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Best Exercise Bike Review - Top 10 Models, buyers guide and comparison

Our Top 8 Best Exercise Bikes – Detailed Reviews & Comparison

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Choosing The Best Exercise Bike For 2018 & Buyers Guide

Updated December 2017 - The exercise bike has been around for some time. The earliest model was featured in the 18th century. This was a revolutionary machine that was used for physiotherapy functions. Many centuries later, this machine is still going strong. Technology has evolved and made the once simple 18th century structure into the models that we know now. These types can be found in their various types and sizes. Since exercise bikes are good for cardiovascular activities, they have taken over the gym scene. You can find various locations in the city offering spin classes and workouts.

Are you in the market in search of the best exercise bike? Well, there is a lot that you have to consider. We understand that the task seems daunting since there is so much choice to select from. However, you do not have to worry that, we are here to make your life a whole lot easier. We will show you what you need to look for in all those models and how to differentiate the good and the best.

Our Best Pick - DKN AM-E Exercise Bike Review
  • 8kg flywheel for smoother rides.
  • An impressive 32 levels of resistance and 12 pre-set programmes to work with.
  • Heart monitoring mechanisms and a decent LCD display.
  • The handles and the seat are adjustable for comfort.
  • Compatible with the BitGym application.
  • 2-year warranty for extra peace of mind and amazing value for money.

Exercise Bike Buyers Guide

Depending on why you want to exercise, either for cardio or muscle toning you may need different resistance levels. You may want an exercise bike built for the gym or built for the occasional home use. What you need to look at is the features offered and the overall construct of the bike. In the market, you will find models at different price ranges. It is up to you to decide on how much you will be willing to spend and the features that you are looking for. If you continue reading, the guide will show you exactly what to look for so as to distinguish the differences.

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are many designs and styles in the market that are of good quality. Commonly, you find three basic variations of exercise bikes. Their differences are structural and price based. These types mentioned are;

  • Upright bikes: These types of bikes are usually computer controlled to create the required resistance. They have handlebars that are located a bit higher than the sitting position level. They are very pocket-friendly and are very popular with beginners. With these kinds of bikes, you get a good cardio and muscle engagement on your legs. The power supply is to be supported with a plug to the main socket. The upright position is made to imitate the natural riding position.
  • Indoor bikes: Indoor bikes are popular for spin cycle classes and gyms as they have the ability to remain stable despite rigorous activity. The seat and the handles have been strategically levelled for a more aerodynamic positioning. The pedals are fitted with straps to secure your feet as you cycle away as fast as you can. For resistance, these machines depend on electromagnets or friction. Depending on the model you purchase you might find either of these.
  • Recumbent bikes: These are perfect for people with back problems or people who need structural support. They are mostly low impact bikes and tend to cost quite more compared to the others. For avid cyclers, they might find these quite modest in terms of challenge.

Our Best Low Impact Exercise Bike

Olympic 2000 ES-810 Compact Exercise Bike Review

For this title, we agreed that the Olympic 2000 ES-810 Compact Exercise Bike. This is made for those who are looking for machines that are gentle to the joints, you have to consider the weight of the flywheel. The heavier it is the more energy you are required to produce in order to move it. The pressure applied by this machine is gentle thus good for elderly people and injured parties. The model can be folded away for storage which makes it even more advantageous.

Consider the amount of space

Different models come in different sizes and weights. There are foldable models in the market that are lightweight. These kinds of models take up little space compared to the upright models that are intended for gym use. The heavier they get the more likely that they will occupy more space. People with small apartments should consider the size and the weight of the bike before purchasing. Also, it is better if you confirm the weight that can be supported by the bike so that you know if it's within your range.

What are the resistance and programmes offered?

There are basically two common types of resistance systems. Friction based and magnetic based systems. These systems don’t have to necessarily be tied down to one type of model. You will find that the magnetic based system is popular but the friction based system offers more resistance especially in high impact machines. The magnetic resistance systems are preferred for their low maintenance and quiet operation. These machines are would be lovely in noise sensitive situations.

Programmes supply you with options of different workout sessions. You have the ability to select a manual or pre-set programme. There are models without this feature so make sure you confer with your supplier.

Ease of use

When speaking of ease of use, we are considering all the features that make life more convenient. Most frames are made from rust resistant materials like steel and other alloys. The purpose for this is to ensure that the bike can withstand the constant pressure and use. It is important that all the features be of the highest quality.

The seat is where you might be spending most of your time so it is advised that the seats be padded. Padding adds an extra layer of cushioning that enables you to cycle for long hours without feeling sore. The bigger you are in terms of size, the more you should look into models that can support your sitting capacity. You will come across models that have adjustable seat to help tall and short people find their cycling positions.

The paddles are another thing. Pedals are an important feature that cannot be overlooked. First things first, the pedals have to be wide enough to offer adequate rooms. In doing this, a variance of foot sizes will prove problematic. That is why straps are fitted in order to adjust and secure your foot as you pedal.

The display matters. If you are looking to keep your performance on the track, you will have to seek a console that provides details. A display that is not complicated is also convenient. You get to have access to available programmes and in some models, control the resistance levels. You can monitor your pulse, time, distance coved, calories burnt, among other things. There are models that are fitted with adjustable displays so as to control the field of view.

There are models that come with high-quality speakers for music and USB capabilities that enable them to transfer data. In addition to speakers, there are units that are designed with fans to keep your body cool as you push it beyond its limits. Features like this will increase the average cost of the product so be sure to take note of this.

Bottle holders are another advantage that we can appreciate. The bottle holders help people rehydrate as they sweat those calories off. Not all models include these features so it is good to be on the lookout.

For those who are already using running applications. Check if the model you are interested in buying is compatible with your running apps like i-running and BitGym. That way you can make an informed decision.

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What is the price and do they offer warranties?

This depends on the amount that you are willing to spend and the functionality that you are after. Home based models start from £100 or lower up to several hundred pounds. If you want a commercial machine that is the stable and high end, you may have to spend more than £ 1000 pounds. There even models that cost more than £5000. The choice is yours. Depending on the budget that you are working with, select the one with the best features in that range.

Warranties can be offered on the parts available or the frame itself. They make matters very simple especially if errors are found in the machine. A warranty is an assurance from the manufacturer of the product quality. If you find models that don’t have warranties, look online for reviews and ratings. They will give you insight into the inner workings of the product from current and previous users.

Our Best High Impact Exercise Bike

JTX Cyclo-5 Upright Gym Exercise Bike Review

This title has been bestowed upon the JTX Cyclo-5: Upright Gym Exercise Bike. This is simply because it is well made and structured to support a large amount of weight. This is advantageous to gyms as many people get to use the machine. The resistance level is good enough to have the expected impact.

This machine will engage all your cycling muscles. The features are adjustable such that the user whether tall or short can have a go at the machine. Be careful to take care of the machine especially if subjected to constant use. Regular service and maintenance is the key to enabling this machine to work at peak performance.

Our Top 8 Exercise Bike Reviews

DKN AM-E Exercise Bike Review


Our Best Pick - DKN AM-E Exercise Bike Review

DKN AM-E Exercise Bike

The DKN AM-E Exercise Bike is very well made. The frame is strong and durable due to the material that it’s made from. The maximum weight supported by this exercise bike is 140kgs. This can be regarded to have consumer friendly capacities since many users who are plus size can access the machine.

The exercise bike comes equipped with 32 resistance levels. For a beginner and intermediate user, these levels will provide daily challenges. For professionals who need a more intensive workout, it is advisable that you look for commercial size machines. This is because they will offer more resistance levels for further exercise.

A flywheel has been installed for smoother rides and for resistance functions. Anytime you want to increase the resistance or stop the flywheel, the computer sends signals to the brakes. Then the mechanisms act accordingly as displayed by the choices you picked. The flywheel on this model is 8kgs. We believe this is adequate weight to offer sufficient resistance and offer a smooth run even on fast paced cycles.

Adjustable features are installed to make products compatible with users of different sizes. The DKN AM-E Exercise Bike is designed with an adjustable seat and handles. The adjustable seat lets you the user find the right sitting posture for exercise. The handles are ergonomically designed to provide comfort as you exercise. These adjustable handles have inbuilt sensors that can pick up on your heart rate.

The backlit display is easy to use and clean. The sizeable LCD console will display all the information that you need to track your exercise progress. For those who are working within a certain heart rate, you can set up from the console and know when to stop. The console can accommodate data for up to 4 users.

Programmes are important as they let you vary your exercise routine. This model comes with 12 programmes that you can take advantage of. The programmes will provide you with enough variety to keep your body fit. The 2-year warranty is bound to become useful if you ran into any faults in the product. A warranty is an important feature but it should not determine the quality of a product.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • High resistance levels.
  • Can support a range of users.
  • Operates silently.


  • It has no water bottle holder.
  • Seat is a bit stiff

Thoughts and Recommendations

The DKN AM-E Exercise Bike is fit for the regular user. A regular user who wants quality features for an affordable price. The magnetic resistance exercise bikes are good at offering a range of resistance. Regular users can get a kick out of challenging themselves daily. The construct is stable and manoeuvrable.

Though it does not have a water bottle holder and has a hard seat, it does make up with adjustable seat and handles. The maximum weight capacity can definitely cater to the slightly heavier set people. The unit is easy to assemble and will take you a few minutes to get it together unless you require some help. The well-designed machine has 12 programmes that you can look out for. All these dynamics come to form a high-quality exercise bike.

 Olympic 2000 ES-810 Compact Exercise Bike Review


Olympic 2000 ES-810 Compact Exercise Bike Review

Olympic 2000 ES-810 Compact Exercise Bike

The Olympic 2000 ES-810 Compact Exercise Bike can be classified as a low impact machine. Equipped with a 2.5kg flywheel, this machine is easier on your joints. The flywheel is light enough not to cause damage to your joints but still deliver enough impact. The frame is tubular for comfortable handling and it is chip resistant. This little marvel can support a maximum weight of 100kgs.

The unit comes with 8 resistance levels that a consumer can use to adjust the level of difficulty they want to engage with. There are models that offer resistance levels that fall short of the consumer's expectations. Most consumers would higher resistance levels, but for the price that you fetch this product is adequate.

Ergonomics are important in any tool that is around consumers for long periods. The handles on this beauty have been made to offer you the utmost comfort. The handle size can accommodate different hand sizes comfortably. The handles are adjustable to make sure you get the right positioning for your height. The handlebars also have inbuilt sensors to pick up your heart rate as you go along with your session.

For those who have limited space, this model is a winner for your problem. This machine is foldable into a compact unit for storage. Not many models can be folded away so confirm before spending your hard earned money. The unit is also fitted with capable wheels that aid in easy transportation. All these convenient features make this product offer value for money.

For those with ‘butter feet,’ you have no worries with this machine. The machine has no slip pedals with straps to secure your feet. All that hard work has to be tabulated for it to make sense. That is why the display has been installed. The display will show you all the statistics that you need to track your performance. You will have information on your pulse, distance, calories etc. Easy assembly is another perk that is delivered by this unit.


  • Light weight and easily stored.
  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • Nice aerodynamic design.
  • Low impact machine therefore easy on the joints.


  • Resistance levels can be more challenging.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Olympic 2000 ES-810 Compact Exercise Bike is perfect for home use. The little beauty is lightweight and can be stored away. People using this machine for short term use can put it away when they are done. What we like about this product is the fact it has a not-so- heavy flywheel. This is because consumers with muscle or joint injuries can access this machine. The low impact machine will prevent further damage to the injured parts. Elderly people can enjoy working with this machine. It can be considered as among the best folding exercise bike.

Although not accessible to people over 100kg for safety reasons, this little beauty is added value to your home. Even on vacation, you can pack it up and take it with you to maintain your exercise regimen. Be sure to perform regular servicing to maintain its durability over the years.

 JLL JF100-2017 Home Exercise Bike Review

JLL Home Exercise Bike JF100 Reviews

JLL Home Exercise Bike JF100

The JLL Home Exercise Bike JF100 is another low impact machine in this review. The space saving design will be advantageous for those pressed for space. You can place this in a corner and be pleased how easy it blends in. The stable construction can support an estimated weight of 100kgs which is manageable.

A little resistance makes life a bit more exciting. Imagine riding a bicycle at only one speed for many years. Sounds tasking in a sense. That is why this unit comes with 10 levels of magnetic resistance. You have the choice to adjust the resistance according to what your limbs can handle. When you select a resistance level, the computer issues orders to move the electromagnets into position. This action controls the braking and resistance levels.

The LCD display will be your operator board. You can access all the information on the progress of your session. The display is visible even in dimly lit areas which make it convenient.

We all know the importance of the flywheel which enables the machine to give a natural cycling feel. The weight on this model’s sly wheel is approximated at 4.4kgs. This is adequate weight to apply enough pressure to give you a workout. This machine is built for those who are beginning the world of exercise so that they can build their strength. The flywheel is at the mercy of the computer and the electromagnets installed.

We cannot stress the importance of comfortable handles. They make your life a bit more convenient. You won't have sore hands after a good workout. The handles can rotate 360 degrees which make it handy to the consumer to find the best position. The handles as normal have inbuilt sensors used to detect your heart rate. The pedals are covered with non-slip material to prevent your foot from going off when exercising.

The adjustable seat is another thing that we appreciate about this model. You have seven positions to adjust so that you can be comfortable. The size of the seat is wide enough to contain those blessed with a bit more seating capacity. The unit comes with a 1- year warranty. The warranty will serve to help in any repairs and maintenance of the product. This is especially if the faults are from the manufacturer's side.


  • Designed to take up less space.
  • Offers 10 magnetic resistance levels.
  • The 360-degree handles are convenient for positioning.
  • Silent operations.


  • Bike size can limit tall people from using it.
  • Hard saddle.
  • Resistance systems could be more challenging.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The JLL Home Exercise Bike JF100 is built to be a space saver. However, the space saving function limits tall people from using this bike. We advise the tall people reading this review to consider other options. If you don’t have much flesh on your bones, then be ready to have your backside harassed by the hard seat. The seat could have been padded to supply proper cushioning.

We cannot fault it all through, however. The truth is, it is a good product at an affordable price. For people who are used to operating with more challenging resistance levels, this is not for you. This is for those who need low impact machines for affordable prices. It is perfect for getting some cardio in. The space saving unit is a steal for the price that you purchase it at. If you do not mind the minor flaws and you are within the product dimensions, then this is the one for you.

 Ultrasport F-bike Trainer Review

Ultrasport F-bike Trainer Review

Ultrasport F-bike Trainer

The Ultrasport F-bike Trainer can be described as the go-to bike for the occasional user. The exercise bike is fitted with 8 resistance levels. These levels are not as high or as strong as some of the top level brands. However, it will be able to give the beginner and occasional a little sweat while working out. That is why most of its features are built for home use. Be sure to that you are within the 100kg limit so as to use this unit safely.

The aesthetic value of this exercise bike is not to be overlooked. The colours are can easily blend with the décor of your home. The design gives ample support for those who need it. The foldable design is space saving. As we said before, the people who are pressed for space should look for foldable models. This one is equipped with wheels to make transportation to storage easier for the operator.

Products that offer resistance levels are products worth looking into. The Ultrasport F-bike Trainer has 8 magnetic resistance levels that you can control according to your level of fitness. As expected from the product in this price range, the resistance levels are not as challenging as the pricier range.

The seat on this exercise bike is adjustable so you adjust to find the right fit. You will have to work with it as it is. The seat is spacious and padded for comfortability. The paddles are covered with a material that will provide enough traction to keep your foot in place. For a secure hold around the foot, you can adjust the size to fit your foot size.

The display on this model is quite small on this model and very easy to use. The LCD display is very simply built that a child can operate. You will access all the relevant information through the display.

Padded handles never lack in good exercise bikes. The bi-material handles have inbuilt sensors that are fashioned to pick up on your pulse as you run. The assembled dimensions of this model stand at 95 x 45 x 121 cm and 36 x 45 x 142 cm when folded. People below foot can use this machine without problems.


  • Foldable for easy storage.
  • Offers enough leg room and back support.
  • Affordable price.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.


  • Saddle is small for larger people.
  • Size too small for people over 6ft.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Ultrasport F-bike Trainer is appropriate for the home user. The weight capacity of 100kg will cater to most home exercises. The design wouldn’t be able to hold more weight before giving in to the stress. The model is made for those who want to exercise without having to pay for gym membership. The model is built with back support features which are advantageous for those who need support while working out. The models are not heavy and can be easily folded for storage.

Although the saddle leaves us expecting much more, the machine is not too bad considering the price. If you have a tight budget and you want a bike that looks fancy, you might as well consider this beauty.

 XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike Review

XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike Review

XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike

The XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike is a steal. We mean this as it offers incredible value for money. This unit has been fitted with a 15kg flywheel which in turn make riding smoother. The advantage of a heavier flywheel is that it applies more pressure on your muscles to move it and stop it.

The model has a strong frame made from high-quality material. The quality material and structure enable the machine to support a maximum weight of 125kgs. This gives more room for heavier consumers to purchase this product. This is slightly higher than some of the models are providing.

For safety purposes, the exercise bike has an emergency mechanism that stops the bike. That comes in handy when you slip or when you need to attend to something. The adjustable handles give you control over the positioning of your upper body. The handle also has arm rests for when your hands are tired and need support.

This model is fitted with an adjustable seat that you can access. The seat is evenly padded to provide a comfortable sitting. You find that most models are fashioned to have hard seats. This, in turn, gives you a sore bum. The wide surface area can accommodate most people within the recommended weight. When you start to feel dehydrated you can grab your water from the bottle holder and rehydrate.

Exercise bikes are known to provide a good cardio. To see how fast your heart rate is going, the handles have sensors that can pick up on your pulse. The display will relay this information to you. The sizeable display shows all the expected values such as time, calories, speed, distance, pulse, etc.

To adjust the tension, the manufacturer has supplied a 3stage crack system. That way you can control the resistance levels. The pedals are made for easy riding preventing accidental slips. The pedals can move in forwarding or backwards movements which provide an overall muscle engagement.


  • Strong frame.
  • Easy to assemble through manual and tools provided.
  • Comfortable ride.
  • Offers value for money


  • Can be quite loud
  • Not for short people

Thoughts and Recommendations

The XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike offers value for money. The resistance is sufficient for indoor cycling. Although not as silent as the magnetic kind, this model has a very smooth ride. The flywheel is heavy enough to give your muscles a run for fitness. Work up a little swat when you pedal forwards and backwards.

This model has a stable frame that is quite easy to work with. The armrest is there to provide comfortable positioning, especially for tall people. For the short people, you will find it rather uncomfortable since the pedals positioned further down. Other than that this product is pocket-friendly and will provide you with the expected results.

 York Active 110 Exercise Cycle Review

York Active 110 Exercise Cycle Review

York Active 110 Exercise Cycle

The York Active 110 Exercise Cycle is perfect for beginners. This compact machine takes little room compared to some models. This cute bike is equipped with a 4kg flywheel. This can be considered as a low impact machine. They are popular for their gentle approach on people with joint issues. The one piece crank system is designed to crank up the tension on the fly wheel.

This magnetically based exercise bike is equipped with 8 resistance levels. The levels are as expected for the given price point. This magnetic resistance levels are controlled by the display. The computer signals the magnets into position to stop, or create resistance. These kinds of machines ride smoothly and with less noise compared to their manual counterparts.

Four programmes have been fitted here to help you select the modes you want to work out with. The 4 programmes include 3 pre-set programmes and 1 manual one. The manual one lets you test your own limits by inputting your own data. All this is still controlled by the console that is fitted on the machine.

For ease of use, the adjustable settings have to be there. The adjustable feature, in this case, is the seat. The seat can be adjusted to the right height and distance from the pedals. The seat has a large capacity to contain anyone who is looking to workout with this bike. The recommended weight capacity that can be supported on this machine is 120kgs.

Wheels have been fitted in this model to make it easily moveable to storage. The wheels are small but they can adequately manage to support the weight of the machine. The unit is also fitted with adjustable and well-made pedals that can accommodate most foot sizes.

The LCD display lets you gain information on how your session is going. If you have set a goal on distance or time, you can be able to see from the data collected. The display can be used whether day or night without fail. Below the display, you will run into the water bottle holder which will house the contents of your bottle.


  • Sleek stable design.
  • Has a bottle holder.
  • Friendly for those who need less pressure e applied on their joints.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • No manual for screen settings.
  • Seat can get uncomfortable when used for extended periods

Thoughts and Recommendations

The York Active 110 Exercise Cycle is one that has a few mishaps that can be worked on. However, it does have some lovely features. For starters, it does appeal to the eye. Its sleek design offers adequate room for a user to go as hard as they can. We like the magnetic levels that have been provided for the user who wouldn’t like pressure on their joints.

The price is not too much considering the range of the product. If you need something that gives you a more rigorous workout you may try the DKN AM-E Exercise Bike. For someone who doesn’t want a fuss, but wants something that looks good. You can definitely put this in your considerations.

 JLL IC400 ELITE Premium Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review

JLL IC400 ELITE Premium Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review

JLL IC400 ELITE Premium Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

The JLL IC400 ELITE Premium Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is one to appreciate. It is built to give you that extra momentum. Well designed and the well-coloured machine will fit in any setting. The machine comes with a 20kg flywheel is there to give you a more natural cycling feel. By the time you speed up the 20kg flywheel, you may have time to break out a little sweat. You can adjust the friction resistance according to your needs

Comfort while working out cannot be overlooked. There is no sense in going home with an exhausted and sore frame even in the wrong places. That is why the handles and paddles are ergonomically designed. The handles are padded for comfort and can be adjusted to move towards or away from the user. The paddles can be adjusted to find a good fit for every user's foot size.

The seat is also adjustable. Both vertically and horizontally. It is in the best interest of the user as they get to find the right riding position despite their height. The seat has enough capacity to support a maximum weight of 150kgs. The capacity opens the model up to more plus size customers. The machine is safe and stable to use.

To stop this exercise bike, you need to pull the brake. This machine relies on friction to stop the flywheel’s movement. This mechanism is also applied in facilitating resistance that the user needs to further their progress. The dimensions are 130 x 54cm x 130cm.

The monitor as always is large enough to be visible even from a short distance. The monitor will reveal to you the essentials. The essentials include the odometer, calories, speed, time, distance and pulse. This is essential to keep track of your progress. When you are done exercising you can wheel the machine into the other room for storage.


  • Sturdy and robust frame.
  • Supported weight capacity is large.
  • Affordable price for good features.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Designed with a bottle holder,


  • Too large for small users.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The JLL IC400 ELITE Premium Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is created for heavy use. This not so small exercise bike can accommodate 150kgs without giving into the pressure. This means that those who are trying to lose weight will find this suitable.

The resistance created is adequate to give anyone a decent workout. The flywheel facilitates a smooth run and a good burn of your thigh and calves muscles. We think the price is fair because of the sturdiness and usefulness of this machine. For those in search for an intensive cycle can take up the challenge and rise till you drop. Consider the amount of space that you have and see if it will be a good fit. Small people may have a difficult time finding the right riding position.

JTX Cyclo-5: Upright Gym Exercise Bike Review

JTX Cyclo-5 Upright Gym Exercise Bike Review

JTX Cyclo-5 Upright Gym Exercise Bike

The JTX Cyclo-5: Upright Gym Exercise Bike is a beauty to behold. The black colour is easy to blend into any background. The machine made with a sturdy frame is able to support a maximum weight of 150kgs. This weight capacity allows many consumers within the recommended weight to purchase this model.

This unit relies on magnetic resistance to give the required challenge. This unit has 8.5 kgs which offer a smooth ride as you would experience on a professional bike. The flywheel is accompanied with a16 levels of magnetic resistance. The levels are higher than some product featured in this review. Take advantage of this levels to push your body further in to maintain a toned body.

Sometimes you need your favourite music to keep you company and inspire you as you work out. The JTX Cyclo-5: Upright Gym Exercise Bike has this solved for you. You can play music from your iPod or mp3 and receive good sound from the high-quality speakers. You can also connect your Bluetooth to engage other running applications that you may have been using before.

This exercise bike has 12 programs installed so that you can change up your routine when you are bored. The 12 programmes allow you to workout in other country terrains as the computer adjusts the resistance accordingly. The display is well designed to enable the user to control all those features. The display will show you all the information that you need including the basics like pulse, rate, speed, distance, calories and time.

The manufacturer made sure to provide a three-year warranty for repair and a lifetime warranty on the frame. By the time the warranty is expired you should have had the machine serviced or replaced If any faults are found. Read the terms and conditions to understand what the warranty covers.

The model has a bottle holder that can hold different water bottle sizes. The handles on this exercise bike are adjustable so that the user can find a good view of the console. The console can be tilted to make the field of view better. The seat is also readily adjustable making this unit very user-friendly.


  • Stable build.
  • Runs silently due to electromagnets.
  • Comes with a free chest strap.
  • Wide range of working programs.
  • Entertainment options.
  • Bluetooth compatible.


  • Assembly can be challenging due to weight of the bike.
  • Seat can be a little hard.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The JTX Cyclo-5: Upright Gym Exercise Bike is made for those who are up for a challenge. The build is not flimsy at all indicating that no matter what weight you are working with you will be safe. The resistance is good enough for you to work with especially if you have to keep changing your workout routine. The free chest strap is a very good gesture from the manufacturer.

We love that this unit allows the user to be entertained as they work out and they can connect with other apps through the Bluetooth function. This makes it more relatable in this digital world that we live in. The price indicates a quality product with quality features. We think that it makes a lovely home or be applicable in commercial functions.

Our Final Conclusion

For the ultimate exercising, you have to pick an exercise bike that gives you a challenge. You have to be certain that the features offered are worth the money. You do not want to purchase a product and have to return it due to structural differences. 

Go online and investigate about a prospective product to find out all the shortcomings so that you make informed decisions. Be sure to check if the model can comfortably hold your height and weight.

Our Best Pick

Our Best Pick - DKN AM-E Exercise Bike Review

We have looked at all of the facts presented in this review. We came to a conclusive agreement that the DKN AM-E Exercise Bike is the best. The model comes with a high level of resistance and an 8kg flywheel.

It makes a good home addition since it is easy to keep and maintain. The seat and the handles are adjustable to facilitate good positioning. This beauty can support a large weight capacity and provide a good cardio and muscle engagement.

Our Best Low Impact Exercise Bike

Olympic 2000 ES-810 Compact Exercise Bike Review

For this title, we agreed that the Olympic 2000 ES-810 Compact Exercise Bike. This is made for those who are looking for machines that are gentle to the joints, you have to consider the weight of the flywheel.

The heavier it is the more energy you are required to produce in order to move it. The pressure applied by this machine is gentle thus good for elderly people and injured parties. The model can be folded away for storage which makes it even more advantageous.

Our Best High Impact Exercise Bike

JTX Cyclo-5 Upright Gym Exercise Bike Review

This title has been bestowed upon the JTX Cyclo-5: Upright Gym Exercise Bike. This is simply because it is well made and structured to support a large amount of weight. This is advantageous to gyms as many people get to use the machine. The resistance level is good enough to have the expected impact.

This machine will engage all your cycling muscles. The features are adjustable such that the user whether tall or short can have a go at the machine. Be careful to take care of the machine especially if subjected to constant use. Regular service and maintenance is the key to enabling this machine to work at peak performance.

They say those who have an eye to detail have an eye for gold. When you go shopping have the basics in your mind, that way your selection process will be easier. 

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