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Best Air Purifier Reviews - Top 8 Models Worth Considering

The Best Air Purifier – Top 8 Models – Buyers Guide & Reviews

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Choosing The Best Air Purifiers & what to consider when buying one

A quality, versatile air purifier is a standout amongst the best approaches to improve the air condition of your house and ultimately the health of its occupants. An air purifier is appliance that reduces the concentration of airborne pollutants and allergens in an assigned range. The amount of air pollutants removed will differ depending on the specifications of the model.

Shopping for the best air purifier can be daunting and frustrating. Some air purifiers can actually pollute indoor air with harmful levels of ozone, an effective lung irritant that can be particularly perilous to asthma sufferers. Other brands can be confusing with the sheer number of alternatives they offer including sizes and costs, leaving you feeling as overwhelmed as you started your search.

We’ve created a buying guide to help you learn about air purifiers and find an effective appliance that suits your needs. Along the same lines, a look at our air purifier reviews further below will even broaden your understanding.

Levoit Air Purifier Filtration Review
  • Genuine HEPA filter for 99.97% air filtration.
  • 3-stage filtration system for optimum performance.
  • 3-speed settings; Low, Medium and High.
  • Equipped with nightlight functions with 2 brightness settings.
  • It has a compact design that’s perfect for a small interior or office space as well as larger room inside the home.
  • 2-year warranty and lifetime support from Levoit.

Air Purifier Buyers Guide

Air purification has never been more important to your health than now. In fact, a quality air purifier in your home is never again an extravagance but a need. The rigid seals that make your house comfortable as well as energy efficient also trap indoor air pollution. From cleaning vapours and cooking fumes to dust and animal dander, there is wide range of vapour and particles that pollute indoor environment.

At this point you have probably decided that you need an air purifier. The number one thing to consider if actually what you intend to use the appliance for. Whether you decide to remove tobacco smoke or dust from the air, reduce allergens or asthma symptoms or simply want to create a healthy indoor environment, a quality air purifier is the best solution for airborne contamination.

5 Common indoor air pollutants

  • Airborne particles include pet dander, dust mite allergen, pollen, fungi, plant spores, mold spores, and they are the most common cause of allergy and asthma. A HEPA filter is the ideal method of removing most airborne allergens.
  • Wood smoke or tobacco was traditionally a very popular indoor air pollutant. However, smoking rates have fallen drastically over the years plus the number of people who still heat their homes with firewood is lower than past years and those who do usually use stoves rather than open fires. While they still remain powerful indoor irritants, they are becoming less frequent.
  • Household gases and odours including cooking odours, various toxins, kitty litter, and gaseous pollutants such as aerosols, indoor pesticides and chemical cleaners. Charcoal filters or activated carbon are the best for absorbing gases and odours that are too tiny to be trapped by a HEPA filter.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are common in a wide range household products such as varnishes, paints, cleaning supplies, glues and adhesives, disinfectants, and even new carpets and building supplies. These can cause some of the following symptoms irritation to the nose, throat, eyes, nausea, headaches, and even serious chronic health conditions. Look for ingredients such as chloride, benzene, ethylene, formaldehyde, and toluene.
  • Micro-organisms include pathogens, antigens, bacteria and viruses. Mold is also considered a micro-organism and together, they are the everyday germs that make us sick.

Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms

Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier Review

The Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier offers an effective way of cleaning the air in your home due to its large volume. Whether you are looking for the best air purifier for smoke or the best HEPA air purifier for pet allergies, this unit is an incredible choice for rooms up to 120m2.

That’s like the size of a large living room where pets will be roaming around and dust, carpet odours and other smells will be in the air. This unit features a HEPA filter, five speed settings, air quality indicator and high CADR ratings for dust, smoke and pollen is the best thing you can use to tackle airborne particles.

Factors to consider

  • A must-have – HEPA Air filter: HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters set the standard for air purification. A HEPA filter removes no less than 99.97% of all particles as little as 0.3 microns. HEPA filters allow only microscopic particles to go through them. Allergens such as pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold spores get trapped in the filter. So, if the model you’ve chosen is HEPA certified, then it will work well for all common particle allergens. The only disadvantage with a HEPA filter is that you’ll have to periodically change the filter.

    You should also know that HEPA filters are not created equal. The filters are even different in size; the more square feet the filter has, the more particles it will be able to remove. The material, size and construction of the air filter all determine the air purifier’s performance and may represent why one HEPA filter is costlier than the other.
  • Energy usage: Like all household appliances, different air purifiers consume different amounts of energy. However, unlike other appliances, air purifiers run continuously and thus you might have to factor in your utility bill before buying the appliance. If the appliance has listed volts and watts, multiplying the two will give you the watts. If you want to know how many kilowatt hours an appliance will use per day, multiply watts x hours then divide the total by 1000. A typical air cleaner can use anywhere from 50 watts to 200 watts. For the sake of comparison, a typical computer uses around 300 watts while a typical lamp uses 60 watts.
  • Noise level: Some air purifiers can be extremely quiet while almost all of them can be quite loud when running at full power. Models with thick carbon filters can be pretty efficient when operating at slower fan speeds. However, a fan that moves too slowly may not push enough air to properly clean a room. When it comes to noise, it can be somewhat of a balancing act, but generally all purifiers have appropriate fan settings with comfortable noise levels. If possible, you can ask for a demonstration before you buy your chosen air purifier.
  • Coverage area: Make certain that the square footage mentioned on the air purifier is about the same or somewhat greater than the square footage of the room where you plan to use it. Square footage are measured based on an 8-foot ceiling, Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), or a stated number of air exchanges per hour.
  • Filter availability: Most often, you see it all the time that even the big air purifier brands provide appliances without a guarantee for how long the appliance will run before replacing the filter. If you are buying a HEPA air purifier, make sure to confirm the cost of the replacement filters. If the unit comes with a combo system such as a HEPA filter plus a carbon filter, they may need separate replacement and at different periods of time. Some models have a washable-and-reusable filter which can help cut overall running costs.
  • Timer settings: These controls allow you to set the appliance to operate a few hours before you’ll be using the room or even turn it off automatically. Turning the unit on/off during times of the day or week enables you to save energy and prolong the life of the filter.
  • Multiple fan speeds: This feature helps in altering the speed setting to your preference in order to suit your indoor pollution level or even sound preference.
  • Remote control: With a remote control, you can easily control and change the settings of an air purifier from a reasonable distance, thus increasing accessibility.
  • Mobility: Air purifiers are relatively large appliances and they cannot be carried around easily. As such, they come with casters that make it significantly easier to move the appliance around the house. Handles are also handy as they make it possible to lift the appliance from one room to another.
  • Ioniser: If a unit incorporates an ioniser, which attracts particles through an effect like static electricity, it’s vital that it does not produce ozone – a possible lung irritant. Make sure to check in the operation manual or on the box.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance of an air purifier is crucial to make sure that it continues working effectively. For instance, you will need to replace the filter regularly to achieve maximum performance from the air purifier. Even so, beware of units that’ll need very frequent filter replacements. Also keep in mind that the actual filter life depends on the usage and contamination levels.
  • Warranty: Almost all the air purifiers sold in the UK come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Some offer the option of an extended warranty upon certain contingencies. Ensure to check what the warranty covers such as motor/fan, electrical components, display and labour.

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Our Top 8
Air Purifier Reviews

 Levoit Air Purifier Filtration Review


Levoit Air Purifier Filtration Review

Levoit Air Purifier Filtration

The Levoit Air Purifier Filtration is a compact unit that’ll fit wherever you want to put it without overcrowding your space, whether you want clean air in your living room or around your working desk. It features a 3-stage filtration process which includes fine preliminary, True HEPA and Activated Carbon filters, which tackles 99.97% of particles and odours.

The Fine Preliminary Filter helps neutralise airborne bacteria, mould and fungi, and pet dander. The air then flows via the True HEPA filter that traps large particles, pollen and dust mites down to 0.3 microns. The last stage involves an Activated Carbon filter which captures and neutralises various household odours such as cooking odours, pet odours and cigarette smoke. You are advised to remove the plastic bag of the HEPA filter and charcoal filter before turning on the unit, otherwise, they may cause damage to the air purifier.

With an air pollution rate of PM 2.5, this unit ideal for improving air quality for pet owners, children, babies, elderly or anyone that wants clean air in their surroundings. The air purifier has 3 speed settings – low, medium and high – which provide options for different conditions. It’s also equipped with nightlight functions with 2 brightness settings plus it runs quietly through the night so you can have a peaceful sleep. The filters will need replacement and a light will come on the filter reset button to alert you when it needs to be done.

The product is CE RoHS Certified and it comes with a 2-year guarantee plus lifetime support from the company. Worth mentioning is that it’s 100% Ozone free and it doesn’t use UV or Ions that produce some amounts of ozone, which is a harmful air pollutant. Apart from the three filters, the box contains 1 UK 3-Pin power cable, 1 EU 2-Pin power cable and a multilingual user manual.

Other specs

  • Weight – 3kg
  • Size – 19 x 19 x 32cm
  • Rated power – 25W
  • Input voltage 230V
  • Power cord length – 2m
  • Purification efficiency (CADR) – 68m3/h
  • Noise level - <50 dB(A) depending on the speed setting


  • Features a 3-stage filtration system for efficient air purification.
  • It fits almost anywhere due to its compact design.
  • It offers flexible power options.
  • Suitable for use at night due to nightlight function and quiet operation.
  • Features 3 fan speeds for various conditions.
  • Comes with 2-year warranty and lifetime support.


  • We are happy to report we found no real problems of disadvantages to report.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Levoit Air Purifier Filtration is an awesome air purifier at a fraction of the cost. If you have allergies or asthma, this unit will improve the air quality of your surrounding and help you breathe easily and healthy. To make that possible is a 3-stage filtration system that gets rid or airborne particles, as tiny as 0.3 microns, and harmful odours.

Some other convenient features include 3 speed settings and nightlight functions with 2 brightness settings. It’s unique compact size and contemporary design makes it suitable for a small interior or office space. Even with its compact size, this unit is quite powerful with a rating of 25W that delivers clean air 68m3/h.

If you are looking for an efficient, portable air purifier that comes at a very reasonable price, the Levoit Air Purifier Filtration is a great choice which is why with all things considered was awarded our 'Best Pick'.

At the time of our review this model was also the 'Number 1 Best Seller' in the Air Purifier category on Amazon.co.uk which further confirms our finding that this model would be the best choice for most home users and it comes at an amazing price.

Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier Review

Best Air Purifier For Large Rooms

Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier Review

Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier

The Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier offers one of the UK’s most effective ways to clean the air in your home making it a great choice for anyone with a large home. It does a great job at trapping dust and pollen particles in the atmosphere which reduces the effect of asthma, allergies and hay fever.

An integral HEPA filter removes 99.97% of potential harmful particles as tiny as 0.3 microns such as dust, pollen and smoke. The unit also features a Smart Air Sensor that monitors the air that goes through the sensor and auto adjusts the fan speed and light display while trapping airborne pollutants. An ioniser setting releases negative ions into the indoor air to remove allergens, mould and airborne bacteria.

The Pure Air 300 includes five fan settings, sleep mode and filter change alert. With an air quality indicator, the unit adjusts the filtration speed to achieve optimum air quality. The indication light even allows you to see the air being cleaned. It is relatively quiet especially in low speed settings but it can get slightly noisy at full setting. There is a timer that can be set in intervals of 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours.

Nothing beats the ease of use of this air purifier with a remote control unit. You can input your desired settings or even set the timer from a considerable distance. The manufacturer recommends using this unit for large rooms up to 120m2.

Other performance ratings

  • CADR dust – 222
  • CADR pollen – 231
  • CADR smoke – 249
  • Filtration stages – 3


  • Easy to use with remote control unit.
  • Includes 5 speed settings.
  • Equipped with a timer.
  • Features a filter change reminder.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • Includes an air quality indicator.
  • Includes ioniser setting for ultra-air purification.
  • 2 year guarantee for full peace of mind.


  • A bit noisy at full setting.
  • Fairly expensive.
  • Replacement filters are costly so shop round but we find amazon have very good prices.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier is one of the convenient air purifiers out there thanks to the remote control unit. Accompanying this is a 3-stage filtration system that traps all harmful airborne particles down to 0.3 microns using the built-in HEPA filter. An air quality indicator adjusts the filtration speed to achieve the optimum air quality. There are five useful speed settings and you’ll also appreciate the filter change reminder.

We find it quite expensive for what it does since there are cheaper models with similar performance. Replacement filters are also pricy so shop around. Another downside is noise production at full setting but then every other model has this issue.

Our final word; if you are capable of spending on the high end for a good air purifier, plus you have enough space at home, the Pure Air 300 Air is an excellent pick specially for larger homes.

Philips AC3256/30 Air Purifier Review

Very good model but on the expensive side

Philips AC3256-30 Air Purifier Review

Philips AC3256-30 Air Purifier

There is no doubt that purifying the air around your home helps you breathe easy especially if you are suffering from asthma or other breathing conditions. The Philips AC3256/30 Air Purifier, Anti-Allergen with NanoProtect S3 Filter will enable you to enjoy clean air at all times. It integrates smart sensors which measure the quality of air in the room and auto selects the appropriate setting to keep the air quality at an optimum level while giving you peace of mind.

It features a VitalShield Intelligent Purification System which effectively removes 99.97% of common airborne allergens and 99.9% bacteria plus some other viruses such as H1N1. The purifier precisely removes particles ranging from 10 to 0.3 microns. An extra thick NanoProtect HEPA and AC filter is made for great efficiency quality plus a lifetime against airborne particles. The unit has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 367m3/hr and it can be used in up to 76m2.

One use-friendly feature of this unit is its quiet operation day and night. It even dims its light when night falls so you can sleep with little or no disturbance. The appliance auto switches itself to a low activity level, thus reducing the fan speed and minimising energy consumption. Basically, this unit can be set to operate a certain number of hours depending on your preference and it automatically switches off when the set time as elapsed.

With the Aeresense infrared sensor, you can get to know the real-time indoor air quality. Furthermore, there is a three stage coloured light indicator that shows the apparent air quality at a glance. It includes blue – good; purple-fair and red – bad. The ECARF certification completes the quality of this appliance as an allergy friendly unit.


  • It can measure real-time air quality.
  • Ultra-silent in sleep mode.
  • Superior purification that can be applied to a 95m2 room.
  • Removes 99.97% airborne particles and 99.9% bacteria.
  • Peaceful night time operation.
  • Includes smart sensors with 3 colours to easily show air quality.
  • 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind.


  • Poor user guide.
  • It is a bit pricey.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Philips AC3256/30 Air Purifier, Anti-Allergen with NanoProtect S3 Filter is a good but expensive solution to those who suffer from respiratory problems and need to have clean and pollen-free air. The appliance is very well made and has a high quality touch which we don’t think it will fail anytime soon. The unit is very quiet in operation and the auto setting makes it very convenient for everyday use, day and night.

We are a bit concerned about the availability of the replacement filters and their price. You also need to know how often you’ll need to replace the filter.

Overall, this is a well-designed product that is very efficient at air purification and it has a few flaws of which we think are manageable and not a deal breaker. 

 PureMate Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air Purifier and Ioniser Review

PureMate Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air Purifier and Ioniser Review

PureMate Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air Purifier and Ioniser

The PureMate Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air Purifier and Ioniser is another affordable option which features a 5-stage filtering system that will remove all air contaminants in your home. The first part of the system is the pre-filter which uses activated carbon to remove larger particles found in the indoor atmosphere such as hair, lint and dust. There is a carbon layer that efficiently removes odours coming from household pets, tobacco smoke and cooking vapour.

The second stage features a genuine HEPA filter that filters air. A genuine HEPA filter removes 99.97 % of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. The third and fourth stage work concurrently to filter air using UV-C light technology. There is so much that goes on here to kill airborne viruses, mould spores, and bacteria. Titanium dioxide (TI02) is involved to decompose odour molecules caused by pets, cooking, and smoking.

The last stage of purification involves releasing of ioniser which augments the mood to keep you active and alert. It also helps to reduce depression, especially during winter months. By eliminating most tiny particles suspended in the indoor air, the air will eventually smell fresher due to the Ioniser action.

There are five speed fan settings featured on this unit which help you to select your optimal setting in regards to purification efficiency and noise level. When on the lowest setting, the appliance is impressively quiet at only 20 dB(A). There are indicator lights which auto blink when the time to replace the HEPA filter comes, so you don’t have to be caught unaware. The unit is applicable for up to 400 square feet and it should go unspoken that it comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • ​Ideal for rooms up to 400 square feet.
  • Equipped with 5 speed settings.
  • Features an efficient 5-stage filtering system.
  • Quiet operation on low setting.
  • Ideal for medium and large room.
  • Easy to use straight out of the box.
  • 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind.


  • It is considerably large but in turn is effective in large rooms.
  • Noisy at higher speed settings as are most models.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The PureMate Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air Purifier and Ioniser is a standout because of its 5-stage purification system. Along with these are 5-speed settings of which affect the noise level of this unit depending on the selected setting. The inclusion of an ioniser is a brilliant idea for keeping the air as fresh as possible which not every model has.

This unit also makes noise at high speeds which could get very annoying for some as it could interfer with conversations or make it hard to sleep but you always have the option for a slower the fan which will make it much quieter at night.

If you want to get rid of airborne particles and bad odour, and your room is anything about 400ft2, then this air purifier is an ideal and affordable option.

 Purus Compact Hepa Air Purifier Review


Purus Compact Hepa Air Purifier Review

Purus Compact Hepa Air Purifier

Purus is a leading manufacturer of homeware products and in the Purus Compact Hepa Air Purifier, they have an affordable solution to airborne particles at home or office. The unit has a compact size which makes it suitable for small and medium size rooms.

The unit features a high-quality HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of particles in the air. It also kills germs and bacteria including viruses, moulds, dust mites, pollen, smoke and other odours from the air. There is also a carbon and PCO filter that work together to get rid of odours and smoke particles as well as dissolve airborne bacteria and mould.

An advanced technology fan system circulates air to a maximum Airflow Rate of 50m3/h. The unit can be placed in any room in your house including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, pet area, nursery, or even at your office. This appliance is one of the most energy efficient on the market with an energy consumption of only 3W. It’s noise level rates at 40 dB(A) max and <18 dB(A) min.

The safe and easy operation is another thing that makes it quite useful. The unit can run continuously 24/7 and is safe with children and pets within since it stays cool to the touch. There is an easy to push button for on/off setting while 2-speed setting in terms of Hi/Lo allows you to select an ideal speed for optimal filtration. It is a pretty lightweight air purifier weighing only 1.3kgs. Purus offers 24 month guarantee on this unit so you can rest assured.


  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Lightweight unit at only 1.3kg.
  • Relatively quiet with as low as <18 dB(A).
  • It offers a versatile operation.
  • Features 2 speed settings; Hi/Lo.
  • Comes with 2 year warranty.


  • The user manual is quite minimal.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Purus Compact Hepa Air Purifier is a compact and easy to use unit that captures 99% of airborne particles thanks to the integral HEPA filter. There are only 2 speed settings but they are quite useful. You simply have to choose high or low. The low setting is pretty quiet and will definitely be the ideal setting at night. Even so, the unit can run 24/7 even with children and pets around the house. It is also pretty lightweight and compact so it won’t take a lot of space in your house.

The unit looks stylish and would be a great addition to your home. If you have a small house and you need an air purifier, the Purus Compact Hepa Air Purifier is a top recommendation and it comes at a great price making it a great alternative to out 'Best Pick'.

Futura 40W Hepa Air Purifier Air Cleaner Ioniser with Remote Control Review

Futura 40W Hepa Air Purifier Air Cleaner Ioniser with Remote Control Review

Futura 40W Hepa Air Purifier Air Cleaner Ioniser with Remote Control

The Futura 40W Hepa Air Purifier Air Cleaner Ioniser with Remote Control provides an easy and safe way to eradicate all germs, allergens, odours, and pollutants from the air in your home or office. This creates a cleaner and healthier atmosphere so you feel refreshed and enjoy breathing the fresh air. The unit comes with a user-friendly remote control that features an easy to use digital display panel. With the remote control, you can turn the unit on/off, set the speed, anion and timer. The remote sensor works within 30 sq.m.

With an integrated high-quality HEPA filter, the unit traps 99.97% of particles in the air including moulds, viruses, pet and tobacco odour, smoke, pollen, dust mites, pollen and bacteria. The unit also includes a carbon filter which eliminates all odours. An activated carbon filter absorbs odours and smoke while a cold catalyst filter removes the harmful gases and VOCs. An ioniser setting adds negative ions to the air, after filtration, to freshen and reinvigorate the air. The negative ions are said to improve pulmonary and heart muscle roles.

Featuring an advanced technology fan system that circulates air, the unit offers a versatile operation since it can be used in various rooms at home. It has a power rating of 40W, making it a quite energy efficient unit. Like other products from Futura, this unit comes with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Comes with a user-friendly remote control.
  • Includes a HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter and ioniser for ultra-filtration of air.
  • Features a functional 12 hour countdown timer.
  • Works from any room at home or office.
  • Energy efficient unit that operates at 40W.
  • Comes with 2-year warranty.


  • Can be a little noisy.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Futura 40W Hepa Air Purifier is another convenient unit to use at home or in an office thanks to the addition of remote control. You can basically control every function from your hand as far as you are within the recommended area. This is a 3-stage air purifier features a standard HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter and ioniser. The manufacturer also has it that its energy efficient so it won’t skyrocket your electricity bills.

The major concern with this unit is high noise levels. We are not certain on what will be loud to you but generally this air purifier is noisy and we don’t recommend leaving it on at night. With that said, it will be very useful during the active hours of which even the noise can be tolerated. Anyway, at the price of slightly below £80 at time of review, this unit is good enough for the job.

 PowerLead SPA-005 Air Cleaner Air Purifier System and Odor Reduction with SPA Review

Our Cheapest Recommended Purifier Ideal For Placing on a Desk or Table

PowerLead SPA-005 Air Cleaner Air Purifier System Rreview

PowerLead SPA-005 Air Cleaner Air Purifier System

The PowerLead SPA-005 Air Cleaner Air Purifier  which features Odor Reduction with SPA is a small unit that can be used almost anywhere you want it. Those who are affected by asthma, pollen, respiratory diseases or even rhinitis can place it in their rooms to achieve an allergen-free environment. If there is a pregnant woman at home, or an elderly family and the pets are around, this unit comes in handy to deal with pet dander.

In hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions where medical odour is inevitable, the PowerLead SPA-005 can take in the mess and give out fresh air. For an office environment or home office, simply place the unit on your desk and let purified kiss your face right away. Furthermore, the unit comes with a USB power line that can be connected to your computer for easy charging. It is worth mentioning that this unit is rated 2W which means it doesn’t use so much energy.

The PowerLead SPA-005 is also ideal around the children learning desktop for the kids to learn in clean air surrounding. At night, you can place it on the bedside cabinets for a clean air negative oxygen ion protection for a healthy sleep. It has a mute design which makes it suitable for the whole night.

All the versatile operations of this unit are even possible due to its lightweight design; it only weighs 0.85kg. Another important feature is the integrated HEPA air cleaner system that captures 99.99% of airborne pollutants, allergens and pet dander as small as 0.3 microns. In addition, there is an advanced odour control carbon filter that is formulated to capture offensive pet odours, smoke, cooking and other household odours. The unit also uses PlasmaWave technology to attack pollutants at a molecular in order to neutralise bacteria, viruses, odours and gases in the indoor air.

The unit is simple yet smart, safe and easy to use. There is an easy turn on/off button plus an adjustable speed button. Supplied with the appliance are USB phone charging head and portable charger for charging the unit wherever you are. This top quality product is backed with a 1-year warranty and a 30-days free exchange of the unit in case of a manufacturing fault. PowerLead stands behind their products for the best after sales services.


  • Highly versatile operations.
  • It is incredibly lightweight; weighs less than 1kg.
  • Simple design with easy to use functions.
  • Comes with useful accessories – USB cable, charging head and portable charger.
  • Can be left on at night due to its mute design.
  • It is pretty affordable.
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty.


  • Not suitable for larger rooms.

Thoughts and Recommendations

This product is a good compact size, able to sit on your desk without taking much space and it filters the air well with an integrated HEPA filter. The carbon filter plus PlasmaWave technology are also good additions that deal with odours, gases, bacteria and viruses.

It is powered by USB, which is great since it means you can either plug it into the mains – with an adaptor – or simply directly into a laptop, which makes it quite portable. It is lightweight but well designed and it operates relatively quietly though not silent.

With that said, the PowerLead SPA-005 Air Cleaner Air Purifier System and Odor Reduction with SPA is ideal in situations where space is a big deal or when you need something portable for air purification. 

Breathe Fresh Air 3 in 1 Air Cleaning system purifier Review

Breathe Fresh Air 3 in 1 Air Cleaning system purifier Review

Breathe Fresh Air 3 in 1 Air Cleaning system purifier

This is another affordable air purifier that features True HEPA Filtration system that captures dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. The Breathe Fresh Air 3 in 1 Air Cleaning system purifier also comes with Activated Carbon and PCO filter that helps to reduce bad odours which result from smoking, pets, cooking, mildew and dirty diapers. A UV-C light is included and it works with the HEPA filter to kill bacteria, viruses, and mould spores by breaking down their DNA and killing them off.

The unit can run all day long if needed. In any case, it features multiple levels of air cleaning and it can be as efficient as your preference demands. With dimensions of 19 x 16.5 x 28cm, it is the ideal companion for small and tight spaces.

The filters must be replaced after some time and there’s a light indicator that will inform you when the unit needs filter replacement. We are not sure about the longevity of the filter but we think it depends on the usage and how much dirt is in your atmosphere.

Finally this unit comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee plus a money back policy so can purchase this item with confidence. In addition, it’s covered by a 1-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Very compact design that makes it ideal for small spaces.
  • Features a filter replacement light indicator.
  • It has variable speed settings.
  • Includes a 3-stage filtration system.
  • Comes with a money back policy.
  • 1 years warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Not great for a relatively large room.
  • Ineffective with odour extraction.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The Breathe Fresh Air 3 in 1 Air Cleaning system purifier is a solid unit that seems well built. It comes with straightforward instructions and it’s simple to set up. The three fan speeds are quite useful for various conditions. The higher speeds are a bit noisy but the lowest is quite quiet and ideal for a night sleep.

This unit is incredibly small and would not serve a large living room. However, it can be quite useful on a working desk or as a bedside unit.

Our research found that it’s not the most effective odour extractor but it works great as a fan. In closing, this is another portable air purifier that works great in small areas. If it matches your needs, you can get it at a very affordable price.

Our final conclusion

The best air purifier should not be hard to find anymore. However, we understand that not everyone has the time to go through the numerous air purifiers in the market to find a great unit. Our guide and air purifier reviews have simplified things so you can find a decent air purifier in a quick and efficient manner.

Perhaps you are troubled by smoke at home and you’re in search of the best air purifier for smoke or you’re concerned with household odours and you basically want a general air purifier. Maybe pet dander is all over in your living room and you specifically want the best air purifier for pet allergies. Taking some time to go through air purifier reviews can help you find the ideal appliance for your needs. We hope our reviews have been educative enough and that you’ll have an easy time shopping.

Our Best Pick

Levoit Air Purifier Filtration Review

In our opinion, the Levoit Air Purifier Filtration is without a doubt the best air purifier. It filters airborne particles down to 0.3 microns and filters air pollution to help improve overall health. It has a 3-stage filtration system which makes it ideal for people who suffer asthma, allergies and nasal stuffiness.

Three fan speeds give you options for various conditions while the nightlight function makes it convenient for night operation.

You’ll love its compact size since it makes it suitable in a small interior or office. This is a powerful product with a decent price tag and a 2 year warranty cover.

Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms

Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier Review

Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier

The Vax ACAMV101 Pure Air 300 Air Purifier offers an effective way of cleaning the air in your home due to its large volume. Whether you are looking for the best air purifier for smoke or the best HEPA air purifier for pet allergies, this unit is an incredible choice for rooms up to 120m2.

That’s like the size of a large living room where pets will be roaming around and dust, carpet odours and other smells will be in the air. This unit with a HEPA filter, five speed settings, air quality indicator and high CADR ratings for dust, smoke and pollen is the best thing you can use to tackle airborne particles.

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