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Best Steak Knifes Review

Best Steak Knife Reviews – Buyer Guide & Top 6 Sets For Cutting Steak

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Best Steak Knives Review and Buying Guide

Among all the kitchen cutlery, steak knives have been noted to be one of the most disregarded and uncared for. More often than not, they have even been classified with normal kitchen knives, which is abhorring. They are distinct knives that deserve their own credit. There needs to be a balance in all the aspects of a knife for the perfect steakhouse-style.

For any avid meat lover, it is a known fact that a good steak knife goes a long way to double the pleasure. Leave alone that, the best steak knife should look good, have a suitable edge and be made of durable materials.

Whether it is metallic handled for the chic modern look or wooden handled for the more traditional cabin feel, we have a detailed guide on finding the best steak knives set that suits your needs. In addition, our steak knife reviews will enlighten you on the features, specifications and various aspects of steak knives.

There are countless of these products in the market but we present you the top 6 steak knives that stand out of the crowd. Before we get into our review we would like to bring your attention to the winner of our 'Best Pick' the Dalstrong Gladiator series below.
DALSTRONG Steak Knives Set - Gladiator Series Review


  • check
    Built tough and the quality of the materials is unrivaled - imported high-carbon German steel and imported Spanish black Pakkawood. 
  • check
    Tapered blades for maximum flexibility, toughness, and minimal slicing resistance. 
  • check
    Superior comfort, grip and maneuverability. 
  • check
    Stay sharp throughout their lifetime and no sharpening is required. 
  • check
    Features Full Tang for maximum strength. 
  • check
    Well-balanced and features polished bolster that increases counter balance. 
  • check
    Lifetime warranty for full peace of mind.

Our top 6 recommended steak knives that made the cut and are included in our review.

  • 1
    Dalstrong Gladiator Series Steak Knives Set –  - Our score 5/5
  • 2
    Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives - Our score 4.8/5
  • 3
    Jamie Oliver Jumbo Steak Knives - Our score 4.5/5
  • 4
    Stellar BL 25 Steak Knives - Our score 4.6/10
  • 5
    ProCook Gourmet X30 Steak Knive Set- Our score 4.5/5
  • 6
    Flying Colors Laguiole Steak Knives - Our score 4/5

Our Steak Knive Buyers Guide

You can agree with us that cutting a piece of meat cooked or uncooked with a blunt knife is a trial by frustration. To get the best steak knife from the rest, you will have to know exactly what you are looking for. You do not have to be a professional chef to understand the prowess of a good steak knife. 

Here's what you should consider when buying a steak knife:

Blade type

In terms of blades you can choose to have hollow, straight or serrated blades. The important function that all these kinds of blades have to be sharp. Serrated edges are preferred when dealing with tough cuts or pastry covered beef fillets. Straight blades are perfect for curving meets but they need to be sharpened often.

Blade material 

The material that the blade is created from will affects its durability and re-sharpening sessions. There are basically two material choices, stainless steel and High-speed steel. High-speed steel tends to retain sharpening longer but the stainless steel is less affected by soaking in water for long periods. For professional use, high speed carbon is preferred.

Weight and size

The longer the size of the blades, the more likely they will be heavy. Think of what you are going to slice through and select the right blade length. Shorter knives are more suited for light works that need easy manoeuvring.

The balance of weights between the handle and the blade is essential. It will be hard getting through some form of foods with a heavy knife. Why would you want to slice kale with a 9-inch knife? A 5- inch knife would suffice well.


This is a matter of preference and which greatly affects comfort. Many like steak knives with wooden handles as they provide an elegant look. There are also more durable. For professional reasons, plastic handles are frowned upon especially in live cooking shows. There is the option to take metallic handles as they are good looking but ensure that they don’t conduct heat and burn your skin.

Single or set

Are you spending your money on only one knife or are you looking to acquire a whole set? The number of knives you need depends on how busy your kitchen is. If your kitchen is not that busy then there is no need for an extensive set. If you are buying a set ensure that they come in a package that will effect easy storage and help protect them.


How much are you willing to spend? Are you spending on top-notch knives that will last you a long time or do you need quick knives for an upcoming occasion? Whichever reason you are getting the knives, make sure that the quality is not compromised. We found you could get a good set of around 4 steak knives for around £40.

Best Budget Steak Knives

Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives Review

The closest thing to our best pick, which surprisingly falls somewhere on the lower end of the prices, is the Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives. These knives are also crafted from the best quality materials for unbeatable performance and durability, as evidenced by the 25-year warranty on offer. 

They are ergonomic for precision and proper control, and they glide through food without causing a mess. You also cannot overlook the benefit that comes with these knives being dishwasher safe. In short, if you want to spend a decent amount for an excellent set of knives, invest in the Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives. 

Important tips to make the best use of steak knives

  • Look for materials that are dishwasher safe to make cleaning simple, that being said some of the best knives are not dishwasher safe..
  • Keep your fingers away from the open blade.
  • Store your knives well out of reach of children.
  • mail-forward
    Always rely on recommended stain removers for steel to remove stubborn stains.
  • mail-forward
    Proper storage is required to prevent the blades from going blunt or getting damaged. ie, don't just stick them in a draw with lots of up utensils.
  • mail-forward
    Select tang designed models as they offer durability and stability.
  • mail-forward
    Get your knives sharpened often and according to the specific blade material, remember some blades don't need sharpening.

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Our Top 6 Steak Knife Reviews

Dalstrong Gladiator Series Steak Knives Set Review


DALSTRONG Steak Knives Set - Gladiator Series Review

DALSTRONG Steak Knives Set - Gladiator Series

Our rating:


  • check
    They are compatible with most cutlery pieces.
  • check
    The large serrations slice through meat without ripping.
  • check
    The serrated edges ensure the knife stays sharp for much longer and don't require sharpening.
  • check
    They are rust and stain resistant, thus long-lasting knives.
  • check
    The rounded edges prevent the serrated edges from becoming blunt due to contact with ceramic dishes.
  • check
    Come with a sheath that provides fantastic storage and presentation.
  • check
    They are well balanced giving the feel of a wonderful steak knife.
  • check
     Lifetime warranty for full peace of mind.


  • The sheath has nothing to hold it to the knife and could fall off.
  • There has to be some slight pressure exerted on the knife due to the deep serrations.

More often than we would like to admit, eating a steak can feel like an uphill battle where we gradually tend to lose when our hands ache or the steak knife is blunt. Don’t worry too much though for the Gladiator series of Dalstrong steak knives are the knights in shining armor that will swoop in and save the day.

These knives are not our best pick just for the feel of the phrase. These graceful yet ruthless pieces of cutlery live exceed their expectations. Created with the specific intent of withstanding repeated abuse at the hands of ceramic plating, these bad boys are perfect at expert maneuverability, precise slicing and clean strokes. Sounds almost like we are preparing for war!!

Dalstrong is the fastest growing knife company with a reason. They incorporate modern thinking onto ancient crafts. Needless to say they come with an age restriction of 18 years for safety purposes just as all knifes do.

A set contains four steak knives of 5 inches each, a polishing cloth, four fitting sheaths, an exquisite gift packaging and one full color guide booklet which makes them also perfect for buying as gifts.

The booklet bares instructions on how to use and maintain this glorious pieces for a beginner and are very helpful so as to maintain a long shelf life you expect.

The knife is full tang for purposes of durability. Created using ThyssenKrupp high carbon German style, it has a perfectly engineered serrated edge. A knife is 9.7 inches long with the blade being five inches and 0.1 inches thick. It has an even balanced weight of 3.84 ounces.

The blade is manufactured within Yang-Jing in China who pride themselves for nearly 1500 years of fine knife craftsmanship. They ensure that the knife can stand up to the greatest culinary challenges the modern world has to offer.

The blade also has 18 degree serrations per side that are expertly heat treated to ensure an effortless slice and non-tear of the meat.

The knife is infinitely razor sharp with a tapered blade that is advantageous in terms of flexibility and hardness while providing that feel of a precisely balanced sword. It has a hand polished satin finish that will never show scruff marks or any sort of scratches on it. It has a polished bolster that helps in counter balance and pairs it attractively with tabletop designs.

The blade is made up of 55 Rockwell hardness. This is simply a test to determine the hardness by measure of depth of penetration under large load correlating linearly with tensile strength. Simply put, this blade is Zeus strong. They also have a round tip for unnecessary piercing. No more jabbing at things accidentally at the dinner table.

The handle is a sleek, triple-riveted black Parkwood handle imported from Spain.  This type of wood is engineered wood and plastic composite material designed to see rough wear. The knife has oval shaped rivets to create air pockets for frictionless slicing of whatever type of food. The chromium found in the composition of the blade is for stain resistance. The polished spine assists in a comfortable pinch grip.

The center rivet has the engraved Dalstrong symbol on it, just for a touch of class, almost like the crest of the kingdom. The knife is dishwasher safe but hand recommended for quality purposes would be recommended. 

Finally there is an amazing 100% money back guarantee offered by Dalstrong for the satisfaction of their customers and they come with a lifetime warranty for full peace of mind.

Thoughts and Recommendations

Whether you are an avid home cook or a professional in need of a valuable addition to your collection, the Dalstrong Steak Knives is just the choice for you.

It is beautiful in sight and in deed. It truly earns its name as a Gladiator. It will always feel as if you have an armed combatant to entertain audiences whenever you bring this knife out.

We would highly recommend this steak knife for all its amazing qualities that will ensure you never have a disappointing day using it. The old Chinese arts cannot be wrong in the making of such a blade.

The Dalstrong Steak Knives Set is way up there with the best steak knives and if you choose to go with it, wield the power you have wisely for we dub thee the Knight of the Gladiators! 

Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives Review

Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives Review

Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives

Our rating:


  • check
    6 great knives at a very affordable price.
  • check
    It makes a good present with its amazing packaging.
  • check
    The knives are extremely sharp and easy to sharpen when needed. 
  • check
    The set has a 25 year guarantee with no hesitation of replacement if there is any manufacturing flaw.
  • check
    It is dishwasher safe, thus making for quick and safe cleaning.
  • check
    Offers excellent value for investment - you get top quality knives backed with virtually a lifetime warranty. 


  • The high carbon stainless steel is fussy to maintain. Careless maintenance leads to complete ruin of the blade.

For blade enthusiasts, the name Sheffield rings bells of pure joy. A company known for shaping the global knife market since 1839, it goes without saying that they definitely know what they are doing.

The Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives are simply Sheffield at its best with designs to inspire and excite.

These knives are an infusion of a modern classic and an original Sabatier design. From their refined elegance, these knives simply take your breath away, literally. They are things of beauty and precision. Their silver blades and black handles attract professional and domestic users.

It comes as a set of 6 Sheffield original, with high performance, remarkable superiority and ergonomically designed knives.

Each knife has the length of 10.31 inches, a height of 1.8 inches and a light weight of 1.5 pounds. Impressive, we must say.

The knife is full tang meaning it is one solid piece and 2 handle pieces pinned on the blade, one on each side.

The phrase ‘like a hot knife through butter’ is the only way to describe the razor sharp blade that this beautiful piece of cutlery. For those who test the sharpness of the blade by shaving a little of your arm hair off with it, you will be made speechless as to how graceful this blade passes the test.

Speaking of the blade, it is a Martensitic stainless steel blade. Metal jargon aside, this form of stainless steel guarantees advantages such as flexibility, rust resistance and tensile strength.

The blade is slow to blunt with regular straightening of the edge required by the recommended Richardson Sheffield rounding tool. Consequently, it is also easy to sharpen.

It has a precision taper ground to glide through food. The blade decreases in size from the handle to the tip and from the spine to the bottom. Being a single metal piece increases its stability.

It has very good balance on the forefinger with the design of three oversized rivets that make it comfortable to touch and give it an easy firm grip. What more could one ask for when it comes to effortless slicing of that delicious steak, hot and juicy from the fire?

As if we have not showered this knife with praises enough to befit a king, it is also beveled equally meaning it is easy to use by both left and right hand users.

Despite the fact that it is branded Made in China, fear not for Richardson has supervised the entire process to retain their innovative British brand.

It is hard to fault this knife as it doubles as an excellent filleting knife whether you are settling for trout, rainbow fish or cod. Its martensitic steel mentioned above brings about flexibility that is highly required in the preparation of fillet. Who wouldn’t want a clean, easy and professional way to slice through fillet? We know we would!

With the right hand, this knife is the go to cutlery for all types of steak, from the tenderloin to its tougher counterpart the skirt steak.

It is dishwasher safe although we highly recommend that you treat your knives with the loving care they deserve by giving them a hand wash instead.

Also, as with most steak knives, it has an age restriction of 18 and identification is required during its purchase.

Thoughts and Recommendations

We honestly feel that the Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives is a go to kitchen knife, specially if your looking for a more affordable set without compromising on quality.

It would be beyond us to describe the beauty of such a knife. It is even better that its beauty is accompanied with such precise creation and quality retention.

Needless to say, the Sheffield brand is an all-time favorite with great chefs. So why not grab one for yourself and be the great home chef you have dreamt of being.

With the Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives, you can have that Sunday dinner joint with a steak knife that feels more expensive than it is!!

Above all, remember, safety first!! We wouldn’t want its blade slicing off a finger or two, now would we?, jokes aside this really is a great set of knives and all for under £30.

Jamie Oliver Jumbo Steak Knives Review

AMIE OLIVER Jumbo steak knives Review

AMIE OLIVER Jumbo steak knives

Our rating:


  • check
    Surprisingly easy to use once you get past its size. Recommended for people with chronic joint condition.
  • check
    The blade remains sharp even after continuous use.
  • check
    A quality addition to cutlery.
  • check
    Well balanced to ensure no mishaps during handling.
  • check
    Multifunctional steak knife that can be used for regular cutting tasks in the kitchen. 
  • check
    Serrated blade makes it easy to cut through the tougher types of steak effortlessly


  • The lack of nickel in the stainless blade denies it a silver-like shine and some rust resistance after continuous use.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Its size can be a hindrance for people with small hands.
  • It rips and shreds tender and soft steaks. 

There is nothing better than a lazy Saturday night accompanied by your favorite wine, a few roast potatoes and a nice juicy piece of top sirloin steak to mark the end of yet another week. The thought of it makes our mouths water.

Yet, to cut into a juicy, properly seasoned and cooked piece of meat requires an equally efficient piece of cutlery; something to complete the look of things. That’s where the Jamie Oliver Jumbo Steak knives come in.

This set contains four pieces of 24cm steak knives. They indeed do not lie when they say jumbo. The blade on its own is an impressive 12.5 cm! Admittedly, this knife is undeniably large, but what better way to cut into a generous portion of steak?

Made in China, this steak knife has an impressive exclusive design that would instantly give off a rustic feeling when placed on any dinner table. The blade is very sharp, 18/0 stainless steel giving it its rust resistance properties, serrated and solid. It has the Jamie Oliver brand imprinted on it so will impress your guest and be a great talking point. Being metallic, it can adhere to a magnetic metal strip for those who have one for holding all there knives. The wood in itself is made of acacia. It is well balanced despite its size, with a weight of 431g.

It is hand wash only to as to maintain the luster of the blade and the handle. Dishwashing the knife or leaving it soaked in water for a while ruins the handle and leads to development of black mold on the rivets and handle. A quick wash and rinse is enough to clean it.

Its sharp blade makes it multifunctional in the kitchen when regular knives are not at reach. It doubles up as a wonderful gift to other steak lovers or family as it comes gift boxed.

Its efficiency and ease of use in cutting tougher steak pieces such as the skirt steak has been noted by many a customer.it makes it enjoyable to cut into tough meat and gristle. Unfortunately, its serrated blade simply does not work as well with softer pieces such as the beef tenderloin.

Thoughts and Recommendations

Whether for a cozy night in, a fancy dinner date or simply regular home use, the Jamie Oliver Jumbo Steak Knives shall not disappoint. They will prove to be a good practical purchase that will be well worth their cost.

Its balance, rustic feel and sharpness makes it perfect for big eaters and those who simply love to savor and appreciate a properly cooked piece of steak. We do not like how aggressive it can get with steaks on the tender side and recommend that the knife be made more friendly to all types of steak. It would be shame if it were an incompatibility with all steak types.

For an exquisite culinary delight, the cutlery should reflect the experience hence the need of a good quality steak knife. The look and feel of the Jamie Oliver Jumbo Steak Knives is simply the height of good taste in our opinion. This knife feels like an extension of your hand, a huge one, but one that you want to use.

Impress your dinner guests with a set or two of the Jamie Oliver Jumbo Steak Knives and give yourself a sense of pride in the kitchen, finally there also very affordable. The only real downside is people with small handles might feel they are to large making them a little harder to use. Overall though they are an excellent set of knives.

Stellar BL25 Steak Knives Review

Stellar BL25 Steak Knives Review

Stellar BL25 Steak Knives

Our rating:


  • check
    Dishwasher safe knives, making for an easy time cleaning and saving on injuries that may result from handwashing. 
  • check
    Elegant set of knives with a modern design that matches with most modern cutlery styles. 
  • check
    The set can be a nice gift to a loved one because of its nice packaging. 
  • check
    Maintains sharpness for a considerable period of time. 


  • The handle is slightly heavy causing imbalance if not placed properly on the plate.
  • Could be sharper.

If you are tired of the wood in most steak knives that prevent them from being dishwasher friendly, or you simply do not have the time for hand washes, but you would really want to enjoy steak with efficient cutlery, then you should consider making the Stellar BL25 Steak Knives a valuable addition to your cutlery.

Imagine the sleek all stainless steel make of this knife. Simply a refined tool for use when cutting that medium rare Aberdeen Angus.

A set contains 6 silver in color knives. Each knife has measurements of 25.4cm from the handle to the tip, 15.2 cm for the blade and 2.5 cm in width.

It has a timeless design and superb polish that it retains despite constant use and wash.

It is made of 18/10 steel. This grade of steel is named so with regards to its quality, durability and temperature resistance. It is the composition of chromium and nickel respectively in the product. There are also traces of carbon and a substantial amount of iron. The chromium is used in the rust resistance properties of the knife. The nickel enhances the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. This also adds to the sturdiness of the product increasing its general tensile strength.

The fact that it is all stainless steel makes it a safe option when it comes to use with steaks as there is no possibility of the harboring of bacteria in nooks and crannies than can be found in wood handles.

Stellar products come with a lifetime guarantee of efficiency and quality.

The best part of being all steel is that the knife is absolutely dishwasher safe without the fear of loss of luster. Its polished finish shall continue to dazzle and amaze guests years down the line.

They are also finely serrated to help in the smooth slicing of steak. This type of serration is almost unnoticeable and it helps in preventing the unnecessary harm that comes when using serration on tender steaks.

Thoughts and Recommendations

It is easy to see why the Stellar BL25 Steak Knives are a modern preference for steak lovers. It is well designed and appealing for all modern homes. They would make an impressive addition to the cutlery set during hosting of dinner parties.

However, we think that the all steel feel forms some sort of detachment from the goal of enjoying the steak using not only your taste buds but the feel of the entire meal.

All in all, however, these knives are indeed worth a thought with their steely grip.

ProCook Gourmet X30 Steak Knife Set Review

ProCook Gourmet X30 Steak Knife Set Review

ProCook Gourmet X30 Steak Knife Set

Our rating:


  • check
    Comfortable to hold due to the contoured handle design, which simply feels like an extension of your hand. 
  • check
    The knives have serrated blades that are great for slicing through thick steak.  
  • check
    Simple yet elegant design that meets the style of everyone. 
  • check
    Benefits from anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish properties as well as rust-resistance, which ensures longevity of service. 
  • check
     Comes with a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind. 
  • check
    Quick and easy to sharpen due to the square bolter design


  • Not dishwasher safe.

If you are in the market for some classic traditionally designed knives with a modern twist, then your heart might just settle on the ProCook Gourmet X30 Steak Knife Set.

They have a full tang construction that gives the knife not only the strength needed for that skirt steak but in the overall preservation of the knife. The triple rivet handles give you the professional feel and a firm grip on the knife.

The knife is individually stone ground so as to produce a super sharp cutting edge blade that will last long. It is also specially designed with a contoured handle that makes the knife feel as if it is simply a beautiful extension of your hand.

It has sharp serrations on the edge to assist with the smooth as butter slicing of thicker pieces of meat.

Each knife comes with a ten year guarantee. ProCook Gourmet, formerly referred to as ProCook Classic stands behind its products to ensure that they provide quality with their quantity.

Each knife is 23 cm long, the blade being 11 cm with a weight of 130g with a good balance that helps in facilitating in the cutting of the meat.

The blade is a single piece of carbon steel. It has often been questions as to why this is so when the blade itself says stainless steel. It is an X30 stainless steel with a Rockwell Steel rating of 52+2 which is frankly pretty impressive. It is referred as a carbon steel since it contains carbon which helps in preventing the blade from being brittle. It also contains chrome for anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish properties.

Not much is found on the blade but it is some form of engineered wood and this is what is responsible for the fact that it is not dishwasher safe.

ProCook is UK’s leading specialist cookware retailer and it provides a money back guarantee as it is confident in its products.

As usual, the steak knife has age restrictions and identification can be required during purchase.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The ProCook Gourmet X30 Steak Knife Set seems like a well enough addition to the kitchen of an aspiring cook. It has a well-designed look to it that makes it an absolute charm to have among your cutlery. It is modern designed that ensures it will be compatible with the existing pieces you have.

We recommend this knife if you intend to use it on thicker pieces of steak and bacon. They are however completely rough on fine slicing.

Well, if you think this gourmet product is to your liking, you can go ahead and practice your critic skills as you fine dine with a steak knife made to cut through excellent meats.

Having sharp, great knives will enable you to cook very precisely. Knife skills are essential in cooking.

Flying Colors Laguiole Steak Knives Review

FlyingColors Laguiole Steak Knife Set Review

FlyingColors Laguiole Steak Knife Set

Our rating:


  • check
    Has an elegant design that makes it the perfect cutlery for your dinner party
  • check
    Well-balanced with the full tang that gives a firm grip and control of the knife
  • check
    It's not serrated, therefore, giving it not only a chic design but also a tip in favor for the tender steaks.
  • check
    Made of durable long lasting stainless steel.
  • check
    It is easy to find matching forks and spoons for a complete set.
  • check
     Comes in a beautiful gift box making them ideal for gifts
  • check
    60 day money back guarantee for full peace of mind, not satisfied, simply return them for a refund.


  • There is a gap between the blade and bolter so take longer to clean properly.

The Flying Colors Laguiole Steak Knives come as a set of six knives in a beautiful gift box and would make great presents for house warming presents, wedding gifts etc.

The knife is 3cr14 stainless steel. This simply means that it is a high carbon chrome steel that offers high corrosion resistance, high cryogenic toughness (ductility at subzero temperatures), high strength and hardness and a more attractive appearance.

This knife is the epitome of elegance with its classic stylish design and beautiful balance. The knife can also be found in different handle materials including black, bone, brown, horn, olive and rosewood.

The bone set does have the natural variation you would expect to find in such a material and we think it makes the set all the more charming.

The blade is 9 inches long with a thickness of 2.5mm and a weight of 80 grams with a sharp edge. It also has triple compression stainless steel rivets that increase the safety and stability of the knife while in use. It also happens to be full tang thus adding to the durability of the knife.

Despite the fact that Laguiole is commonly known as a French product with French restaurants having it as a staple cutlery, this particular set isn’t French. It is instead made in China in a facility with a reputable Global Manufacture Certificate (GMC). These types of companies have a product quality control, social and environmental responsibility and are known for their trustworthiness.

With this knife, you get the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) experience with a 60-day risk free return policy.

When you hear someone talking about the bee in this knife, they are referring to the intricate detail on the blade. The Laguiole bee is embellished on each knife. Maybe that’s why the knife is such a buzz!!

They are dishwasher friendly but not recommendable so we would recommend hand washing them.

The knives also come with a factory edge. This is an angle that is not so acute so that the blade is not damaged during shipping. This can however be easily amended by sharpening it using any sensible knife sharpening method. After that, these knives will stay for long.

This knife stands out as it is not serrated! Well, goodbye ripping of tenderloin and hello smooth sailing!! This sleek design ensures that it is gentle on the softer meats and also makes the knife double up as a utility knife.

Thoughts and Recommendations

We are not as blown away by this model of knives as you would expect. They give off the impression of good if used once in a while which is certainly reinforced when used continuously.

It may be a disappointment for those who prefer to use the real French Laguiole knives and we would recommend that you check the details so as to avoid unnecessary hustle.

They are, however, aesthetically designed and would make a wonderful gift as a house warming gift or for those classy backyard barbeques.

So if you are looking for a model to impress your guests intermittently, Flying Colors Laguiole Steak Knives are just the thing you should consider.

Our Final Conclusion

Steak knives are made specifically to cut steak, a job that no other culinary can do to precision or as efficiently. Yet, the quality of your steak knife along with its other specifications will affect the way it cuts your meat.

Research, therefore, is important in guiding to find the best steak knife that does an amazing job. As you have seen, some of these knives may need sharpening time to time while others remain sharp forever. So, the choice is yours. Whether you are after durability or razor sharp blades, we are certain you can find a model that matches your needs from our steak knife reviews above. 

Below are our picks. Let us know your opinion in the comments section. 

Our Best Pick

DALSTRONG Steak Knives Set - Gladiator Series Review

We think that the Dalstrong Steak Knives Set are the best steak knives overall. Actually, this set beats the other models above in major areas. It starts with its unparalleled build featuring high-carbon steel and premium black pakkawood for the handles. 

The knives require no sharpening at all, while the tapered blade provides maximum flexibility when slicing through steak. They are also comfortable in hand because of ergonomic handles and excellently balanced for precise cutting. 

On top of its good qualities is a lifetime warranty, which is evident that Dalstrong has enough confidence in these knives. As a matter of fact you can try these knives risk free and feel their power. 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty, need you ask for more, we think not. Simply a brilliant set of knives.

Best Budget Steak Knives

Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives Review

The closest thing to our best pick, which surprisingly falls somewhere on the lower end of the prices, is the Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives. These knives are also crafted from the best quality materials for unbeatable performance and durability, as evidenced by the 25-year warranty on offer. 

They are ergonomic for precision and proper control, and they glide through food without causing a mess. You also cannot overlook the benefit that comes with these knives being dishwasher safe. In short, if you want to spend a decent amount for an excellent set of knives, invest in the Richardson Sheffield Sabatier Trompette Steak Knives. 

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