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Best Spin Bike Reviews UK - Top 6 Best Spinning bikes

Best Spin Bike Reviews UK – Top 6 Spinning Bike Models

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Choosing The Best Spinning Bikes and Top 6 Models

There is no denying that spinning bikes offer an extraordinary workout. As a matter of fact, they burn calories just like running. Spinning classes dominate fitness centres and gyms but then not everyone wants to join a class of more than 20 people to do their workout. So having an indoor spinning bike turns out to be a great alternative. Furthermore, having the machine at home can get you to work out more, anytime, since it’ll just be right there all the time, begging you to jump on.

The task is now finding the best spinning bike. It isn't easy since spinning bikes come with a wide range of features that need comprehensive comparisons and even vary in price. These days you can even join a spinning class from home with one of those models that come with computer displays. Sit tight and let’s take you through a buying guide that will help you choose your ideal indoor cycling bike plus. We’ll also take you through spinning bike reviews so you exactly what to expect from these machines.

CrystalTec CT101M Indoor Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike Review
  • Lightweight yet sturdy and durable steel frame.
  • LCD monitor that tracks time, distance, speed, calories, RPM, ODM, and pulse.
  • 8 levels of magnetic tension to meet different training needs.
  • Comes with a phone/tablet holder.
  • Supplied with a free water bottle and the bike has a bottle rack.
  • Features built-in wheels for easy movement.
  • 12 months warranty for full peace of mind.

Spinning Bike Buyers Guide

Before going out to buy an indoor cycling bike, it is important to know the basics that will help you identify the best model for your goals. But before we jump over to the things you need to consider, let’s brief you on the good things that an indoor bike will bring to your table.

Benefits of indoor cycling

  • Calorie burning: Indoor cycling will make you lose from 400 to 1500 calories per session depending on your workout duration and fitness level. This is almost the same amount of calories as a regular meal for most people so basically you will be scraping one meal away with every workout. The workout can also increase your resting metabolic rate and allow you burn calories after your exercise.
  • Low impact exercise: Spinning is a low-impact exercise that is less tough on your joints. Exercises such as running take a toll on your knees, hips and ankles, and they can cause serious problems after a couple of years.
  • Full body workout: Remember it’s not only your legs that get into action when cycling, holding yourself in place and gripping the handles works your arms, shoulders, back and abdominal muscles to some extent. This way, almost your entire body benefits from the exercise.
  • Improved cardiovascular health: While indoor cycling is a standout amongst the best workouts for losing weight and building lean muscle, the cardiovascular benefits of an intense exercise such as spinning classes are unbelievable. Specialists concur that at least 20 minutes of exercise that increases your heart rate is a basic key to reducing your chances of heart disease and other chronic health problems, leading to a healthy lifestyle. Spinning leads you to hit your target heart rate and get an awesome cardio exercise in a safe and controlled way.
  • Saves money: Everybody wants to save some money. By working out at home, you save bucks on gym fees and fuel over the long drive and you are likely to work out more at home.
  • Feels great: You are always going to feel great after 30 minutes of cycling. Endorphins that are released after an intense cycling session will be stimulating you greatly and you might even become addicted to the workout, in a good way though. Experts have it that exercises reduce depression and give you a good mood.

Our Best Affordable Spinning Bike

XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike Reviews

The XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike is the best indoor bike you can get without spending a lot. Yet, it will give you a great workout from its 15kg flywheel and help you monitor your progress by giving you data via a computer monitor. The bike is sturdily built with a heavy duty powder coated steel frame. Assembly instructions are given to give you an easy time while its maximum carry weight is 125kg.

A genuine standout feature of this model is the arm/elbow rests which provide enhanced comfort as well as support. Another thing is the hand pulse sensors which are built into the handlebars. It is clear that this bike comes with brilliant features at a cheap price. It should be on your of your list when looking for a budget-friendly model.

Features to consider before you buy a spinning bike

  • Resistance function: Resistance is one of the essential features of any indoor cycling bike. You want to keep cycling with the ability to change the difficulty levels. With a resistance function, you can adjust the resistance level to give yourself a tougher or easier exercise. The resistance mechanism such as lever or knob varies between spinning bike models.
  • Indoor cycling bike computer: You are likely to come across indoor bikes that come equipped with a computer. It usually shows power output in watts, revolutions per minute, resistance level, your pedaling time, and trip distance. These computer readings provide a great way to track your progress and even motivate you to beat your previous records. Not every other model comes with a computer but if you find one and willing to buy, then it’s a big plus.
  • Customisation: The best indoor cycling bikes are highly versatile. You don’t want to be spinning the same manner every day – the bike should be easy to conform to your body whenever necessary, and not the other way round. Things such as seat, seat height and handle bars should be adjustable.

    With our bodies being different, the distance between the seat and pedals will make or break your indoor cycling experience. Most bikes, however, can adjust in up/down and front/back positions to suit everyone’s body. This not only allows you to create your most comfortable cycling position but also helps create varying cycling positions.
  • Water bottle holder: We all know that hydrating yourself while working out is extremely important. Most manufacturers have done their best to include a nice water bottle holder so you don’t have to make trips to your nearest tap now and then.
  • Flywheel: This is a major piece of an indoor cycling bike and it’s a big difference to the other sorts of outdoor bikes. Indoor bikes have substantial flywheels that ordinarily weigh between 13kg to 22kg. This is the thing that gives a riding experience like an outdoor bike. It makes for smooth cycling and expels the jerkiness in movement you can get with lighter flywheels.

    Generally, the heavier the flywheel, the more difficult it is to get the pedals turning and the more exertion is required to slow it down. The pedals are attached to the flywheel by belt or chain drive and have a fixed gear, which implies you can’t coast. The pedals turn simultaneously with the flywheel thus your feet need to keep moving until the point that you stop the pedals or apply the brake.
  • Weight capacity: This is not the weight of the bike but how much weight the bike can hold. Most indoor bikes are rated to hold at least 100kg.
  • Price: The price of indoor bikes varies between models, and budget is usually subjective and changes from person to person. At least, you can find a good indoor bike in every price range.

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Our Top 8 Spin Bike Reviews

CrystalTec CT101M Indoor Aerobic Training Spinning Bike Review


CrystalTec CT101M Indoor Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike Review

CrystalTec CT101M Indoor Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike

The CrystalTec CT101M Indoor Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike provides a smooth and quiet ride compared to most friction based indoor cycling bikes. The magnetic resistance on this bicycle is quite beneficial to the parts since they do not wear and tear as there is no direct contact or friction. This bike uses electromagnetic induction to offer unmatched resistance.

The bike offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance aimed at meeting different training demands. You can stick to level 2 for casual workouts and increase the intensity at your own pace as you get used to the bike. The handle bars are highly adjustable up/down and at an angle of maximum comfort.

The frame is made of aircraft aluminium, making it quite lightweight but sturdy and durable. The overall finish is great and the bike is one of the quiet models around. You can training while watching TV without odd squeaks and rattles. The bike is able to hold up to aggression and fast paces when on the highest resistance setting with no sign of weakness.

Speaking of the seat, it is fully adjustable vertically and horizontally to ensure you create your ideal cycling position. It is also well-cushioned for maximum comfort. The manufacturer knows that keeping an eye your training progress is key to a successful workout. So they included a LCD monitor that tracks distance covered, time, calories burned, revolutions per minute (RPM), and hand pulse.

In addition, the bike comes with some useful features such a bottle rack and bottle plus a phone/tablet holder. You can enjoy your workout knowing that water is within reach and listen to music at the same time on this quiet indoor cycling bike.

With dimensions of 117 x 64 x 99cm (L x W x H), this bike is compact and won’t take a lot of floor space. Furthermore, is easy to assemble first time with the help of the provided manual. It also comes with transport wheels which make it very easy to relocate whenever necessary.

The maximum user weight of this bike is 133kg. Also worth mentioning is that there is a 12-month warranty on this bike. It is not that much for a mechanical equipment but then it is worth more than those without.


  • Straightforward assembly following the supplied manual.
  • Lightweight but sturdy and durable steel frame.
  • Quiet magnetic resistance system.
  • Includes 8 adjustable levels of resistance.
  • Comes with a well-cushioned and fully adjustable seat.
  • Features a hand-grip heart rate monitor.
  • Incorporates a digital display for checking your stats.
  • Includes a bottle rack and bottle.
  • It comes with a phone/tablet holder.


  • Small digital display.

Thoughts and Recommendations

This bike is great for the many different levels of resistance it offers, precisely 8 of them. We think this makes it ideal for beginner indoor cyclers as well as experienced folks. Other crucial features such as the seat and handlebars are quite adjustable to suit the needs of every user.

There is a display that indicates your stats such as distance, speed, calories burned, time, RPM and pulse rate. However, it is quite on the small side and users may find a hard time reading the stats. A water bottle rack is included and the addition of the bottle and phone/tablet holder is a huge bonus.

The CrystalTec CT101M Indoor Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike is an ideal bike for anyone who wants to workout at different intensity levels. It is stable, reliable and will help you improve your fitness. There are also very positive feedback about the quick delivery of this model so it will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as you place an order.

 We R Sports Aerobic Spinning Exercise Bike Review


We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike Review

We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike Review

The We R Sports brand are competing with many established names and they are enjoying a lot of success as well as positive feedback. Their bikes are easy to move and have some great features that make them useful for improving your fitness. The We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike is one of the cheapest bikes on the market that will give your legs a serious workout and improve your cardiovascular fitness in general.

The bike has a sturdy frame and a modern black and red finish which gives it a distinctive stylish look. It comes with a deep padded comfortable seat with the ability to adjust up/down and front/back for a personalized fit. The handle bars are also adjustable to 4 height levels. They are non-slip and ergonomically designed to greatly reduce fatigue and prevent discomfort.

It comes with a 5-function digital monitor which provides you with reliable feedback during your workout. These include trip distance, speed, scan, calories burnt and time. By providing you information on your performance, the bike allows you to see your improvement and helps you to stay focused and determined.

The pedals are made of aluminium which makes them both sturdy and lightweight. To increase stability, they are built with toe cages which ensure that your feet stay in place during the cycle. These pedals can also be used with the reverse side up for those adventurous users that might want high intensity workout.

This bike features a 13kg balanced flywheel and chain drive mechanism which has been engineered to offer fine pedal motion. Its felt pad resistance/emergency stop system is highly adjustable to users’ needs with a simple turn of a lever, allowing you to workout with confidence. A water bottle holder is included to ensure you have your water at your reach. Built-in transport wheels make for easy movement of the bike from place to place.


  • Ergonomically designed, non-slip 4-way adjustable handles for reduced fatigue.
  • It comes with a flexible padded seat for enhanced comfort.
  • Features a multi-function digital monitor that gives workout feedback.
  • It comes with a water bottle holder.
  • Aluminium pedals with toe cage provide great feet stability.
  • Precision engineered for smooth resistance.
  • Comes with transport wheels for easy movement.


  • It is a bit noisy.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike is solid and easy to set up and on the whole it is very comfortable. It offers so much flexibility in terms of the adjustable seat and handles to suit the needs of every user. The digital monitor is a great inclusion that makes sure you keep track of your workout after every cycle. Another important feature is the built-in transport wheels which will make it easy for you to workout from anywhere you want in the house.

The major issue where the bike gets some criticism is over the noise. In any case, this kind of feedback is common for most bikes.

Last but not least, We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike is designed for easy use. If you are looking for a space saving, stylish and a smooth cycle – with the ability to build intensity at your own pace – then this bike is meant for you.

 JTX Cyclo 6 Gym spec Indoor Spinning Bike Review


JTX Cyclo 6 Gym spec INDOOR TRAINING BIKE Review


The JTX Cyclo 6: Gym spec INDOOR TRAINING BIKE is a gorgeous model with awesome specification plus an interesting selling point that appeals to many prospective buyers. The bike features manual infinity resistance which offers the ultimate training flexibility, allowing you switch between low levels of resistance to intervals, sprints and hills.

With its gigantic 22kg flywheel, the bike is positively attempting to satisfy the test it forces on itself and the makers likewise brag about the evident bespoke fit, “superior gym-quality for high intensity training at home”. The flywheel is belt driven for smooth and balanced cycling. A 3-piece crank is a great addition for strength and high performance. Heavy flywheels are usually hard to slow down when on high speed so this bike features a simple emergency stop activation safety reasons.

This bike is fully adjustable and we are confident that both large and short users will find it very useful and proper fitting. The bike can be adjusted in 4 different levels in order to achieve a perfect alignment and posture. The bike looks stylish with a black gloss and chrome finish rather than the common black and white plastics.

There is a new large console which is an upgrade from the previous JTX Cyclo 5 model and it monitors speed, time, distance, pulse and calories burned. It also includes an odometer that tracks your distance over multiple exercises, until the computer is reset.

A large footprint and the sturdy cast steel frame offers a robust platform for high intensity spinning workouts. The bicycle has a total weight of 64kg which is a bit heavy to move around. Fortunately, it comes with transport wheels that make it easy to maneuver.

The maximum recommended user weight is 160kg so the bike is ideal even for larger persons. Another great addition is a bottle holder and a free bottle. The product comes with a 2-year warranty which include free home repairs on all parts and labour. The frame has a lifetime warranty so we believe it is quite durable.


  • Made of heavy duty steel frame which ensures great stability.
  • Gives an extreme smooth ride due to its 22kg belt-driven flywheel.
  • It offers versatile training experience because of the adjustable resistance levels.
  • Comes with a bottle holder and free bottle.
  • Ideal for both tall and short users due to its adjustable height settings.
  • Includes and emergency stop feature.
  • Comes with transport wheels for maneuverability.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on frame.
  • Large console for data display – distance, speed, pulse, calories and time.


  • It is heavy, thus difficult to unpack and assemble.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The JTX Cyclo 6: Gym spec INDOOR TRAINING BIKE is a high-end model designed for high intensity workouts because it incorporates a heavy flywheel along with difficult resistance levels. Even so, it is well-built to support your weight and the workout you throw at it. Supporting up to 160kg user weight plus the fully adjustable height, the bike can accommodate both large and small persons. You will find the clear display very useful in tracking your stats and the bike even comes with a free water bottle.

On the downside, it is quite a heavy model at 64kg. This makes things a bit hard during unpacking and setup so you should be very careful. Also, make sure you choose the setup location carefully. Anyway, the front wheels can offer a bit of assistance when you want to relocate it.

If you are looking for something stylish and highly durable for serious spinning exercises, then this bike is the best option available, unless its price becomes a deal breaker.

 XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike Review

XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike Reviews

XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike

The XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike comes from one of UK’s most acknowledged fitness brands, XS sport, with a proven track record of making high-quality indoor cycling bikes. The bike comes with most of the decent features that any good spinning bike should have.

The bike requires home assembly and XS Sports provides full instructions and tools for the purpose of erection. It stands at 1.12m high and 1.05m long when fully setup so it will take up very little space, whether in your living room, bedroom or your home gym. It is very compact and lightweight compared to the vast majority of indoor bikes, weighing 35kg. This may not be quite light for every user so XS Sports have included wheels just in front of the flywheel, making the bike easy to move and relocate around your house.

The bike incorporates a water bottle holder located on the central support shaft and close to the handle bar for easy access to water without bending. You can stay hydrated without disrupting the tempo of your exercise.

A typical issue that may be experienced by many indoor cyclists is elbow pain, especially when leaning on the bike’s handles for extended time periods. To provide a comfortable cycling experience, this bike comes with padded elbow rests. In addition, the handles are adjustable to different heights in order to suits individual’s preferences. This feature is greatly beneficial as bending too much leads to bad posture and eventually back pain.

This bike features pulse sensors, something you don’t find in many indoor cycling bikes, which are located in the centre section of the handle bars. They are very useful in monitoring and maintaining the intensity of your workout since most exercises require you to work at a certain heart rate. Pulse sensors also monitor your recovery time and general progress. In addition, the bike incorporates a digital display that shows your speed, time, calories burned, distance covered and scan.

It also features toe cages located over the pedals, which are very useful in securing your feet in the right position and preventing you from slipping off the bike. This way, you can increase you workout intensity by generating greater downward momentum without sliding.

The bike has a strong 15kg flywheel and adjustable resistance settings which should offer a pretty good workout. It has a two-way chain driven system which can help you add some diversity to your workout. It has a powder coated heavy duty frame which makes it very strong to support your weight. The maximum recommended user weight for this indoor bike is 125kg.


  • It comes with assembly tools and instructions.
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars.
  • It comes with padded elbow rests.
  • Heavy duty frame for excellent weight support.
  • Includes pedal toe cages for secure feet locking and prevents slippage.
  • Features pulse sensors for monitoring your workout intensity.
  • Includes a water bottle holder for convenient hydration.
  • Comes with wheels for easy movement.


  • The seat is quite narrow and may not be good for some users.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike comes with many good features that make will take your cycling experience to a whole new level. The selling point of this bike is the pulse sensors of which you cannot overlook its benefits. It additionally monitors the common aspects of your workout such as distance, pace, and workout time.

It is also found to be a very comfortable bike thanks to the padded arm rests, padded seat and the flexibility of the seat and handlebars that adds to the overall comfort. We love its well-built design which makes it easy to assemble. It is also quite robust due to the heavy duty coated frame.

The only negative we found with this bike is that it has a narrow seat and big-boned individuals may find it hard to balance well. If you wish to, you may resolve this problem by adding a seat cover on top of the seat.

In closing, this bike offers great value for money. It comes with a wide range of features that match some of the mainstream brands but at an affordable price. If you want to get in great shape without splashing a lot of money, the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike is an excellent option.

 Bodymax B15 Spinning Exercise Bike Review

Bodymax B15 Exercise Bike Review

Bodymax B15 Exercise Bike

The Bodymax B15 Exercise Bike has everything you need in an indoor cycling bike and it’s in a price range that many may find it affordable. The bike requires home assembly and the process is quite simple with the help of the supplied instructions plus a simple tool included in the box. It takes about half an hour to setup the bike.

The bike features a large LCD monitor which displays feedback on distance, time, calories, temperature and telemetric pulse (chest strap optional extra). The computer is very easy to use and take readings while exercising. It is also very responsive and will begin to come through quite much instantly as you grip the sensor of the handlebar. The sensors are placed in a convenient position on the handlebars so you don’t have to twist yourself into weird positions to get a decent grip.

It comes with an adjustable seat that moves up and down to accommodate persons of different heights. The seat also moves forward and backwards to ensure your comfort as you are working out. The handlebars are adjustable as well and can be used flipped up directly in front of you or pushed downwards to offer a better grip for fast cycling. The handles are well-designed in a way that the computer can be easily seen and read no matter what position the handlebars are set to.

The flywheel is 13kg and it features a quick release tension adjuster which provides continuous tension. It also prevents your knees from aching even after a long cycle. The pedals are wide and comfortable with adjustable straps and smooth grips on the top.

The bike’s design is great, brightly coloured with yellow accents which looks pretty. It has a solid construction that should offer peace of mind to many users. It features a two-way bearing and chain driven resistance with an incredible range of resistance. Included in the package is a free water bottle and the bike itself has the bottle holder.

There are wheels that make for easy movement so you can workout at your preferred location and move the bike back to its storage location. The bike comes with a one-year warranty which covers the parts only. Also, keep in mind that the maximum user weight is 120kg.


  • Comes with a large LCD monitor for displaying feedback.
  • It has a solid design.
  • Well described manual.
  • Easy to install.
  • Includes a heart rate monitor.
  • Includes a water bottle holder and bottle.
  • Adjustable seat both vertically and horizontally.
  • Fully adjustable handlebars.
  • It comes with transport wheels.


  • It is a bit heavy for regular transportation.
  • The saddle is not comfortable for extended periods of working out.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Bodymax B15 Exercise Bike is incredibly easy for you to get a desired workout in different settings. We like the fact that everything is adjustable to suit the height, posture and needs of various individuals. However, the adjustable seat is found to go only high enough for individuals up to 6ft tall.

The LCD monitor is a useful feature that will provide data on the right elements of your workout. The bike even monitors heart rate and temperature. Obviously, the water bottle holder plus free bottle and wheels are quite handy features.

This bike comes with a few issues too. As much as it has transport wheels, the bike has been found a bit heavy by a section of users. The saddle can also do with a bit of cushioning to increase comfort. Alternatively you could also get a gel seat cover.

All in all, the Bodymax B15 Exercise Bike is a great pick for those looking for an effective bike with decent features – not too many distracting features.

 Diadora Fit Bike Racer 23 Review

Diadora Fit Bike Racer 23 Review

Diadora Fit Bike Racer 23

The Fit Bike Racer 23 from DIadora brings the pro bike into the house. The bike features a 23kg flywheel which is heavy enough for most workout needs. The boxed weight is 54kg so this bike is quite heavy putting it together yet it’s simple using the tools provided. The instructions are in Italian but that does cause much of a problem since the diagrams are easy to follow.

There is a large LCD console that displays all the data including time, distance, calories burned, speed and heart rate. It even has some advanced features such as ground, uphill and downhill, allowing you gain an improved cardiovascular workout with high calorie consumption. The LCD console is one of the largest on the market which makes it incredibly easy to read. Furthermore, it is built-in to the adjustable handlebar where you can clearly see it while exercising.

What even makes this indoor cycling bike appealing is the fact that it seems incredibly easy to use and is perfectly built for apartment living. Its compact size works because of the adjustable saddle and handlebars. They both have vertical and horizontal adjustments so taller and shorter persons can fit the position that suits them best.

Another great thing that makes it good for home use is that it’s quiet while in operation. The bike uses a decent size chain drive to make your ride smooth. Just below the resistance adjusting knob is a bottle holder which is useful when you plan to train hard for extended periods and you need to get the water bottle quickly.


  • Comes with a large LCD console for data display.
  • Monitors heart rate along with time, distance, calories burned and speed.
  • Includes advanced settings for a versatile workout – ground, uphill and download.
  • Heavy flywheel for high intensity and smooth exercising.
  • Includes a water bottle holder.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebars.
  • Instructions are easy to follow.


  • No transport wheels.
  • It is expensive.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Diadora Fit Bike Racer 23 is one model that has found a smart middle ground that makes it appealing to users of different needs. Casual spinners can jump on for a quick ride while experienced guys can push the flywheel and monitor their progress through the LCD console. It also seems ideal for individuals of all sizes and abilities.

However, we think this bike is a bit more expensive for what it offers. Most of its features are present in cheaper models yet Diadora has hiked its price for nothing extraordinary. It even lacks transport wheels yet it weighs about 50kg when assembled so it certainly needs two people to lift it up.

With that said, this bike will work best as a stationary workout equipment in your living room, bedroom or home gym. It is an interesting pick for anyone who is into training and spinning and not interested in the common, basic exercise bike in the house.

Our final conclusion

In choosing your spinning bike, it is imperative to consider your current goals and what they may be later on. In the event that you need something you can do easygoing workouts, then you bike is going to be different from one where you need high intensity exercises 4 to 5 times a week.

The tougher you will need to train, the more you will need a heavier flywheel, better built bike and better electronic feedback from the spinning bike. Of course, choose a bike that fits your budget.

Our Best Pick

CrystalTec CT101M Indoor Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike Review

The CrystalTec CT101M Indoor Aerobic Training Cycle Exercise Bike is the best spinning bike in our opinion and there are many features that make it stand out of the crowd. The bike offers 8 levels of resistance so you can start working casually and build momentum as you climb up the levels. This makes it an ideal bike for beginners who want to watch over their progress and even experienced persons who want to challenge themselves on their own records.

Additionally, there are useful features that will make your whole spinning experience complete. You definitely need a water bottle at your reach of which the bike even supplies for free. You can also entertain yourself while exercising by playing music from the phone/tablet holder on the bike. The seat and handlebars are completely adjustable to match the needs of various persons while there is a digital display where you can see your stats.

Relocating the bike within your home will be a breeze thanks to the transport wheels. The initial assembly is easy by following the included manual. With a 12-month warranty plus the handy features, we feel this product offers real value for your investment.

Our Best Affordable Spinning Bike

XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike Reviews

XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike

The XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike is the best indoor bike you can get without spending a lot. Yet, it will give you a great workout from its 15kg flywheel and help you monitor your progress by giving you data via a computer monitor. The bike is sturdily built with a heavy duty powder coated steel frame. Assembly instructions are given to give you an easy time while its maximum carry weight is 125kg.

A genuine standout feature of this model is the arm/elbow rests which provide enhanced comfort as well as support. Another thing is the hand pulse sensors which are built into the handlebars. It is clear that this bike comes with brilliant features at a cheap price. It should be on your of your list when looking for a budget-friendly model.

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