated foot spa reviews to get the latest information of prospective brands that you are seeking to purchase. With that said, all the best!

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