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Best Travel Cot - Top 10 Travel Cot Reviews and Comparisons

The Best Travel Cots for 2018 – Perfect for holidays & weekend breaks

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8 Amazing Travel Cots To Make Holidaying That much Easier

A travel cot is an essential kit if you plan to travel with your toddler or baby. Whether you’ll be traveling to your parents on weekends or going for holiday trips, a travel cot can bring peace of mind. By simple definition, a travel cot is a collapsible cot that can be folded down, packed in a bag and taken on travel.

With models ranging from £30 to £200, the challenge is finding the best travel cot for your little one. We’ve done our best research and came up with 10 different versions which you’ll find in our best travel cots reviews section. But, we just don’t list these products to you, we also advise you on how to choose so you’ll find it easy next time on your own.

Below is the winner of our 'Best Pick' the Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot which after much debate, which we feel is the best travel cot for most people looking for a light weight, easy to assemble and take down but affordable travel cot you . can rely on.

BEST PICK - Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot Review
  • Easy assembly.
  • Safety tested.
  • Fully padded top rails.
  • Breathable mesh sides.


Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

We compiled a list of 10 great travel cots and after a close analysis, we choose the Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot as our best travel cot.

This cot quite easy to setup and it’s very safe for your kid to sleep and play inside.

With pretty awesome features and a decent price, it’s perhaps why this cot is also the best-selling travel cot on Amazon with close to 1,000 reviews.

Travel Cot Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a travel cot, there are some important considerations that will help you land your ideal item. Here are the aspects to consider:

  • Duration and use - The duration of time you intend to use a travel cot will help in determining what model you can buy. Keep in mind that these kits are ideal for specific ages and using them outside the specified age bracket might not be safe. Ensure you check the manufacturer’s recommendations to know how long your travel cot should serve.

    Travel bassinettes for instance, are suitable for use for the first few months. If you are looking for an option for an older baby, you might need to check on the size of the cot you want. These kits vary in size and the most compact travel cots are easy to carry and they tend to last from 3 to 18 months due to their small size. Others are bigger and they can last from 6 months to 3 years. Some pop up designs are great for camping but they are usually ideal from 6 months to around 18 months.
  • Portability - If you travel by train or plane, most probably you’ll have to carry the travel cot. Some cots may be quite heavy like over 10kg. Make sure you pick a lightweight travel cot depending on the type of journeys you make. If you plan to use your car, then there must be enough space in your boot though most models don’t take up much space. Find out if the cot folds down and check on the dimensions as this is important when packing it away. Some cots have wheels which make it easy to move and even transport.
  • Versatility - Some cots are large enough and double up as playpens. Others can also work as changing stations and feature clip-ons and wipe-clean attachments that fit over the cots. There are also unique travel cots that work as beach shelters and they are usually equipped with UV sun sheets.
  • Ease of setup - If you have to contain your baby right away, perhaps in a campsite or hotel room, then you’ll need a travel cot that sets up quick. While in a retail shop, ask the salesperson to assemble the cot in your presence just to get an idea of how it goes up. The last thing you want at the end of your travel is a cot that can’t fold down. So to avoid such frustration, practice before you take your cot with you on a trip.
  • Protection - Do you need to keep insects out? Or prevent falling objects from landing on your loved one? Then you should opt for a cot that is completely enclosed. Most travel cots feature fabric mesh sides that are great at keeping bugs out. An open top will be prone to mosquitoes especially in tropical climates and a zip-up top can help combat this problem. While some versions may include built-in mosquito nets, buying a separate insect cover might also be an option.
  • Ease of cleaning - With regular use, travelling and storing your cot in the boot of your car comes dirt, leaving your cot looking shoddy. A travel cot with removable and machine-washable covers is the solution to dirt. Others feature wipe-clean fabrics. Dark-coloured cots can also be great while cream or beige are certain to suffer at the hands of a toddler or baggage carrier.
  • Mattress - Will you need to buy one? Or if it’s included, is it thick enough? In any case, most travel cot mattresses are thin and hard so in most occasions you’ll need to buy one. You’ll also need to carry it too so make sure it’s easy to fold. Some moms put a towel under the sheet as an extra padding to increase comfort. Most mattresses are wipe-clean so ensure to keep your mattress clean and dry.
  • Cost - This one depends on your needs. For instance, if you are a stay-at-home buddy who rarely travels, a cheap model will be ideal. But, if you tend to travel a lot, then you can spend higher because you’ll feel the value of your investment. Or, if you want a travel cot that lasts from birth to 3 years, then you can also spend upfront for a high-quality version.

Our Top 10 Travel Cots

Here’s our lineup for the best travel cots in the market starting with our best pick then following no particular order.

Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot Review


Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot Review

The Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot is the best selling travel cot on Amazon and one of the most reviewed baby travel cots. This light and sturdy travel cot can be used from birth till a baby weighs a maximum of 15kg. Talking of size, it measures 103cm (L) x 73cm (W) x 76cm (H) and it folds up quite easily during assembly. Once the Red Kite is assembled, it is quite steady. It has a low base which ensures that even if your baby is standing and leaning against the wall of the cot, it won’t topple over.

It looks quite basic yet comfy for your little one when in use. With the full padding on the rails, you can be sure your baby won’t hurt themselves from sharp edges. The mattress is also fully padded but the layer is somewhat thin. It has netted side panels which is good for breathability for your baby plus somehow helps to watch over your baby in case the top view is blocked if you are some distance from the cot. The sides as well let in light for your baby so they don’t feel strange inside the cot.

Weighing only 8kg, we find this cot quite lightweight. The fact that it comes with a carrying bag with handles makes it easy to carry with you anywhere. If you’re travelling, just tuck it in the corner of your car. We also think this portable cot can be used as a playpen though the instruction manual doesn’t mention this.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Fully safety tested.
  • Fully padded top rails.
  • Comes with carry bag.
  • Breathable mesh sides.
  • Instructions included.

Possible problems/concerns

  • The mattress is a bit thin.

Our Final Thoughts

The Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot is an excellent product in a pretty decent price range, no wonder there are close to 1,000 reviews on Amazon. It’s easy to assemble and fold down plus it converts into an awesome playpen for your little one. We highly recommend this cot to anyone looking for a portable, steady and reliable travel cot.

Infantastic Baby Bed Travel Cot Portable Child Nursery Furniture with Toys Review


Infantastic Baby Bed Travel Cot Portable Child Nursery Furniture with Toys Review

This Infantastic travel cot is practical, quick and easy to set up along with being portable to carry with you easily. Suitable for up to 36 months or a maximum weight of 15kg, this cot comes with 2 lockable wheels to help in moving around when needed.

It weighs 11.5kg which we think is fairly light for a travel baby cot and measures 124cm (L) x 65cm (W) x 71cm (H). This Infantastic travel cot folds up quite easily making it pretty compact and easy to store away. The side panels feature a safety mesh which allows ventilation for your baby. This handy travel cot can be used as a pen for your baby to play in when and the practical zipper makes entry and exit out of the cot easy.

There’s a changing mat available for changing of diapers especially for infants. The mattress is slightly padded and covered with fabric so your baby can sleep comfortably. The edges are also padded making them soft for your child to touch and the corners are rounded to prevent your baby from hurting themselves when standing or playing in the cot. Cleaning this cot is also a breeze because of the washable cover.

  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Safety mesh for optimal ventilation.
  • Includes 2 lockable wheels
  • Comes with changing mat for infants.
  • Slightly padded mattress covered with fabric.
  • Practical zipper entry and front storage compartment.
  • Padded edges and rounded corners.
  • Easy to clean washable cover.
  • Fold easily and saves storage space.
  • Designed for children up to 36 months.

Possible problems/concerns

  • The instructions are not in English so setup takes time in figuring out. The entry zipper is also flimsy.

Our Final Thoughts

Coming slightly under £50 and with the provided features, the Infantastic Baby Bed travel cot is worth every penny. It’s definitely a travel cot to consider if you move a lot and want to save storage space at home too. The wheels make it quite handy and it’s conversion into a playpen simply tells how versatile it can get.

Koo-di Pop Up Travel Bubble Cot Review

**Incredibly lightweight and compact for travelling**

Koo-di Pop Up Travel Bubble Cot Review

The Koo-di Pop Up Travel Bubble Cot is a beautiful cot designed for 6-18 months old babies. It comes in an ideal size for the intended baby measuring 100x60x58cm and it’s quite comfortable to use at home, on holidays or on weekends away. The cot is pretty compact and sneaks into your changing bag easily. It weighs only 1kg making it super lightweight compared to most other models and that makes it quite easy to carry on travel.

The side panels feature breathable polyester and cotton fabric that is breathable for your baby. It takes a dome shape making it quite roomy all around and the canopy is removable in case you want to let in more air or when the room is hot. It makes for a great changing bag because of the roomy interior. An integrated mosquito net ensures that your baby sleeps comfortably and protected from disease causing organisms.

It comes with a padded mattress which we find quite thin so you it’s advisable you add extra padding to increase comfort. There are side pockets that provide storage for small baby stuff. Even when your baby is outgrown, this cot is still useful as it can be used as a perfect playhouse for your loved ones.

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Comes with rain covers.
  • Sun and sleep shades available.
  • Supplied with a carry bag.
  • Manufactured form Polycotton
  • Ideal for 6-18 months.

Possible problems/concerns

  • The padding on the supplied mattress is thin so might not be quite comfy if used the way it comes.

Our Final Thoughts

​This Koo-di Pop Up Travel Cot is incredibly lightweight and compact for travelling. It’s ideal for home use while your baby rests during the day, weekends away and out on holidays.

BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Review

**Ideal for use from birth to 3 years**

BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Review

The BABYBJORN is one such travel cot that makes sleeping away from home with children a breeze. This cot weighs 6kg and is supplied with a practical carry bag that makes it easy to carry. Setup is pretty simple; just open the case, take out the cot and set it up in a single movement. You’ll love the way the legs auto unfold and that there aren’t any loose parts to attach. Then you’ll be left with a steady cot to use whether at home or on a trip.

It comes with a soft mattress which makes it a comfy place for your little one to sleep. The mattress features a built-in base that ensures the cot stands firm on the floor so your baby can always rest safely. The side panels feature an airy and soft mesh fabric which allows ventilation even when the baby’s face is close to the side. Also, the mesh is see-through so your baby can see out from the inside as well as lets you keep an eye on your child.

Proper hygiene is very important when dealing with babies and Baby Bjorn designed this cot with that in mind by making both the cot fabric and mattress cover easily removable and washable. It’s worth mentioning that this cot is ideal for use from birth to 3 years.

  • Easy to carry and use.
  • Simple to set up and fold up.
  • Soft and comfy mattress.
  • Airy design for great supervision.
  • Removable and washable cot textiles.
  • Lightweight: 6kg.

Possible problems/concerns

  • This BABYBJORN travel cot is quite expensive going for close to £200.

Our Final Thoughts

This travel cot is perfect for both small and big adventures, whether you are making a short visit to a friend’s house or going away on holiday. At 6kg, it’s easy to move around while it’s in the perfectly handy carry case.

Graco Contour Electra Travel Cot Review


Graco Contour Electra Travel Cot - Benny and Bell Review

Graco Contour Electra Travel Cot - Benny and Bell

This travel cot is ideal for use from birth till a baby reaches 3 years. It’s easy to setup and folds out into a full size of 104x73x91cm’s. The mesh sides not allow breathability but they let the baby see through from inside and allows you to see your baby too. The mattress that comes with this cot is fold up design and it cushions the base so your baby sleeps on a cozy surface.

For newborns to 3 months, there’s an added bassinet in case your baby feels somehow abandoned in the vast spaces of this big cot. During the day, you can convert the bassinet into a change table and do away with the need of separate changing equipment.

The best attribute of this travel cot is stability thanks to the strong click-fit sides which eliminate any wobble. The ease of assembly is also hard to beat since its unfold and click design means there’re no holding sides together, just insert the poles into respective slots. This cot is as well sturdy enough to be used as a playpen during daytime.

The Bassinet mattress is uniquely designed to vibrate gently to soothe a baby to sleep and there are two vibration speeds. To make it convenient on travel, this cot comes with a carry bag. There are two wheels on one side that allow for short movements within the house.

  • Mesh sides for visibility.
  • Integrated changing table.
  • Detachable control box for night light and music.
  • Carry bag included.
  • Two vibration speeds.
  • Quick, easy setup and storage.
  • Suitable from birth to 3 years.

Possible problems/concerns

  • This travel cot is quite large and a bit heavy so mums on their own may struggle carrying this cot and their baby.

Our Final Thoughts

The Graco Contour Electra Travel Cot is suitable for families who like to go on trips by car or mums who have someone along to help carry it. The sturdy construction of this cot means it can work for many siblings. The large size of this cot also means it needs large storage space. If you can handle it, this cot is sure to serve you a long time.

Cocoon Travel Cot Review


Cocoon Travel cot Review

The Cocoon Travel Cot provides a cosy sleeping area for a young baby up to 6 months. It comes with a mesh canopy that keeps off curious cats, insects and falling objects while still allowing your baby to breathe from inside. The canopy is removable so you can always let the cot open sometimes to let in more air and watch your baby through the transparent side walls.

It comes with a sturdy stand and a comfy mattress to keep your little one above draughts. The Cocoon is compact and lightweight plus it folds into a small bag which you can take on a plane as a hand luggage. We also love the stylish design of this travel cot as it looks like Moses basket while also functioning as a travel cot.

This travel cot is easy to setup and dismantle plus it comes with a carry bag for storing and use on travel. The mattress is soft and cosy thus providing maximum comfort and support for your baby.

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Suitable from birth to 6 months.
  • Removable mesh canopy.
  • Transparent and breathable.
  • Soft and cosy mattress.

Possible problems/concerns

  • The description says the mattress is soft and cosy but we found it’s a bit firm and you might be forced to order a mattress pad for better comfort.

Our Final Thoughts

The Cocoon Travel Cot is great for babies under 6 months. The stand-alone Moses design is lightweight and compact to take on your travels but we find it a bit expensive for the size and service duration.

Hauck BabyCenter Travel Cot Review


Hauck BabyCenter Travel Cot - Bear Review

The Hauck BabyCenter Travel Cot looks beautiful and practical cot designed for newborn babies up to 15kg. It comes along with extensive accessories to make it easy to work with. These include an extra floor, an accessory tray, a changing table, a folding mattress, a mobile and a carry bag.

This bag weighs 12.7kg and folds up to only 32x32x79cm. This compact size makes it easy to fit inside the practical carry bag for storage or for taking away with you. The elevated floor of this cot makes it simple to lay the baby to sleep during the early months without having to bend down too far, making it friendly on a mum’s back. This floor can be removed once the baby starts to sit up unaided.

There are side storage units for keeping nappies, toys and baby creams so you don’t have to run here and there looking for such important stuff. Such convenience comes along a changing top where you easily attend to your baby.

Additional features include a mobile with built-in music box and cute figures that soothe your baby gently to sleep. Thanks to the two wheels, this cot can be moved around easily and place it wherever you want in the house.

  • Comes complete with accessories.
  • Includes Bassinet unit to raise sleeping position.
  • Clip-on hanging table included.
  • Comes with musical mobile.
  • Easily folds away into own carry bag.
  • Practical carry bag included.
  • Elevated floor.

Possible problems/concerns

  • The supplied mattress is quite hard and there’s little padding on it. This can prove quite uncomfortable for a baby.

Our Final Thoughts

The Hauck BabyCenter Travel Cot provides most of the features you need for traveling around with your little one. The raised insert is quite useful when the baby is young and the music box is a bonus feature you won’t find in most other cots. It’s a great cot for moms with young babies especially less than 3 months.

Koo-di Sun and Sleep Pop Up Travel Bassinette Review


Koo-di Sun and Sleep Pop Up Travel Bassinette Review

Moms need a place to lay their babies while they take a rest and the Koo-di Sun and Sleep Pop Up Travel Bassinette is one perfect solution. This travel cot is small enough to fit into your changing bag making it easy to take on travel. It only weighs 798g and that’s perhaps the lightest model you can come across. You’ll wonder how this little cot folds up out to take 80x50cm floor space but it’s a pop up design meaning there is no assembly involved; just made ready for use.

The cot is made from polyester and cotton fabric that is well ventilated for your little one. It has a removable canopy which you have to take off every time you’re laying your baby or getting them out. This canopy also acts a great cover when you’re relaxing in the open sun. The roomy interior means you have so much space for changing your baby.

The Koo-di Sun and Sleep Pop Up is ideal from birth to 6 months or basically until the baby can sit on its own. It’s supplied with a padded mattress along with integrated mosquito net so your little one can sleep safely in this cot.

  • Ideal for use at home and on holidays.
  • Made from polycotton.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Designed for use up to 6 months.
  • Carry bag included.

Possible problems/concerns

  • The mattress is so thin and many people who have used it opt to buy an inflatable mattress to maximize comfort.

Our Final Thoughts

This Koo-di is quite an affordable travel cot designed for use from 0-6 months. It’s incredibly easy to pack and super lightweight to take on your long travels. The mattress is a bit thin but you can always add extra padding like a thick towel or buy an extra mattress.

Infantastic Portable Baby Travel Cot PlayPen (Ice Cube) Nursery Bed Review


Infantastic Portable Baby Travel Cot Review

This travel is sure to provide your baby a cosy place to sleep no matter where you want to go. The colourful cot is set up with only simple instructions and the folding mechanism makes it easy to pack it away when not in use or when transporting it. On this note, the travel cot is thrown into a carry bag for easy transportation.

To make your work simple and train you a bit on handling this cot, the manufacturer attached 4 handholds to the edges of the cot. The cot measures 107x101x76cm when set up and 79x25x25cm when folded and that difference just say how space-saving it can get. The lying area measures 94x94cm while the entry measures 80x40cm. There are two wheels that allow you to move the cot around the house to wherever you want it.

Outgrown babies can find joy playing in this sizeable cot. The top rails feature full padding and the corners well rounded which protects little ones from hurting themselves while playing along the edges. The cover is made from 100% polyester and it’s washable. On the sides of this cot is a safety mesh which allows optimal air ventilation. There’s also a practical zipper that allows convenient entry into the cot. The light and dark blue colour of this travel cot looks pretty and many will love it.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Designed for children up to 36 months.
  • Washable cover made from 100% polyester.
  • Carry bag included for easy transportation.
  • Item weight: 9kg.
  • Saves space when folded.
  • 4 handholds attached to the edge for easy handling.
  • Safety sides mesh for ventilation.

Possible problems/concerns

  • The zipper is a bit flimsy and prone to breaking. Also, the mattress lining is so thin and could do better with extra padding for a comfortable sleep.

Our final recommendation and thoughts

For moms looking for a long term travel cot, this ice cube model would be an excellent buy. Your baby can grow up in this since birth until 36 months and outgrown ones can have fun playing in there while you’re busy with some other work. It’s a bit of a surprise that this beautiful and sturdy travel cot comes at less than £50.

Chicco Next2me Side Sleeping Crib Review

**Co-Sleeping crib that promotes side-sleeping**

Chicco Next2me Side Sleeping Crib Review

Sleeping next to your baby seems like the more natural thing to do. This is the only bedside crib in our best travel cot reviews and it’s suitable from birth to 6 months. The good thing with this Side Sleeping Crib is it allows you to sleep closer to your child but not on the same bed. You can even cuddle and breastfeed your comfortably while you in your own bed. In this manner, your nights will be more peaceful and your bond grows stronger.

But, it doesn’t mean you have to keep this crib next to you always. As the baby grows, you can move it away from your bed and use it as a standard cot. Fixing this crib to your bed is possible using the zip down side panel. There are six height positions ranging from 35cm to 52cm so the crib can adjust to suit most beds. Regardless of the type of bed that you have, this crib will fit superbly thanks to the foldable bedside feet that allow the Next2me to move up close to the frame.

There are two fastening straps that come in handy when attaching or removing the crib from the parent’s bed. It comes with a soft mattress so your baby can sleep soundly and comfortable and the sides are also padded for comfortable handling.

It has a mesh side for vision and ventilation. The linings are removable and washable so just make sure your baby sleeps in a clean and fresh environment always. It has wheels fitted with brakes for easy manoeuvring and the crib is light and easy to transport inside the supplied carry bag.

  • Allows you to sleep close to your child.
  • Suitable from birth to 6 months.
  • Light and easy to transport.
  • Includes carry bag.
  • Adjustable height and inclinable base.
  • Supplied with 1 mattress.

Possible problems/concerns

  • This crib is hard to assemble and takes a toll to move from room to room for daytime naps.

Our final recommendation and thoughts

For moms who fancy sleeping next to their babies, this crib is for you and as long as you willing to spend close to £200 for it. Overall, the design is perfect and the adjustable height is a great feature that makes it suitable for almost any bed.

Our Final Conclusion

The most important rule when buying a travel cot is checking it against the age of your baby because age suitability varies from version to version. 

Portability of the cot when folded is also significant especially if you plan to carry it far or on a plane. Also, buy a travel cot that in a decent price range according to your needs. We hope our guide and products are helpful to you and feel free to share your baby stories with us.

Best Pick

We picked the Number 1 best seller on Amazon as our best travel cot. The RedKite Sleeptight Travel Cot has some of the best features yet it comes at a very affordable price. Here’s what you get for less than £40; an easy to assemble cot, fully padded top rails, a carry bag, 1 mattress, sturdy build and light travel cot. We’ve reviewed other models with such features and some of them go for over £100 so we think this model offers better value.

Best travel cot for 0-6 months

We have three models suitable from 0-6 months; Cocoon Travel Cot, Chicco Next2me Side Sleeping Crib and the Koo-di Sun and Sleep Pop Up Travel Bassinette. All things considered, we choose the last one as our best travel cot designed for use from birth to 6 months. It’s a comfy cot for use at home and away on holidays and the incredible weight of close to 1kg simply makes the Koo-di Sun and Sleep Pop Up unbeatable for travels. It also comes at a fair price as compared to its direct opponents we’ve mentioned.

Best travel cot for play

Outgrown children need a place to play around and the Infantastic Baby Bed Travel Cot Portable Nursery Furniture with Toys is the model that works as a great playpen. It comes in different colours and it has a playing bow which encourages lots of play. The edges are well padded and the corners rounded and both ensure that your children won’t hurt themselves while playing. Two lockable wheels make for easy movement and the cot folds easily and can be stored in quite little space when not in use.

BEST PICK - Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot Review
  • Easy assembly.
  • Safety tested.
  • Fully padded top rails.
  • Breathable mesh sides.


Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

We compiled a list of 10 great travel cots and after a close analysis, we choose the Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot as our best travel cot.

This cot quite easy to setup and it’s very safe for your kid to sleep and play inside.

With pretty awesome features and a decent price, it’s perhaps why this cot is also the best-selling travel cot on Amazon with close to 1,000 reviews.

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