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Best Double Buggy

Best Double Buggy Reviews – 8 Top Double Strollers & Buyers Guide

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Best Double Buggy - We reveal 8 of The Best Strollers

Updated January 2018 - We believe that necessity is the mother of invention. It has been proven in history over and over again. We certainly know that baby transportation methods varied from culture to culture even in the old times. The goal was to find an easy way to transport the child to different locations without exhausting yourself. We love holding them in our arms but as they grow older, they grow even heavier. This is why we reveal our top recommended best double buggy.

When the sun is out and it time to go to the park you need seamless transport to transport your bundles of joy. Whether you have twins or need to transport two children at once. You want to makes sure that they don’t get their sensitive skin burned and that they can nap when they get tired. You would need a place to keep/hang the babies’ necessities till when needed. What can you use that can offer you such service?

The double buggy is one that will come to your aid when this situation arises. In their many colours, shapes and form the double buggy has become mums’ best friend. Think of it as a sort of carriage for your children that is driven by you. When thinking about double buggies, you have many things to consider before selecting the best double stroller for the kids to ride in. it can be a zoo out there trying to pick the best one but it is possible. Below is some information that has been designed to give you pointers on how to get an excellent double buggy for your children.

Best Double Buggy - Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair Oxford Review
  • Designed to make certain that both children can enjoy the view of the surroundings comfortably.
  • It is designed with an easy fold mechanism to facilitate easy storage options.
  • Comes with 2 reclining options for the front seat and 4recline options for the back seat.
  • Convenient canopy design to prevent the children from getting exposed to the elements.
  • It can also be used with new-borns since the rear seat can lie flat.

Double Buggy Buyer's Guide

When you are a mother, you always have this urge to look out for your children right down to the clothes they wear. It is only natural that you only want the best for your child. Selecting a double buggy for your children can be easy if you know what makes a high quality one. There are many designs in the market as it is but there are always notable differences. Continue reading below and get tips on what to look out for.

  • Style Commonly there are two types of double buggies which is mainly influenced by the positioning of the seats. The two types of buggies are the side by side and tandem buggies. Each of this designs have their own advantages and flaws depending on construct. They are however not the only thing to look out for.

    The side-side buggies are the most common of the two. They let your children interact and have contact during transportation. Twins especially love these. Both seats will be accustomed to the same amount of reclining options and canopy coverage. What is challenging about these buggies is that they take up space and are difficult to manoeuvre around tight hallways and passages. Otherwise they offer comfortable and engaging transport for your children.

    Tandem buggies are very convenient to have around. They take up little space and are usually very adaptable for children who have a small age gap between them. Since each child is seated by himself/herself, they have different requirements. The design in most of these tandem baggies never offer the same functions on both seats. The front and back seat can be designed to hold different stages of a growing child. Some brands in the market offer designs that cater to infants to about three years. Some models are easily foldable and can be transformed into a single buggy for one child.
  • Size - The last thing you want when you have purchased your dream buggy is to keep bumping into things. If you have a sleeping child, you may wake them if you pump into doorways since you cannot fit. look at the size of the doors in your house. If you want to avoid this, measure the space available and pick a buggy that can work easily around those spaces.

    Another thing to look for when it comes to size is how much space can be occupied at once. If you have a small house with limited space, you may want to go for those that can be folded into compact structures. When it is compact the size should be able to fit in your car if you need it to.
  • Weight - We are all designed to handle different amounts of weight at a given time. If you are small bodies settling for model made of mostly metal may prove challenging manoeuvring with your children in it. Buggies made mostly of metal tend to be more durable and can easily carry heavier and older children.

    The issue comes in when it time to manoeuvre the buggy around. Heavier ones are more expensive and will definitely last you longer. You just need to put a bit of extra muscle in. Models made is other lighter materials are easy to use but cannot support too much weight. They are also prone to fast wear and tear if used constantly for long periods of time.
  • Terrain options - A good buggy should be created to handle different terrains. One day you are the museum and the other day you are at the pumpkin patch. You want to have features that support the comfort of you and your child despite the terrain. If you are going for a little jogging with them, you will need buggies that have braking mechanism and safety support features like harnesses. Manoeuvrability is very crucial when it comes to double buggies.
  • Adjustable features - For comfortable features on the go, a good double buggy needs adjustable features. Depending on the style of buggy you get, adjustable features may vary. For the side-side buggies they offer legroom and even reclining features. Tandem buggies however, is another story. As mentioned before, they adjustment features on tandem buggies are usually different on each seat. Maybe the general design is limited? They are perfect when you have children of a different age. The infant can sleep at the back and the older one at the front. It all depends on the design and included features.
  • Cost - How much are you willing to spend? Is the question that needs to be answered. Children grow up so fast that the buggies will be obsolete in a few years. You want to spend enough to get all the right features that you need, but not too much to sell an arm. working with a budget is really good as it will boil down your focus even more. Once you have selected a price range you can try and get yourself a good model in that price range.

    There those of us however who want their preferred brands regardless of the cost. That is superb. With a few extra notes you can get even a diamond encrusted buggy at your pleasure. When you are done with them you can always resell them and get some of your money back.
  • Safety - This is the number one concern on every mother’s mind. You want your child to be always protected when there is harm. That is why most mothers inspect the products that they buy with an eagle’s eye.

    You have to be aware if the buggy that you bought has small removable parts that can act as a choking hazard, you also have to look at the harness. Does it offer support in all the recommended areas or does it pinch your child’s skin? You have to look if all the adjustable mechanisms in the buggy have lock mechanisms. This is to make sure that everything stays in place.

    The wheels also need brakes that can be applied and maintained to be released when needed. All this things including the material that construct the frame have to have undergone through rigorous testing to determine its safety level. Look for indications of certification on the product.
  • Added features - Some brands add extra features on their buggies just to provide extra convenience. They can come with different styles of canopies, drink holders, wheel settings, bag clips, trays or even storage baskets are bonuses. You can entertain your children on the move while you are sure that everything is in the right place. Some brands will charge you for extra features and some features will come as part of promotional packages. Makes sure that they are of good quality before you make a commitment to purchase the item.
  • Stability & manoeuvrability - Screaming children and a prom that won’t move may make any woman go mad. Luckily you won’t be one of them. Before purchasing a buggy that might run you mad consider how well you can steer it.

    If your children are on the chubbier side, go for buggies that have enough wheels to offers stability to that model. Most recommended is to use buggies with 4 wheels and swivel buggies for easy manoeuvrability. They offer maximum support and cannot easily tip over. You need a buggy that has high quality wheels that won’t wear out after a few days. You need buggies with lubricated and rust free joint so that movement is not harboured. Go to your local vendors and give one a test drive for fit and comfort before deciding to spend your hard earned money.

Our Best Side-Side Double Buggy

Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger Review

The Red Kite Push Me Twin Carbon Jogger is the best side-side buggy in this review. The reason for this is that it is the lightest double buggy in this review. It’s easy construct and handling endeared us more to this product. Remember that it caters to children from infancy which indicates value for money. It is easy to steer and comes with its own water resistant cover. It is an overall good product.

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Our Top 8  Double Buggy Reviews

Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair Review


Best Double Buggy - Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair Oxford Review

Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair Oxford

The Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair, impressed us with its design. wherever you decide to go both children will be able to take in the environment and feed their senses. Unlike some other brands in the market which let the child on the back seat have partial visibility, this model creates a well-balanced structure. This model can be used from infancy till the age of 3years when they can walk by themselves and need less support.

The Graco Stadium double buggy rear seat is designed to lay flat so that the baby can nap as you take a walk. We find this considerably favourable since you won’t have to spend money buying separate buggies as the children continue to grow.

The other thing that we adored about this product is the fact that it can be folded and put away for storage. When you think about folding in a buggy, you did not picture it to be that easy. It just takes one complete movement to turn the buggy into a compact and manageable form that takes less space. It is compact enough to be carried on vacations or visit to the grandparents.

To add to its ease of use, the seat is padded to offer the child comfortable travel and the much needed back support when they are still young. This ergonomic design is easy to maintain and clean. You do not have to spend hours with a toothbrush trying to get stains out. Like most baby products the material has to be stain resistant and easily cleanable.

The weather can change at any given time. You want a buggy that can be able to protect your child from the sun or the snow. This is usually guaranteed by the use of weather resistant canopies that will keep the child safe, comfortable, and clean.

There are canopies made of thin material that ends up fading and developing holes after a while. Look for durable materials like the one on this product. Your child will be reclined, relaxed and dry. Supported and kept in position with the 5-point harness, you are good to go. The 4 reclining positions at the back and 2 at the front, you can trust that the Graco Stadium double buggy will give you the service that you need.

  • Designed to make certain that both children can enjoy the view of the surroundings comfortably.
  • It is designed with an easy fold mechanism to facilitate easy storage options.
  • Comes with 2 reclining options for the front seat and 4 recline options for the back seat.
  • Convenient canopy design to prevent the children from getting exposed to the elements
  • The double buggy can comfortably house 15kgs maximum per child with a 5-pont harness to secure the child.
  • It can also be used with new-borns since the rear seat can lie flat.
  • This model comes in at 15kg when assembled with the dimensions 60 x 100 x 113 cm. this is enough room for comfortable seating.
  • The Graco Stadium double buggy is quite heavy and can be a challenge to manoeuvre. The front needs better design to give better head support when the child dozes off. The storage basket ends up being blocked by the back seat that is carrying the child.

Thoughts and Recommendations

We love the general design of the Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair. It compact form assures us that the babies will not tipple over at the slightest wiggle. Its sturdy construction can support up to 15kgs from each child which indicates that you will have sufficient room. The colours are neutral and compliment the style of the chair.

It has minor faults that have remedy to if you look deep enough. The internet is there to show you people who have solved these problems. It is super comfortable for the children as they take a look at the world. We would mind having this.

We would recommend this for mums who love short walks with their children and with large car spaces to store when travelling.

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iSafe TWIN OPTIMUM Stroller Review

iSafe Twin double buggy review

iSafe Twin double buggy

The iSafe twin optimum double buggy, is a side-side type of double buggy. This model is fashioned to provide your child with adequate room to move around. It is quite inconvenient spending money for seats that are too small to contain your child. Comfortable and padded seating is not too much to ask for.

​This model can carry a maximum of 15kgs per child. You can be sure that the child will be secured even if you bump the carriage against an obstacle. The 5-point harness will keep them in position. The 5- point harness is recommended by safety experts as it provide enough structural coverage. So you can jog at the park and have your babies keep you company. It has convenient storage options. You can fold it easily and store it away when you do not need. It. It’s not an intense activity to fold the buggy into a compact form since it has few fold points.

The iSafe twin optimum double buggy, is designed to be used from infancy. The buggy ends up being a time capsule that captures your baby's’ growth. Since new-borns cannot sit and usually lie down, the four recline features come in handy. For each seat there is an individual recliner so you can choose the best position to lay your children as you do about running your errands. The swivel wheel conveniences come into play with this model. This technology is designed to provide you with handling when you are manoeuvring around corners.

Since it is a side-side buggy they can prove tricky to manage especially when laden with weight. You can have breezy walks along the boardwalk. When the sun is shining too bright the buggy comes with a canopy that you can drop to shelter your children’s faces. Even when it rains you can be drenched but your children are as dry as the Sahara. This are all features that make for a good double buggy.

It comes with easy assembly so you won’t get frustrated and throw the whole thing away. You can easily clean this chair to maintain its lovely features and materials. The materials are rust free and have undergone intensive tests to make sure that the materials are not toxic to your child or environment. You can trust the iSafe twin optimum double buggy, for effective transportation of your darling twins.​

  • Designed with ergonomics features to ensure efficient comfortability and support.
  • Made of durable materials that are easy to clean with large wheels for easy suspension.
  • Can be folded for storage into a compact shape in one easy folding movement.
  • The hood material is weather resistant to protect the children from the elements in different seasons of the year.
  • It comes with the swivel design and a brake system to make sure you have control at all times.
  • It has reclining mechanism that can be adjusted up to 4 positions. It has a 5-point harness to keep the children steady in this reclining positions.
  • It is suitable to be used from birth and you can entertain your child as you go with the media viewer feature.
  • It can be challenging to take with you on bus or through some doors since you have to struggle to get them through.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The iSafe twin optimum double buggy is a cute buggy. The colours are bright enough to entice the eyes. The design allows utmost comfort through it ergonomic features such as the padding. Your twins will have a swell time talking with each other and relaxing on the reclining back as you have a chat with your friends.

We like the fact the wheels adapt the swivel technology giving us more control as you steer. Whether rain or sunshine, this buggy will be there for you regardless. It is sturdy enough to support your children weight all through. It is trustable.

Hauck Freerider Double Buggy Review


Best tandem stroller - Hauck Freerider in Line Tandem Double Buggy Review

Hauck Freerider in Line Tandem Double Buggy

The Hauck Freerider Double Buggy is another impressive product that you can use to transport your children to wherever. The wheels in this well constructed structure are wide and made of durable material. You will be able to use this buggy and the wheel will maintain their structure. Different terrains require different wheel mechanisms. Small wheels tend to gather dirt easily and get stuck and are less stable. Large wheels prevent dirt from remaining on the spokes.

For an easier time when steering the swivel wheel will adjust itself according to the terrain at hand. If you want more control on stable ground, lock the swivel wheel into position and enjoy steering tour children. Four wheelers may offer more stability structural wise but they can prove challenging to manoeuvre around different terrains.

If you have only one child still using the buggy, you can remove the detachable backseat and make room to put more things on the basket. The backseat can be reclined to provide better seating position or removed when unneeded. Both seats are harnessed to make sure that the children are secure during transit.

Without harnesses, the risk of your children falling of the chairs and hurting themselves is very high. Also you want the straps to be flexible enough to provide comfortable movement for when they want to gaze in different directions. If you need to pack it up for easy travel, it is possible due to this model’s easy fold mechanisms. You can keep it in storage without consuming too much space.

The Hauck Freerider Double Buggy is made of 100 percent polyester which is a mould/pest resistant material. The material makes the buggy very easy to clean since it does not retain stains. You can use soap and water to remove dust and food particles that may have dropped. The canopy will assist you to protect the children and the buggy inserts for the weather elements.

You have the option of selecting to cover both babies or cover on who needs to be protected more. The older babies can do with some sun and fresh air. It can support children up to the weight of 15kgs each which is very proficient. It has an adjustable foot mechanism to offer your children enough calf support.

  • It comes with a five-point harness with comfortable and sizable seats
  • It comes with a detachable back seat that can be removed when unneeded.
  • It is designed with the swivel wheel technology that can be locked to provide more stability on some surfaces.
  • The wheels are of a large size in order to adapt to a different terrain when suitable.
  • For easy storage it comes with a manageable folding mechanism and a sizeable storage area for toys etc.
  • The construction materials are of high quality and been treated to provide protection form the elements.
  • It can support children to a maximum weight of 15kgs each. It weighs up to 15kgs so it is stable enough not to fiddle.
  • The Hauck Freerider double buggy lacks enough suspension to give bump-less rides. When there is a child in the back seat the storage space is inaccessible. At 16kgs it is quite challenging to manoeuvre uphill.it has a small shopping basket.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Hauck Freerider double buggy, has a good concept behind it. Although it is efficient it is too heavy to easy manoeuvrability. You can settle for this if you do not mind the weight and if you use it for short trips. Extended walks can prove strenuous. We like that it has a detachable seat that can be used to create more space for storing items in the shopping basket.

We would prefer the Graco Trekko double buggy. It offers the same removable seat that can be used as a car seat. The construct is more accessible and comfortable. However, the Hauck Freerider double buggy is dependable and cost friendly. We just wish it had better construct to make manoeuvrability easier.

Graco Trekko Duo Stroller - Sport Luxe Review

Our Best Tandem Buggy

Best Double Stroller - Graco Trekko Duo Stroller - Sport Luxe Review

Graco Trekko Duo Stroller - Sport Luxe

The Graco Trekko Duo Stroller, is a tandem kind of buggy. It has two seats that have 3 reclining levels for a comfortable and well-adjusted stay. The seats are ergonomically designed just like most buggies to provide back support and head cushioning. The harness is designed to be od durable material and the belt clasps are lockable to prevent the child from getting loose.

The 5-point harness offers you some excellent support for the children even when they decide to sleep. Some designs are usually at fault since they do not offer enough head support which may give your kids a stiff neck. This product is made of durable material that is very easy to clean. You can be certain that with maintenance and regular cleaning, this product will serve you for a while.

It reaches a point where you are tired with the height handle that you are operation on. This is solvable through the handle height adjustable features. You can select which position suits your wrist better depending on the angle of elevation. Handles that do of follow ergonomic design end up giving your hands a rough feel especially if you need extra force to move the buggy.

To store the babies changing clothes and other necessities, buggies are required to provide a storage compartment. The size of the compartment will vary with the manufacture. The Graco Trekko Duo Stroller is no different. The back seat when removed gives you more space to put your things. If the back seat is not in use it can be folded back or removed for easy storage. If you have the Greco baby car seat you can easily attach it to the stroller for easy movement between the car and the house.

For easy travel and storage most buggies come with a foldable feature. You can deconstruct them into compact forms. Its takes up less space. If you require some protection from the rain, you will have to purchase a rain cover that is usually sold separately. It is not as light as some brands in the market but you can be sure that it is sturdy enough not to tip over. It is generally pocket friendly as compared to other top brands in the market retailing for ridiculous prices.

  • It comes with an adjustable handle height to that you can select the right angle to push the stroller effectively
  • It’s a highly designed tandem buggy that can be easily steered through the swivel wheel feature.
  • Both the seats are accustomed to 3 reclining positions that can be adjusted so that the children sit comfortably.
  • The back seat can be removed to create more storage space to keep your shopping or attach a Greco junior car seat.
  • For storage purposes the model comes with one-fold mechanism into a compact for.
  • The canopy is made of durable material and adjustable calf support.
  • It is adaptable for infants up to the age of 2-years and comes with 5-point harness for security
  • The front seat does not recline to an upright position. The back seat can be a challenge to recline due to stiffness. It is quite bulky and challenging to manoeuvre with it for extended periods.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Graco Trekko Duo Stroller is as heavy as some of the strollers meaning that it can provide you with much needed stability as you steer. The problem with these heavy buggies is that sometimes they require a lot of effort. What we like about this tandem buggy is that it can fit car the Greco junior car seat once the backseat has been removed. This makes it convenient for you to ferry your children from the car to the buggy and vice versa. We think that it might be a good fit if you can work your way around the problems.

Compared with the other Greco buggy in this review, it has leverage when it comes to offering more function. We find it more versatile. However, our best pick which happens to be the Greco Stadium wins this for its easy manoeuvrability, compact fold and the fact that each child can openly view the surroundings.

Hauck Duett 2 Twin Pushchair Review

Best Twin Stroller - Hauck Duett Two Tandem Twin Pushchair Review

Hauck Duett Two Tandem Twin Pushchair

The Hauck Duett 2 twin pushchair, comes with two basic functions. It can act as a pram or it can act as a double tandem buggy. This buggy comes with a 5-point harness that gives your children secure structural support. If they decide to sleep or start wiggling too much, the straps will keep them in position to prevent them from hurting themselves.

Whether you need the buggy to support your infant child or 3-year toddler, the Hauck Duett 2 can support this. Buying a buggy that serves double function will be of financial and time saving. If you require the carry cot to transform after your child grows, this is possible. The carry cot in this model can be folded to offer you the junior chair function.

For protection against the elements and the buggy has a canopy that will protect the children. The canopy is structurally supported so that it can offer you suitable coverage. The material is easy to clean with a bit of soap and water. This saves you time that you could be bonding with your children.

This model comes with seats that can easily face your children when you need to. The brake mechanisms are very efficient and easy to use. You can apply the brakes and be sure that the roller will stay in the required position. The lockable brakes are a bonus for this product.

The Hauck Duett 2 is not one to spend too much time cleaning. Just like high quality buggies come, cleaning is meant to be effortless. The four wheels are designed to withstand constant wear due to different terrain. The four wheels give maximum stability even when it is windy. It has an adjustable leg mechanism to make sure that the child has sufficient support from the base upwards. The canopy is of high quality and is easily detachable. You can clean it whenever you feel it’s necessary.

The back seat is removable to create more storage space for the items you cannot carry by hand. These little things make the product one efficient machine despite its weight, which supports 15kg per child comfortably. You can adjust the height of the handle to pick the best position for steering that you feel comfortable with. After a day out, you can simply fold the chair into a compact form that can be stored out of sight.

  • Comes with a removable seat that can be kept aside until needed.
  • It comes with a 5-point harness to securely support the children from the childbirth up to the age of 3 years.
  • Comes with a carry cot that can be transformed into a sporty seat.
  • It can function as a single stroller or a double buggy which can face in front and back.
  • It comes with an adjustable height handle and swivel wheels for easy steering.
  • It can support up to 15 kg per child and has easy accessible brakes.
  • The handle height is adjustable and you can fold the buggy for easy storage.
  • The second seat is a bit too small for children who are tall in nature. The buggy is heavier than most buggies.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Hauck Duett 2 Twin Pushchair, is quite heavy compared to the rest of the tandem chairs in this review. Its unique function of acting as a pram or a buggy attracted us to it. You have the option to choose which function you would prefer. Its sturdy material and 4 wheels gives it the heaviness and steering power that it need to manoeuvre in different terrains.

We however do not in entirety appreciate its bulkiness. For small framed people the extra kilos will prove hard to manoeuvre when handling steep climbs. If you do not require the pram feature or the convertible cot, you can use the Graco duo stroller which will provide you with less weight and easy manoeuvrability. For those who do not mind the work out, the Hauck Duett 2 Twin Pushchair is a good buy. You will spend a few extra coin but its durability is worth it.

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review

Baby Jogger 14-26-007 City Mini Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller, is an impressive foldable double buggy that you can easily collapse and take with you. Those family trips for long vacations have never looked so inviting. This double buggy has the ability to easily deconstruct. This is exactly what you want, having to look for extra tools to dismantle a buggy is never agreeable. A good and easy to use buggy should never take time to assemble or otherwise. Once you have collapsed the double buggy unto itself, you use the locking mechanism to secure the fold.

The weather is something we cannot forget to keep in mind. It can change in a jiffy. The best option is to seek out buggies that are fitted with canopies. These canopies protect the children from the harmful rays of the sun. the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is designed with a strong adjustable canopy that has sun protection from the harmful UV rays. It is well ventilated so you can peace of mind when you hang the canopy low.

The reclining feature has become a feature that manufacturers cannot afford not to include. This model had done just that. The seats on this buggy can fully recline into a flat surface which might be good for when the younger children need to take a nap. All your mommy things will be sitting securely in the storage basket located under the chair. Your children will have plenty of room to manoeuvre thanks to the 5-point harness that is known to offer sufficient support. The material will be easy to clean since it does not retain stains or harbour pests.

Whenever you need to make a quick stop you don’t have to engage many gears to stop. With the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller, the brake is centralised. You can use either foot to make the buggy come to a halt. The wheels are built to adapt to any terrain scenario that might arise. They have front suspension to make sure that your steering is seamless and enjoyable. The handle is not too wide not to be handled with ease. You can take your children out for a leisurely stroll and not experience fatigue that comes with most double buggies.

  • It is designed for easy storage and transportation which is facilitated by the folding mechanism and lock to keep it in position
  • Comes with a sun protected SPF+50 canopy which is adjustable and features peek-a-boo places to look into the buggy.
  • It comes with swivel wheel that can be locked into position for easy steer and a storage compartment.
  • It comes with a recline-able seat which can serve your child from the age of 6 months.
  • Comes with a centralised brake so that you can stop whenever you are required to.
  • You can fit them with prams which are sold separately and they are easy to clean.
  • We like the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller for its stability and ease of use. The wheels and their placement make them very easy to steer. The braking system works efficiently and the canopy is well constructed to hold in whatever positions it is adjusted to. It is heavy but this seems to be the norm when you have a two in one function.

Thoughts and Recommendations

We like the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller for its stability and ease of use. The wheels and their placement make them very easy to steer. The braking system works efficiently and the canopy is well constructed to hold in whatever positions it is adjusted to. It is heavy but this seems to be the norm when you have a two in one function.

It is a top end product and you might spend a pretty penny. However, it is stable and has enough room to keep the children necessities without being excessively hard to steer. It makes an enjoyable experience for both your children and yourself.

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Review


Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Review

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller comes in-compact colours that easily camouflage into the surroundings. They are well designed and offer enough room to manage holding the children as they grow from the age of 6months. The seats come with individual harnesses to keep the children safe as you manoeuvre to wherever you are headed to.

These 5-point harnesses as stressed before have been recommended by safety experts and child handlers all over the world. The reason is fairly simple since it told the torso in position and gives the limbs free room to move. The child cannot budge from the lock mechanism that is fitted in this model. They can stay put and still be protected by the canopies away from the harmful rays of the sun.

The children you are ferrying can be in different ages within the recommended age group. This indicates that they may require different sitting positions. To remedy this, the Chicco Echo buggy has individual recliners for each of your children. It has four recliner setting that you can access to find the angle where the child is most comfortable. You also have access to a storage compartment which is useful in keeping your necessities intact. All your feeding bottles and diapers can be stored there.

Manoeuvring around bends and corners can prove challenging for some models in the market. This can be attributed to bad wheel alignment and wheel types. The wheels have the right suspension to manoeuvre through various types of terrains. The swivel wheels are usually designed to give you control of steering. You can lock the wheels to give you stable grip when climbing leveraged areas. This is a feature that can be noticed in most of the modern buggies that are designed nowadays.

It is light weight meaning you do not strain when going for long walks or when you have to fold it and take it to storage. The lightweight material will balance with the weight of your child to form the perfect moving balance. You can stop whenever you need to without looking to see if your child slipped away with the buggy. The wheels are secure and durable. This is a comfortable spacious double buggy that you can use at home.

  • Independent 5-point harness and comfortable seats with 4- reclining positions that are adjustable
  • It is designed to be used with babies older than 6months and comes with a storage compartment for the child’s things.
  • Designed with swivel wheels which can be locked for better steering on different surfaces.
  • Comes with an easy to clean material and individual canopies for sun protection
  • Its lightweight nature facilitates easy transportation and storage without taking up too much space.
  • Like most double buggies, the weight can be challenging for some to manoeuvre without strain.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller, is just as good as the other double strollers. It is a bit more cost effective than some brands which offer the same functions. It is lighter than some of the double buggies on offer. It does not however come with additional features like rain protection but it is efficient. Due to lack of rain protection features we would recommend these strollers for lazy day strolls on sunny days.

They will provide you with stable and durable service due to its easy maintenance and keep. The foldable feature is always a plus.

Obaby Apollo Twin Stroller Review

Obaby Apollo Black & Grey Twin Stroller Review

Obaby Apollo Black & Grey Twin Stroller

The Obaby Apollo Twin Stroller is among the lighter side-side double buggy. The lighter material it is constructed of will offer you the stability without the bulkiness. The polyester covers seats are an advantage since polyester is very manageable to clean, it is quick drying and pest resistant you can get a clean rag with some soap and water and in a few minutes you have yourself a clean stroller.

To add to the advantages that this double buggy has to offer, you need to consider the wheels. Without proper wheels you will lack the ability to properly steer in different terrains. Whether it is grass or marble you can be certain that the wheel will give you enough grip to supports seamless transportation.

When you do not have use for it and you only have limited space. You can collapse the structure down into a more workable frame. You can put them in the garage or the attic without causing yourself injury. Once folded the mechanisms will stay as so. For the children’s necessities and snacks you can keep them out of your way in the compartments provided. They are spacious enough to house a considerable amount of items without the excess bulge. The Obaby Apollo Twin Stroller, can incline to favourable positions especially in the infancy stage where they cannot support their body weight.

For better sitting arrangements, the model comes with adjustable calf support and a 5- point harness for every child. When in a hurry sometimes may have to brake constantly to avoid human traffic. In response to this action, you don’t want your kids to be secured with a harness that is loose. The children will definitely slide out of their chairs. That is why these harnesses are essential to provide support and security.​

If exposed to the elements, the canopies offer adequate cover from the blazing sun. that way your children can enjoy the view. We like its convenience and the fact that it is affordable and durable in the long run. It has a 5 year guarantee if you have residence in Ireland or the UK.​

  • It comes designed to serve you from infancy till your child attains the age of 3 years.
  • It is designed to hold 15kg per child and comes with a canopy for sun protection.
  • The seats are recline-able to plat surfaces which are prescribed for infants for comfortable positioning.
  • Comes with a 5-point harness that secures your children in place and a water resistant cover to protect your children.
  • It has two large storage compartments and calf support features for a comfortable sitting position
  • Can be folded for easier cleaning and more compact storage.
  • The wheels are durable and can be easily controlled by the brake mechanism that is accessible to you.
  • The canopies do not hold in position and they are quite flimsy. The buggy does not fit kids who are naturally larger than normal, the straps will not close.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Obaby Apollo Twin Stroller is of as of good value and quality just the same some brilliant brands in the market. For that affordable price you get a buggy that will grow with your children without having to worry about purchasing other buggies for a while. The build is of high quality and the wheels can handle most terrains. This are some of the features that we look for in a good buggy. Your children will be safe and secure.

Our only wish is that the canopies on the buggy are quite flimsy to cover or uncover when needed. Otherwise in our eye it is a perfectly good double buggy.

Red Kite Push Me Twin Carbon Jogger Review

Our Best Side-Side Double Buggy

Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger Review

Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger

The Red Kite Push Me Twin Carbon Jogger, comes with the multipurpose design that will house your child from infancy till they are ready to go off walking without support. the 5- point harness that is an industry standard nowadays is made of durable and easy to clean material. You won’t have to but bleach just to get stains out.

The harness is well positioned to offer your children the best support that the industry can offer. Since it can be used with new-borns it has to have adjustable features especially when it comes to reclining. This model has 4 recline-able options for you. New-born babies need surfaces that are almost flat so that their spine is supported. An infant therefore will grow slowly needing different features every day for comfort.

The 4 wheels offer stability when in transit. They are made of durable material that can support the weight of your children without squeaking. The calf rest gives the children support. When their fit hang, there is a real possibility that the strain will cause stress on the harness.

When walking in sunny conditions or windy conditions the adjustable canopy is there to attend to this. The canopy is of a solid build which makes certain it remains it remains in position when it is adjusted. You get extra weather protection from the water resistant rain cover that is included. Now, you can protect both the children and the buggy from getting wet.

For easy storage solutions if you have limited space or do not need the buggy anymore. You can take advantage of the folding mechanism the model was designed with to making it more compact. This is favourable in all models that come with this feature. The Red Kite Push Me Twin Carbon Jogger has a neutral colour that is unisex and can be used by all your children. The manufacture gives you a one year guarantee which is a sign of surety. This product has an easy to use interface and an easier to read manual. Assembly will take only a few minutes and you are good to go.

  • 5-point harness for security and comfort
  • Comes with 4 stable durable wheels that can adapt to terrain
  • Comes with reclining back and calf features to suit your children’s comfort level
  • It can be folded into a compacted form for storage purposes
  • It comes with a one year guarantee and easy maintenance options
  • Can support children from the infant stage up to 3 years and has extended hoods for sun protection.
  • The model comes with one individual canopy that might be inconvenient if you need cover for only one child.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Red Kite Push Me Twin Carbon Jogger, can find no fault. The minor flaw is not majorly a flaw rather than an inconvenience. This model can measure up to the double side-side buggies. It has excellent weather balance and it also comes with its own water resistant cover. This is convenient rather than buying the cover separately. It is durable and reusable.

The main difference between our best pick and this model is the chair positioning and the booster feature. Other than that, function wise, it offers great service. it is the lightest double buggy to be featured in this review. We agree with the simple design and stable features.

Our Final Conclusion

As you can see the market is doing everything in its power to ensure that you, the customer get every feature that makes rearing your beautiful children a simple job.

More models will come out in the future and will have even better features. The main thing to remember is that the safety of your children comes first. So only the best designed and functional double buggy chairs will do.

Best Double Buggy Winner - Our Best Pick

Best Double Buggy - Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair Oxford Review

After going through tonnes of information about what qualifies as a good double buggy. We have insurmountable proof that all these double buggies come with their own advantages. They are all excellent products. What stood out for us was the Graco Stadium Duo Double Pushchair. It offers excellent design that lets the children see clearly what is going on around them. The durability and multipurpose function for infants and toddlers is also very attractive.

Afters hours of research, we are confident that this model is the best double buggy for most mums and dads.

Our Best Tandem Stroller

Graco Trekko Duo Stroller - Sport Luxe Review

This goes out to the Graco Trekko Duo Stroller. The effective design and removable seat are some of the reasons why liked this buggy. This model was also versatile enough to be compatible with the Graco car seat. This is a feature that we have not noticed on the other models featured in this review. It will give you sturdy support and constant years of service. This certainly is one of the best double strollers and has proven a popular model for many mums and dads.

Our Best Side-Side Double Buggy

Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger Review

The Red Kite Push Me Twin Carbon Jogger is the best side-side buggy in this review. The reason for this is that it is the lightest double buggy in this review. It’s easy construct and handling endeared us more to this product. Remember that it caters to children from infancy which indicates value for money. It is easy to steer and comes with its own water resistant cover. It is an overall good product.

After dispensing all this information to you, we sincerely hope that you found it relevant and informative. We are confident that you will select the best product to suite your needs with anyone of our top recommended buggies.

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